Who's Who & What's What in Warhammer


4th Nordland Regiment:
see Baron Werner's own. (D1)
17th Regiment of Foot:
see Baron Olaf's own. (WD#90)
207th Lodge of the World's Edge Engineers' Guild:
famous for their fleet of Thwopters. 500-Years-War:
the Elf-Dwarf wars? (WD#134)


A Gardener in Parravon:
FICTION. Written by Brian Craig and found in the Ignorant Armies anthology. Armand Carriere and Phillipe investigate the strange garden of Gaspard Gruiller.
A Hundred And One Uses for a Dead Pygmie:
a book by Zeno Phobe. (WD#100)
A Place of Quiet Assembly:
FICTION. Written by ?? Published ?? (WD#140)
Abra the Small:
a diminutive Goblin wizard, he has a brother, Cadabra, and they both fight in Gan Green's mob. (WD#97)
Abrahim; snake-man, Arabian:
he led a party of adventurers into the World's Edge Mountains to plunder a subterranean crypt for a map. The party consisted of Elizabet, Friedrich-Gustav, Myllara and Sven. (WFRP)
Abrasko Mountains:
this range seperates the Tilean City States from the Estalian Kingdoms.
Acques, Melissa d':
the girl kidnapped by bandits and taken to the ruined fortress of Drachenfels. She was born in 1390 IC, and achieved vampirehood in 1402 IC. (No Gold in the Grey Mountains)
the Lord of the Dance. The god of the elven wardancers, who believe he was born before all other creatures, he is the First Being, an amalgam of sound and motion whose dance holds together the universe. He is a deity of music and war, and worshipped by Wood Elves in general. (WD#112)
Adolf Jager:
character in The Howling Season. Mistakenly called Boris Jager at the start of the adventure, his name changes to Adolf half-way through the text - a _bad_ typo. (WC)
Adventurers at Bay:
a play by Detlef Sierck. (WD#117)
Aenarion the Defender, Poenix-King:
the doomed, he and his descendants labour under a curse. (WD#156)
Aenarion, Dragon Armour of:
this suit of armour was forged upon Vaul's Anvil for the first Phoenix-King and can resist the breath of Dragons. It was given to Tyrion at the Battle of Finuval Plain. (WD#156)
aka North Albion. Known kings of Aeryn are Rynn O'Flynn, Flynn of Eldaw, Ragnar O'Flynn and Lufric the Doomed. Known provinces are: Lucanfell. Known settlements are: Castle Eldaw. See Albany. The peoples of Aeryn raid Morien on occasion. (GGG, WD#137)
Aesllanan Woodmage:
a companion of Prince Iolair Gilandiril. Owned a wand of fireballs and a magical amulet. (JSp87)
see Handrich.
Agam, Code of:
the body of law that originated with the King Agam Rund. (WD#137)
Age od Darkness:
? (WD#153)
Age of Wars:
? (WD#118)
Aggie, Miss:
see Agnetha Zeetrouw.
Agim was a keen orc marksman, famed for killing his sister while attempting to shoot an apple balanced on her head. (WD#97)
Agim's Ardent Archers:
a unit of orc archers under the command of Vomitskrag Krusher. (WD#97)
Arch Lector of the Cult of Sigmar, based in Talabheim; Imperial Elector.
Agrain, King:
last monarch of Kalos, slain by Morcar's minions when the city fell. (WL)
herb, causes shaking. (WD#126)
? (WD#125)
the Rune of Fortune. A common rune found on swords and axes. (WD#153)
the Rune of Swiftness. Devised by Thurgard the Treacherous and said to incorporate Elven rituals in its making. (WD#153)
Alaric the Mad:
a dwarven Runesmith who promised Sigmar Heldenhammer the twelve Runefangs in return for recapturing his dwarfhold. Alaric's name rune is a longed-for sight on a rune weapon. Some say he forged rune weapons for the Khan Queens of Kislev and that the dark blade Fearfrost is amongst his works. Alaric vanished after delivering the Runefangs. (WD#147)
the Everqueen of Avelorn. (WD#156)
a town in Morien. The king's daughter, Morgana, married King Herla of Plennydd. (WD#137)
aka East Albion. Known kings of the East are Dunco. A treaty was signed in 1087 IC with Marienburg to establish trade and good relations. Due to a mistake by Imperial cartographers, this more northerly island in the Albion archipelago is often referred to as East Albion, whereas the western and more southerly island of Aeryn is often called North Albion. (WD#76, 118, 137)
a archipelago of islands on the north-west of the Old World continent. Originally settled by Elves -2500 IC after their long and bitter war with the Dwarves. Primitive humans arrived -1500IC. "a place of bogs and fens, notorious for it's chilling mists and inclement weather". There are four main islands to Albion and a host of smaller ones: the main four are Albany, Aeryn, Morien and Great Albion. It is said in Morien that Albion was once united under the great and good King Agam Rund. (WFRP, Storm Warriors)
Albion, East:
see Albany.
Great, Albion:
this is the largest island in the Albion archipelago. The inhabitants are considered a bunch of thieving pirates by nearby Morien. (WD#137)
Albion, North:
see Aeryn.
slain by a Flamer. (WD#119)
Albrecht of Tisenbreck:
famous for his book on siege warfare - "The Art of Siege". (WS)
a village near the headwaters of the Tana Dante in the Khyprian Empire. (WD#125)
Aldred Fellblade:
a Templar of Sigmar who was sent to discover what disaster had overcome the Our Father of the Hammer monastery outside Nuln. He found and befriended the burned down monastery's only survivor, Johan Zauberlich. Later they studied together under Professor Heilman at the University of Nuln. He has a distinguished career behind him and has tracked down many witches and chaos cults. He has seen action in Kislev and his epic search for the sorceror Illek of the Burning Skull took him to Praag and then the edge of the Chaos Wastes. He has sworn to recover the ancient Dwarven sword Karaghu^l from the ruined city of Carag Eight Peaks. (WD#125)
possibly a Dwarven god but may just be a venerated ancestor of Clan Durrag. (WD#134)
herb that halves healing times. (TEW)
Algenonsonn, Torin:
aka Steamhammer. A dwarven Guidlmaster, who was never without his dog, Blacky, by his side. Head of the 207th Lodge of the World's Edge Engineers' Guild. (WD#100)
wrote a standard text on warfare - "Elven War Studies". (WS)
Alptraum, Ludmila von (2435):
Grand Countess of Averland, based in Averheim; named heir is her eldest daughter, Baroness Marlene; Imperial Elector.
Alptraum, Rudolf von:
led the Siege of Faenasti and died during it when a wall fell on him. (WS)
Alptraun Manor:
on the edge of the Forest of Shadows, family seat of the von Bleistift family. [NOTE: very probably a typo as the manor is later referred to as the Bleistift Manor - which makes more sense.] (WD#159)
Altai Krai:
an area of the Northern Steppes. (JAu85)
a city-state and capital of the Empire, it lies on the banks of the River Reik. See Fog Riots. The state regiments of Altdorf wear red and blue uniforms. (Beasts In Velvet, WD#140)
Altdorf Times:
a newsrag of Altdorf. (WS)
Alte Geheerentode:
a Marienburg rum. (WD#119)
Altenberg, Wolfgang:
second pilot on board the Emperor Luitpold, Wolfgang is under the command of Captain Mikhail Iorga. (WD#122)
a disreputable area of Middenheim. (WD#105)
a town of the Khyprian Empire in the province of the Westlands. (WD#125)
Amazon Guard:
the elite female bodyguards of the Everqueen. (WD#156)
one of the Colleges of Magic. Symbol: Arrow. Colour: Brown. They are the most-trusted of all Wizards, and quite likely to live normal lives under the guise of some other career. (WD#113)
one of the Colleges of Magic. Symbol: Scythe. Colour: Mauve, Pink, Pastels. They are self-indulgent, with tremendous appetites for life as well as food. They understand the mortal nature of man and seek rewards and pleasure in this life. (WD#113)
the High Elf mage who took over Prince Tallanquine's command when the latter was killed. He commanded the army at the Battle of Red Axe Pass. Owned a Doomfire Ring. He slew the goblin warlord, Gorrgfang Ratbreath and the shaman Grobgut Skewtooth. (WD#154)
a very young apprentice studying under Wilhelm Rotkopf. (WD#128)
Ancestor Spirits:
the ethereal residue of dead pygmies which come back from beyond the grave (cooking pot?) to help or hinder their descendants. (WD#100)
a week-day.
Angon, Baron D':
a Bretonnian noble. (WD#137)
loyal nobleman to King Dunco of East Albion. He was with the king the night of the fatal ambush in Glen Givet. (WD#76)
a female dwarf. Anvila is a well-educated and tough member of her species. She had studied in many Imperial and Dwarven establishments, particularly in Caraz-a-Carak. She allied herself with Wolfgang von Neuwald for a time. (WD#122)
Apocalypse, Flagellants of the:
these Imperial citizens see their society as doomed, the end is coming in the wake of Chaos. They are religious zealots who travel around the empire whipping and beating themselves into religious ecstasies. (WD#147)
Appledown, Maxentius "Maxie":
the halfling apprentice to Anton Loewjer in Marienburg. (WD#135)
Applejack, Doctor Hieronymous:
a human who travelled on a boat up the Reik from Altdorf to Marienburg. His companions were Stumpy and Scarzini. (WD#118)
Apprentice Luck:
FICTION. Written by Sean Flynn and found in the Ignorant Armies anthology.
Appucinis, The:
a mountain range full of bandit strongholds and Goblin caves. The eastern and Western slopes are thickly wooded. (WFRP)
a Norse drink. (WD#119)
Arab and the Comely Pig, the:
a song about a particular incident involving Luyt'ama Rah'slyn, the Mad Arab. (JSp86)
comparable to the Near East in the time of the Ottoman Empire. A huge empire composed of theocratic Caliphates and ruled over by the Sultan of All Araby. Religious fundamentalism led to a series of wars against the Old World (see Daryus-e Qabir). A hot, dry place, mainly desert with civilisation clinging to rivers, wells and oasises. (WFRP)
Araflane Warskald:
part of Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers, Araflane is minstrel to the group. He owns a bronze carynx warhorn which is said to strike fear into the heart of his enemies. (WD#92)
a champion of Tol Yvresse, a Silver Helm. He carried the Silver Helm standard at the Battle of Red Axe Pass. (WD#154)
the father of Teclis and Tyrion. (WD#156)
a priest of Law who brought retribution to Zaragoz. (WD#119)
the son of Lord Moranion, brother of Eltharion the Grim. He studied magic at Tor Yvresse under the tutelage of the Warden of the City. Enraged by his father's death, Argalen fought at the Battle of Yvraine Plain only to be killed by Grom the Paunch, his body thrown from the goblin's chariot. (WD#158)
Arhalien of Yvresse:
killed by Urian Poisonheart at the Battle of Finuval Plain. (WD#156)
Arnaud, Comte d':
a renowned soldier in the Bretonnian army, this noble is often given the honour of carrying the standard on the field of honour. His colours are red with a yellow lion's head device quartered with a yellow and blue woven pattern. (WD#138)
Arngrim Redbeard:
Runesmith who worked at Karak Azul in the dark times when Chaos wept down out of the north. His weapons have a keen edge and are crafted to slay the minions of Chaos. (WD#153)
a goddess of Law. She was imprisoned in a glass tomb beneath the palace in Praag that requires three crystal ikons to open. Kaleb-Daark was sent by Malal to recover the ikons and free her. Her tomb is watched over by Walpurgis. (JSp87)
Arka Zargul:
leader of the dwarves at Dungal's Mine. (JSp86)
Armour of the Dwarf Kings:
this ancestral armour is worn only by the High King of the Dwarfs. Made from hardened Gromril it is protected with several lost runes of protection. (WD#160)
Art of Siege, The:
a standard text on siege warfare by Albrecht of Tisenbreck. (WS)
High Priest of the Cult of Ulric, based in Middenheim; Imperial Elector.
Arzneier, Jan van:
a herbalist with premises (the Floracopoeia) on Potion Square. He has contacts throughout the Known World, and even has stock from Cathay and Lustria. He sometimes provides free treatment to the orphans of the Marienburg Home For Foundlings. He is a member of the Guild of Physiks. (WD#126)
Aschaffenberg, Parzival Tristan:
the son of an Altdorf noble, Parzival was doing a tour of duty as head of the local militia in the village of Pritzstock when the troubles started. He is enamoured of Isolde Guderian. (WD#98)
Aschendorf, High Priestess Margaret von:
the head of the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
Assassins of the Blade:
an infamous band of asassins. They employed Mario Fettucini to make specialised magical equipment for them. (WD#103)
the beautiful dark-elf who convinces Sam Warble to find a missing statue for her. (The Tilean Rat)
the elementalist who lives beside the Black Tarn in the Khypric Empire. His assistants are Averil and Nicodemus. (WD#125)
Athel Loren:
the Wood Elf settlement deep within the Loren Forest in southeast Bretonnia. This is the larget Wood Elf settlement anywhere. 300 years ago it was threatended by the infamous Bloodaxe Alliance. (WFRP)
Athel Tamarha:
Lord Moranion is the ruler of this place. (WD#158)
see The Golden Helm of Atrazar.
a village in the Reikland, on the banks of the River Teufel. (The Black Sail)
Aufwiegler, Joseph:
an agitator wanted for inciting rebellion in Altdorf. He escaped justice there by faking his death. His body was carried upriver from that city by smugglers. Even his lover Ursula Kopfgeld thinks his death real - although she suspect something odd has happened. (WD#94)
a kind of cattle, common in the Border Princes. They have very shaggy coats and horny mouths. (WD#125)
Avanti, Renzo:
Mordini's second-in-command when the outfit was ambushed and destroyed by Sardo. (JSp87)
home of the Everqueen. (WD#156)
Avelorn, Heart of:
a gift of the Everqueen to Tyrion. It is a magical amulet. (WD156)
Avenging Knights of the Cleansing Flame:
a band of warrior-knights, sworn to root out the evil of chaos whereever it may lurk. Founded by Chronus Goodheart, a member of the Brotherhood during the Arabian Wars, the cult's prime goal was to find and kill his cousin, Eroneus Balbadron who had turned to the worship of Khorne.
Aver, River:
finds it's source in the Black Mountains and flows through the Empire passing by the Moot and joining up with the Reik at Nuln.
she was an abandoned child left in the streets of Aldium and raised to be a slave working for a while with a pharmacist before Astyanax took her under his wing when her master died. (WD#125)
a town in the Empire close to the Moot. (WD#140)
Averland, County of:
province in the Empire; capital Averheim. The colours of the state province regiments are yellow and black. (WD#146)
a village in The Riding.
Axe of Grom, The:
Grom the Paunch of the Misty Mountain used this axe which is also called 'Elf-Biter'. (WFB4)
Axe-Bite Pass:
this pass crosses over the Grey Mountains. It connects the Bogenhafen road on the Empire side with the Gisoreux-Parravon road on the Bretonnian side at Jettez-Lez Dix. The village of Helmgart lies on this road in an upland valley of the Grey Mountains. (WD#107)
a thug employed by Claudio Carbonetti. (WD#105)
the Rune of Eternity, a rune so powerful that only one of it can exist. It is currently marked on the Throne of Kings and makes that artefact indestructable. (WD#160)
Azhag the Slaughterer:
the infamous Orc Warlord who led the Orc Invasion of 2512 IC. He had unearthed a Crown of Command in the ruins of Todtheim and from that moment his conquests began. He mastered the dreaded Doomfang, a mighty war wyvern, and quickly gathered a sizeable army behind him. (WD#157)
Azram the Mighty:
a Dwarf God. Lord of the Stone and Heart of the Mountain. He created the Colossi. (JAu85)
metal, or, more specifically, iron. (Khazalid)
the Iron Rune. (WD#153)
Azure, Alphonse L':
a Maitre d'Astrologie, Alphonse is a Bretonnian wizard of the Celestial college. He has seen action with the Bretonnian army. (WD#138)
the Rune of Cleaving. Used on the first Dwarven metal armour. The use of this rune among Dwarves predates its use among Elves. (WD#153)


the foulest, most evil, most powerful of daemons. Said to be six in total; Balgorg being the only one known.
Badlands, the:
plagued by goblinoids from the World's Edge Mountains ever since the Goblin Wars. A bleak, depressing area caught between the Worlds Edge Mountains, the Black Gulf and the Marg beh-Marg desert. To the north, the Blood River and the Border Princes stops the goblins spreading any further. See the Broken Nose Goblins. (WFRPpp271)
the apprentice of Rhiannon Demonfriend. She turned him into a dragon to deal with a small army. (JSp87)
a Hobgoblin caravan leader. His caravan was attacked by the Dolgans tribe. He employed Gutrot and his wolf riders. (JAu85)
the Master of La Maisontaal. Bagrain is priest of no mean ability; he experiments with various mechanical devices and has created an artificial tin man. In order to animate it, Bagrain penetrated Skavenblight and managed to steal the dire Black Arc from under the noses of the Skaven who were too busy celebrating the Great Feast. He was not able to use the Arc as he had hoped. He was a friend to Heinrich Kemler before joining the consortium of wizards that turned against the necromancer. (JSp86)
a mage from the Old World. He led an expedition to the new continent of Lustria where he rediscovered and gained control of the Floating-Gardens (c2422 IC). By using the powers of this ancient Slann device, Bahb was able to conquer most of Lustria. He also seemed to have discovered the secret of imortality. However, his arcane studies led him to conjure up a daemon far too powerful for him to control. In 2502 IC, the failing Floating-Gardens fell to earth near a pygmy tribe. His diary, Tales of a Travelling Dictator, exists. (WD#100)
the legendary Elven Dragon-Masters. Once many, they have vanished from the world. Supposedly they lie sleeping in some shady forest or forgotten mountain waiting only for the call to fight the enemies of the Elven domains.
a greater daemon placed as guardian to the Web by Flynn of Eldaw. He was ordered to let none but a true heir of Flynn into the Web of Eldaw. (GGG1pp16)
the Berserker Rune. Suggests that this rune was devised for a now lost Dwarf Berserker cult - the remnants of which can be found among the Norse Dwarves. (WD#153)
Balbadron, Eroneus:
a member of The Brotherhood and the founding father of the Red Redemption. After the capture of some ruined, Arabian temple, Eroneus came upon a book hidden in the dust. He picked it up and read it, slowly finding himself agreeing with every word. It was a book of Khorne worship and the words mirrored his hatred of the Arabians. In a religious ecstasy, Eroneus smashed his face repeatedly off one of the temple walls. Then seeing an ancient mask and some black robes upon the wall, he donned them and went out to slay his brothers as they slept. He spread his gospel amongst the other bands of the Brotherhood and became the Master of the Redemption, his battle cry was "Be redeemed through blood, saved through slaughter". The cult he founded spread even amongst the Empire. See also Darkhold.
a gnome, killed when a giant fell on top of him. (WD#95)
Baldrik the Bad:
Runesmith who lived during the Dwarf-Elf wars. He used secret knowledge stolen from the Elves and turned it against them. His weapons can strike a mortal blow against an Elf and are very rare - the Elves destroy them and pursue those that have them, and Goblins and Chaos warriors covet them. (WD#153)
Baldurich, Seel:
a child from the village of Pritzstock. (WD#98pp50)
a Greater Demon, one of the six Baalrukh, this one is Balgorg Fire Breath, drinker of souls and breaker of stone. He can breathe fire like a dragon, but unlike the other Baalrukh, may also cast Elemental Spells. (WD#97 pp15)
a place in East Albion. (WD#76)
a deity of the Fimir. Balor is a huge cyclops. It is said that it takes several Fimir to open his immense eyelid but when it is open then all that he gazes upon may die. (WD#102pp20)
Balzud Ugal:
a Dwarven hero under the command of Barnok Blatterzan. He fought at the Valley of Death. His name means 'hand of iron strength', and he once boasted that he could crush a goblins head with one hand. (WD#97)
the incontinent shaman of the Crooked Eye Orcs, sometimes acts as Musician to Ruglud's Spike-Can Commandoes. (WD#95)
Banadl Anwesu:
a High Elven Ranger, who was sent by Ghabhralla to spy upon the Dark Elves in Naggaroth. He arrived just prior to the start of the Blood War, but was betrayed and consequently unable to alert the Duke about the impending invasion. (WD#108)
Banga Gong:
a pygmy minor hero. (WD#100)
Banish Fear:
a spell of the Light College. It requires a heart from the body of a lion to work and can bolster the courage of those friendly to the caster makning them immune from fear - natural or otherwise. (WD#139)
Banishment, Rune of:
see Ghull-Dreng-Rhun.
the lieutenant of McDeath. (WD#76)
Barak Tor:
the Witch Lord moved from here to Kalos. (WL)
"sea gate", unlike other dwarfholds this city is located on the coast and in the lowlands. It is a trading port at the tip of the Black Gulf. (WD#152)
Barbier, Cesar:
a friend of the necromancer Magister Chazal, he meets up with Alpheus Kalispera at the necromancer's funeral. (Who Mourns a Necromancer?)
Bardin Orc-render:
a dwarven champion who fights in Lord Gromson's regiment. (WD#144)
Barnok Blatterzarn:
Dwarven commander who fought in The Valley of Death. His hold, Carak Oran lay on the same mountain pass as Carag Eight Peaks. Carak Oran is now a ruin. His standard is of a mighty black axe on a red background. (WD#97)
Baron Olaf's Own:
this is the moniker of the 17th Regiment of Foot, a company of infantry within The Empire. Their battle honours include the Battle of Bauer's Farm. (WD#90)
Baron Werner's Own:
this is the other name for the 4th Nordland Regiment. (D1)
Bat Winged Loony:
see Doom Diver.
Bat-eyes, The:
a unit in Gorrfang Ratbreaths outfit. (WD#154)
Batres, Johannes:
a noted physician and member of the town council (no name given as to which town!). Johannes was murdered by Hienrich Gotter, the witch-hunter. (WD#82)
Battle of Aver Vale:
on an Angestag morning, in the month of Brauzeit 2513 IC, the army of Dwarf Lord Durnatz Duran faced the Orc Warlord King Uggo's hordes. Notable for the use of Dwarven Thwopters. (WD#100pp53)
Battle of Bauer's Farm:
fought between a goblinoid force and The Empire. The goblinoids included Harboth's Black Mountain Boys. The Empire mauled the goblinoids, sending Harboth's lot scurrying into the Border Princes as a safer stomping ground. Empire forces included the 17th (Baron Olaf's Own) Regiment of Foot and a contingent of Stirland Free Foresters. (WD#90)
Battle of Black Fire Pass:
took place in the year 0 IC, this battle brought to a close the Dwarf-Goblin war that had been raging for 1500 years. Sigmar Heldenhammer routed the Goblin hordes. Because of this great victory, many tribes sword immediate fealty to Sigmar resulting in the founding of The Empire. (WD#91)
Battle of Blood Keep:
Empire vs Elf/Dwarf alliance. (WD#148)
Battle of Blood Peak:
Dwarfs vs Waaa-Gorbag. This battle was the end of the Waaagh! for Gorbad and the mountain in whose shadow it was fought is now called Blood Peak in memory of this day. (WD#153)
Battle of Bugman's Brewery:
this infamous conflict saw Bugman's Dwarf Rangers defeated and nearly destroyed. The brewery, itself, was ransacked. (JSp87)
Battle of Dog Peak Pass:
the small, dwindling Dwarven outpost at this pass was overrun by goblinoids. A winter battle to reclaim it was the inevitable result. Caran Crazak commanded a small force of valiant Dwarves and was aided by Sabine Heistlenburger, a cleric of Sigmar. They faced the might of Bogrot Snotbrumm's goblins and Gruzk Bloodgobbler's Orcs. The battle was marked by Gruzk's throwing of bound dwarven prisoners over the battlements and onto the oncoming forces of Caran and Sabine. (WD#91)
Battle of Dungal Hill:
a conflict between the supporters of Donalbane and those of McDeath. (JSp86)
Battle of Edsel Ford:
this battle saw the end of the Bloodaxe Alliance. They were on their way back to the Dark Lands from their campaign base at Yetzin valley in the Vaults. Here, as they crossed the Blood River they were anihilated. (D1)
Battle of Feis Mabdon:
the end battle of the start to the Blood War. It took place on Chulin Meadow, east of the city. Here Duke Ghabhralla made his last stand, allowing his people to flee the city in ships - a desperate move that saw most, if not all drowned. (WD#108)
Battle of Finuval Plain:
the deciding battle in the Dark Elf War. Here the remnants of the High Elf armies had gathered and Teclis brought his brother back from the dead to join them. The Everqueen was with them. Tyrion prevailed against Urian Poisonheart but not before Urian had slain Arhalien of Yvresse and Korhian Ironglaive. Teclis brought his magic to bear against the Witch-King and finally defeated him. The tide turned and the High Elves won the day. (WD#156)
Battle of Grimdal's Tomb:
Kazgar's dwarves vs Baron Flaubert Bonsante/'s Bretonnians. A dwarven expedition, led by Kazgar the Fearless were intent on recovering the Great Hammer of Wrath from Grimdal's Tomb in the Loren Forest. Baron Falubert learned of the dwarves presence and rushed to intercept them. The battle ended when Helena, the Baron's daughter sealed the remaining dwarves in the Tomb. The Bretonnian's had won the day. (WD#153)
Battle of Grimgrill Dale:
the Horn of Sigismund was given to the Emperor by the grateful dwarves after this battle. (WD#157)
Battle of Grootscher Marsh:
this was the final decisive engagement between Emperor Wilhelm's forces and the armies of Westerland. The Imperial forces were easily beaten back and dogged in the unfamiliar fens and bogs. With the help of a Sea-Elf militia, the Imperial army had been backed into a vast area of quicksands. As a result, Wilhelm abandoned his attempts to regain Westerland and formerly accknowledged it. (WD#118)
Battle of Hangover Hill:
this conflict was started by a large Goblin force who ambushed Bugman's Dwarf Rangers after one of their serious drinking contests. Amazingly, the dwarves trounced the greenies. (JSp87)
Battle of Hathar Ford:
fought during the Dark Elf War on the islands of the Elf Kingdoms. Here Teclis intervened and slew Ferik Kasterman and his Coven of Ten. (WD#156)
Battle of Iron Peak:
Dwarf vs Orc/Goblin. Geheimnisnacht + 1, 2510 IC. The Orc/Gobbo side was commanded by Gorblum the Magnificent. They had attacked two dwarven mines and were intent on destroying the village of Eisenhof but Thorgrim Greybeard had had time to gather his forces and descend on Gorblum's lads. The resulting clash saw the dwarven forces anihilated. Thorgrim escaped. (WD#159)
Battle of La Maisontaal:
a three-way conflict between the monks of La Maisontaal, a Skaven army and the undead hosts of the Lichemaster. (JSp86)
Battle of La Tour:
noted for the loss of an Imperial steam tank which sank into a marsh. (WD#146)
Battle of Middenheim:
this battle was fought near the city when the Chaos incursions threatened to overrun the city-state and sweep it away. The Knights of Middenheim stormed out of the city on their fiery warhorses, bareheaded and wielding warclubs, the resulting battle broke the Chaos army and they routed, the Knights smashing the skulls of hundreds of evil creatures. The Knights formed the Order of the White Wolf and this conflict is celebrated every year in Middenheim when the populace gathers on the battle-field for the Feast of the White Wolf. (WD#146)
Battle of Noirdun:
Empire vs Bretonnia in a narrow pass in the Grey Mountains. The day was won by the Empire when Karl-Franz I, himself led an attack through a side pass on the Bretonnian's flank. (WD#147)
Battle of Osterwald:
this battle took place during the Orc Invasion of 2512 IC. Empire vs Orcs. Otto Blucher commanded the Imperial side. His hand was bolstered by the presence of Ludwig Swartzhelm, Wolfgang Greiss, Franz Wagner and the Grand Theogonist Volkmar the Grim. Against them stood Azhag the Slaughterer and his army of Orc and Goblin marauders. (WD#157)
Battle of Red Axe Pass:
Gorfang Ratbreath's gobbos vs Anaryll's high elves. This battle took place near the end of one of the numerous High Elf forays into the land of Naggaroth. A High Elf army had penetrated far into the Dark Elf lands in order to force the Dark Elves to withdrawn their forces from the coasts of Ulthuan and return to Naggaroth to defend their citadels and towns. This worked well until the High Elf commander, Prince Tallanquine took a mortal wound. His second-in-command, Anaryll decided to withdraw the remainders of his forces across the Red Axe River to avoid the returning Dark Elf armies. That route was thick with goblins under the command of Gorfang Ratbreath who engaged the elves. Groggo, Grobgut Skewtooth, Grubbi and Skraggi were on the gobbo side and Anaryll commanded the Emerald and Sapphire companies of Yvresse as well as some Silver Helms, an Ithrim Patrol and Eldril's Silver Arrows. The High Elves won the day and both Grobgut and Gorfang were slain. (WD#155)
Battle of Remasalia:
a notable conflict when the Empire and Tilea found itself on both sides, for and against an invading Bretonnian army. The battle went ahead anyway despite the ridiculousness of the situation. (WD#146)
Battle of the Jaws:
this battle took place between the Dwarves of Karaz-a-Karak and the goblinoid hordes. Gorfang Rotgut took part and lost his eye in the battle. (WD#159)
Battle of the Plains:
see the Battle of Yvraine Plain.
Battle of Yvraine Plain:
High Elf vs Goblin. The mighty army of Grom the Paunch had cut a swathe of destruction across Yvresse. When the Elves had a chance to group they went to meet Grom's forces on Yvraine Plain. Ferghal of the Iron Spear was the Elf commander; a good soldier but no tactician. The Elves lost and Feghal and Argalen, the son of Lord Moranion were killed. (WD#158)
Baum, Stefan Ritter von:
a commander of the Reiksguard. He was with Grand Duke Ferdinand when Gorefist the Destroyer attack his castle. (WD#156)
Baun, Eva:
a smuggler opperating out of Altdorf. (WD#96)
the court wizard of King Agam Rund. His dabblings in darker magick are said to have brought about an end to Agam's rule and divided Albion into several different countries. (WD#137)
the pelican mascot of the Pelican's Perch in Marienburg. His wings have been clipped and he likes a good pint. (WD#119)
the mutant warsteed given to Kaleb-Daark by Malal. (JSp87)
the murderous fiend that stalked the streets of Altdorf. See Harald Kleindeinst, Rosanna Ophulus and Baron Johan von Mecklenberg. (Beasts in Velvet)
Beast of Eldaw:
a daemon servant that Flynn of Eldaw summoned to guard the labyrinthe beneath Castle Eldaw. (GGG1pp51)
Beastmen, Chaos Beastmen:
originating in the Northern Chaos Wastes, these creatures have the forms of men, perverted into animal shapes and endowed with unnatural abilities. The minions and servants of the Chaos Gods they live in small bands deep in the forests of the Old World. They speak Dark Tongue and are often called the Children of Chaos. Humanity considers them a collection of disorganised, bestial, murderers, but Beastmen do have an ordered society and are concerned with things other than attacking human settlements. There are several distinct types of Beastmen:
Gors, Bray, Spawn, Turnskins, Gaves and Shaman. They all join together under the banner of a chaos champion and form Warbands. Beastmen prey upon themselves far more than they attack peoples of the Old World. (WFRP,WD#124)
Beasts in Velvet:
FICTION. A novel Jack Yeovil published by GW Books. ISBN 1 872372 38 4. It is set in the imperial capital of Altdorf where a murderous fiend is stalking the fog-bound city streets. Set in 2506 IC. Features Yevegeny Yefimovich, Harald Kleindeinst and Johan von Mecklenberg.
Beasts of Nurgle:
foul creatures beloved of Nurgle. They seem like giant slugs and leave a trail of slime everywhere. They have a huge mouth with a tentacled head and a long whip-like tail. All of this is made worse by a personality like an excitable young puppy. (WD#119)
particular kind of hairstyle favoured by many orcs. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
Beesbok, Beesbox:
a pygmy deity. According to pygmy legend, the world was created by eleven gods who threw a big feast to celebrate the deed. Two of them killed the other nine gods and dined upon their flesh. The two surviving gods were half-brothers called Beesbok and Brobat. Beesbok is typically seen as a happy, jolly fellow, who has quite a stomach on him and would rather be lazing around than doing anything strenuous. His symbol is a crude semi-circle with its ends upwards (said to resemble a smiling mouth). (WD#100pp11)
Beet Liquor:
a favourite alcoholic drink with nomads of the Northern Steppes. (JAu85)
Beggars' Guild:
many cities have such an underworld organisation of beggars and the very poor. They provide safe-houses, protection and a surprisingly good source of information for members and those that can pay for it. Often the Guild becomes co-conspirators with the Thieves' Guild, usually as a lesser wing of that Guild. (WFRPpp22)
the Elven Dragon Masters. Now legendary, they are said to have fought a great battle against Chaos a little over two hundred years ago, and have not been heard from since. Some say they are asleep deep in the forest waiting until the time they are needed once more. (WD#92)
the dwarven leader of an expedition to reclaim Karak Eight Peaks. He still holds out there with grim determination. (WD#152)
Bellthor; Gargoyle:
set to watch over the Gate of Doom by the Witch Lord. (WL)
Belorn, Lord; Dwarf, DEmp:
to him Grin gave his map. Belorn it was who built the Great Citadel. (KKpp4)
Belorn's Mine:
Belorn built his Halls upon this mine, it was mined out even before the days of Morcar. (KK)
Belstaff, Ring of:
a magical ring said to offer considerable protection to its wearer. (WD#105pp56)
Belyevorota Pass:
in Kislev. (WD#140)
Beowulf, Lupendreng, Ulfcarl, Ulfjarl, Ulfthegn:
titles for Weres. (WD#107)
the capital of the League of Ostermark in the Empire. It lies at the confluence of the River Urskoy and the River Talabec and is the highest point on the Talabec that can be reached by large river traffic. (WD#122,140)
a town on the western side of the Middle Mountains, it lies on the Middenheim-Talabheim road. The village of Hovelhof is nearby. (WD#122,140)
Berndt Lavaspear:
author of "The Dwarven Art of War". (WS)
Berryhill, Maximillian:
the plump, halfling cook aboard the Emperor Luitpold, Maximillian is under the command of Captain Mikhail Iorga. (WD#122)
Berserker Rune:
see Bakhraz-Rhun.
Brother Marjikus' brother. He is a member of the Guild of Stevedores and Teamsters in Marienburg. (WD#126)
Estalian city north of the Irrana Mountains.
Bildhofen von, family of Middenland:
descended from Grand Duke Gunthar von Bildhofen.
Bildhofen, Gunthar von:
younger brother of Emperor Magnus the Pious; fell foul of the Grand Theogonist and retired to Middenheim.
Bildhofen, Leopold von (2466):
Grand Duke of Middenland, based in Carroburg; named heir is his younger brother, Baron Siegfried; Imperial Elector. Once hired a group of mercenaries under the command of Lord Offo Yellowbeard to fight the Brettonians. The mercenaries contained a group of Slann warriors. (WD#96)
Bildhofen, Baron Siegfried:
heir to Middenland. Brother of Leopold. (WD#96)
Billa Bong:
a pygmy champion. (WD#100)
Black Amulet, The:
a lustrous polished stone of midnight blue engraved with a single glowing rune. (WFB4)
Black Arc of the Covenant, The:
this is perhaps the Skaven's most holy and powerful artifact. It used to be kept in Skavenblight but was stolen by the Monk Bagrain and taken back to the Monastery of La Maisontaal. The Arc lies in an ornate casket that requires a warpstone key to open. (JSp86)
Black Ark:
the dread ships of the Dark Elves. (WD#156)
Black Arrow:
the pseudonym for an outlaw and the outlaw's band of brigands that plagued the area near the Crossed Lances inn. The gang held captive a halfling cook named Sleeves. (WD#101)
Black Banner:
this standard flies at the head of a great undead host, it's reappearance plays a part in the Prophecy of Kalos. (WL)
Black Crag:
see Carag Oran.
Black Fire Pass:
in the southeast of Averland this pass crosses the World's Edge Mountains. It is kept free of Goblin scum by the Border Princes but only just. There is a major shrine to Sigmar here. See Battle of Black Fire Pass. To orcs the pass is synonymous with great heroes like Notlob and Harboth. It is called Haz-Drahz-Kadrin by the Dwarves. (WFRP,WD#91,140)
Black Gulf:
the Blood River empties into it. (D1)
Black Hand of Death, The:
a powerful artifact owned by Tsekkaz. It takes the form of a black gauntlet and is enchanted to cause killing damage against Dwarves, Elves and Humans. (WD#134)
Black Lotus:
Affects Humans, Skaven. Addictive. Induces hallucinations. (WD99,WD133)
Black Mountain Boys:
a unit of orc archers led by Harbothand his second-in-command Yaskin Forit. The Boys had an uneasy alliance with the goblin, Notlob and his mob, but have now split from this partnership. They were active in the area of Black Fire Pass but after the Battle of Bauer's Farm decided to move into the Border Princes. They have the manic battlecry "Pulp the Stunties!". (WD#90)
Black Mountains, The:
these used to be controlled by Goblins, but thanks to the Dwarves this area is largely clear of the evil creatures. (WFRPpp270) Black Fire Pass is the major crossing point, but there are many others, such as Dog Peak Pass (WD#91)
Black Pilgrims, The:
see Dru Perim.
Black Scimitar Guard:
the warriors of Emir Wazir the Cruel. (WD#147)
Black Tarn, The:
a mountain loch in the Black Mountains; part of the Khyprian Empire. (WD#125)
Black Tooth:
the Shaman of Grom the Paunch, he mastered the war wyvern Doomserpent. When Grom led his hordes across the sea to Ulthuan, it was Black Tooth's magic that drained the Elf lands of power. He slew the Warden of Tor Yvresse. (WD#158)
Black Water:
huge inland lake where the Black Mountains and the World's Edge Mountains meet. Zhufbar and Karak-Varn lie north of this lake. Known as Varn Drazh in Khazalid. It is actually the huge crater of a meteorite that crashed onto the Warhammer World. All around it can be found the starmetal Gromril. (WD#140, 152)
a goblin shaman attatched to Bagnol's caravan when it was attacked by Dolgans. (JAu85)
Blackhead the Worse than Normal:
a Goblin hero, part of Gan Green's mob he rides into battle on a wolf. Often found fighting with the Howling Slaughterers. Blackhead is one of the Spot Brothers, see Ziptpicker Zorn. (WD#97)
Black-Hearted Beast of Bretonnia:
see Baron Flaubert Bonsante.
an independant Lesser Daemon, fairly weak and currently in the service of Old Mother Crumhorn where he is kept in a magical cage and has assumed the appearance of a black crow. (WD#133)
the canine companion of Torin Algenonsonn. (WD#100)
Blaine, Captain:
he took part in the assault on the dwarven fortress that Quickfester Bodmin's Chaos Dwarves had made their home. He took a swivel gun in the face and died during the assault. (WD#108)
one of Foulbreath's captains.
Bleistift, Count Johannes von:
owns [Alptraum?] Bleistift manor. Actively helps his vampire uncle, Count Rutger. (WD#159)
Belistift, Count Rutger von:
human vampire. His nephew is Count Johannes von Bleistift. He is served by Sven Widerlich. Rutger killed Otto, the priest of Morr. Rutger's great-grandfather was a Bretonnian. (WD#159)
Bleistift Manor:
on the edge of the Forest of Shadows, family seat of the von Bleistift family. The Grove of Warped Elms lies outside the main gate. (WD#159)
Bleuler, Josef:
a member of Pritzstock's militia. (WD#98pp52)
Blighted Island:
one of the islands of the Elven Kingdoms. During the Dark Elf War it fell once more to the Dark Elves. The altar of Khaine is here. (WD#156)
Blighted Marshes:
an area of Tilea, here the hidden ratmen city of Skavenblight lies.
Blinding Light:
a spell of the Light College, it requires a glass prism and the dust from a grave. The spell blinds the enemies of the caster. (WD#139)
one of two Chaos Goblin Fanatics used by Spikes Harvey-Wotan to distract Skrag the Slaughterer before he killed him. (WD#83)
Blood and Earth:
FICTION. Probably by Nicola Griffith but where was it published? It is about the further adventures of Katya Raine. (WD#140)
Blood Crusade:
see Blood War.
Blood Greed:
the killing frenzy that comes over Minotaurs whenever the smell the scent of blood. It is considered a blessing from the chaos powers. (WD#125)
Blood Peak:
a mountain in the World's Edge Mountains. It gained its name from the huge battle that ended the Waaa-Gorbad. See the Battle of Blood Peak. (WD#153)
Blood River:
this river seperates the Badlands from the Border Princes, finding it's source in the Worlds Edge Mountains it empties into the Black Gulf.
Blood War, The:
the Druchii name for the fleet/crusade against the High Elves. Also called the Blood Crusade. (WD#108)
Bloodaxe Alliance:
an alliance of various Orc tribes. They were for a long time employed by the Hobgoblin Hegemony until that empire turned to more peaceable methods and the Alliance was ejected from Hegemony lands. They returned to the western fringes of the Dark Lands and launched a series of raids into the Border Princes and beyond. 300 years ago, the Alliance even threatened Athel-Loren from the northen edges of the Vaults. Just over 100 years ago, the Alliance's shamans read strange portents in the entrails of a sacrificial enemy: the time was right to strike out in a new direction and they headed for Black Fire Pass. They got lost and ended-up again in the Vaults. Here they made a permanent base for themselves in the Yetzin Valley. They took over an underground comlex beneath an ancient stone circle. They also attacked the monastery of Eyrie. Eventually, their shamans decided to return to the Dark Lands and only a small force of orcs led by Torgoch was left behind. The Alliance was destroyed at the Battle of Edsel Ford on their way back to the Dark Lands. Legend has it that divine intervention for past impieties sealed their fate. (WD#133)(D1)
see Khorne.
Bloody Mask:
a chaos cult dedicated to Tzeentch. Herman Zorin was its last surviving member. The cult owned the Changing Faces of Tzeentch. (WD#150)
Blucher, Otto:
a famous general of the Empire. He led the Reiksguard at the Battle of Osterwald and is said to have never lost a battle. (WD#157)
Blue Flame:
a famous diamond. (WD#101pp44)
Blut, River:
flows through Ostermark. The village of Osterwald lies along its course. (WD#157)
village that was wiped out by a mysterious disease. (TEW)
Boerenstand, Jacob:
one of Wilhelm Rotkopf's apprentices. A follower of Shallya and a regular at the Long Dragon. (WD#128)
Bogels Farm:
a simple homestead in the Frugelhofen Valley. (JSp86)
a town in the Empire on the Altdorf-(Axe-Bite Pass)-Bretonnia road. (WD#140)
Bogies, The:
a regiment of Snotlings attatched to Gan Green's army. (WD#97)
Boglob Frothnose:
goblin warchief who joined forces with a Skaven contingent to attack a Human army. (WD#95)
Boggrub Legbiter:
Warchief of the Broken Nose Goblins, his evil army besieged Karak-Azrum. See Gutbug, his lieutenant. (WS)
Bogradd Tusker:
the leader of a unit of orcs attatched to Morglum's Marauders. (WD#110)
Bogradd Tusker's 'Ogg Boyz:
a unit in Morglum's Marauders led by Bogradd. They have a pig for a mascot, called Plonki. (WD#110)
Bogrot Snotbrumm:
goblin commander who fought alongside Gruzk Bloodgobbler's. Together they commanded the goblinoid forces at the Battle of Dog Peak Pass. (WD#91)
Bogrot Stuntybane:
goblin leader who besieged Caraz-Lumbar with his forces. (WS)
Bohne, Anders:
inmate of the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
Bokha, Tsar Radii:
the ruler of Kislev in 2510IC. [conflicts with Katarina the Great's information unless the rulers of the other Kislev cities are also called Tsars.] (WD#122)
a legendary mage from Nippon. See the Oracle of Boku-San (WD#97)
a town of Kislev, lies at a major confluence along the River Lynsk. (WD#140)
the Rat-Ogre used by Thanquol to attack Felix Jaegar and Gotrek Gurnisson. Killed by Gotrek. (Skaven's Claw)
Bonsante, Baron Flaubert:
the Bretonnian commander at the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. He is know as the Black-Hearted Beast of Bretonnia. In his young days, the Baron had had an encounter with a dragon that resulted in one dead dragon and a dragon's fang embedded in his skull - many said this gave rise to his violent temper. He paid Scarface money to betray his dwarven employers, then killed the Kislevite later. His daughter, Helena, is of marriagable age and he is on the lookout for a suitor. (WD#153)
Bonsante, Helena:
an Amethyst sorceress who fought at the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. She is the daughter of Baron Flaubert. (WD#153)
Book of Ancients:
a tome of prophecy concerning Arianka. It speaks of a Doomed one who would help free the goddess. It is kept in Praag by Walpurgis. (JSp87)
Book of Grudges, the Great:
aka Dammaz Kron (Khazalid), the ancient Dwarven tome of slights and wrong-doings. No dwarven treaty is ever entered into without first carefully examining this book for past slights and grievances. Kept in Karaz-a-Karak, it is written on beaten gold or gold-copper alloy leaves. It is said to contain not just betrayals and slights done to the Dwarves by other races but by the gods themselves and by the forces of nature. (WD#152, 160)
Book of Remembering:
an ancient Dwarven tome. Kept in Karaz-a-Karak, it is written on beaten gold or gold-copper alloy leaves. (WD#152)
Boorsevelt, Ishmael:
proprietor of the Pelican's Perch inn in Marienburg. A supertitious man who has a wooden leg. His pet, Beaky, is a pelican and give the inn its name. (WD#119)
Bretonnian city at the mouth of the River Morceaux, famed for its wine trade. The wine comes mainly from the Morceaux Valley. A centre for many great trading houses, their buildings dominate the city which is built around the river Morceaux with two great hills on either side of the river: Towerhill and Executioner hill. Large vessels may only sail up as far as the bridge between the two hills, beyond this, the Morceaux is too shallow.
Bordeleaux, Duc de:
a great leader amongst the Bretonnian leader, the Duc has often led Bretonnian armies in the field. His colours are a quartered pattern of red and blue with white Griffons rearing on the red and fleurs de lys on the blue. (WD#138)
Border Princes, the:
an area of anarchy, bandit strongholds and petty kingdoms that are constantly at war. Some princes in this area are all that stands between the Empire and the Goblin tribes that pour out from the Badlands, across the Blood River and along Mad Dog Pass. This area earned it's name just over 1500 years ago when a number of disenchanted (and probably disinherited) nobles left the Empire to set up new kingdoms. They styled themselves as Princes. The area is a roughly rectangular piece of the Old World bounded by the Black Gulf to the south, the Black Mountains to the north, to the east are the World's Edge Mountains and west lie the Appucinis which seperate the Princes from the Tilean City States. The Khypric Empire is just one of many petty and puffed up kingdoms in this region. Most of the towns are well fortified with strong walls - a necessity in order to survive the constant internecine warfare. (WD#125)
Borgin Forkbeard:
pregenerated character. A scholarly dwarf from Zhufbar. Borgin has a strong interest in history and like to visit historical sites up and down the World's Edge Mountains. (D1)
Borgoth the Ogre:
works on the Suiddock. Swears by Granny Hetta's rum- laced tea. (WD#120)
Boris Goblin Basher, Tzar:
a ruler of Kislev. His daughter, Katarina the Great, is the current Tzar. His many campaigns in the east expanded the Kislev Empire right across the World's Edge Mountains. (WD#146)
Boris Jager:
see Adolf Jager.
Boris the Incompetent, Emperor:
(1053 - 1115); died by Black Plague; during his reign corruption is widespread.
Boroush, the Storm Master:
an evil sorceror, one of the Lieutenants of Morcar. His eyrie lay in the Dark Mountains. (WoM)
a dwarf of Iron Mountain. He fought and died at the Battle of Iron Peak. (WD#159)
the Orc Shaman who used Gorblum the Magnificent to further his ambitions. Took part in the Battle of Iron Peak. (WD#159)
Botenverhuurder, Ingrid:
barmaid at the Pelican's Perch in Marienburg. She is a bit of a card sharp but plays the dumb to sucker-in the punters. Most regulars know of her card abilities and don't play with her, but they like to watch her clean-out a wealthy visitor. (WD#119)
see Gors.
the apprentice of Rathnugg, the most famous boot maker of all time. Bovva made a pair of magical boots. (WFRPpp184)
the Kislev equivalent of Barons. (WFRP)
a group of orcs or goblins.
a very strong Marienburg ale. (WD#119)
Bran Wa Shin:
the Elven technique of erasing unwanted memories. Elves have developed a disciplined form of eidetic memory that remembers everything. Their brains only have so much capacity and the periodically review their memories and forget unimportant events. (WD#92)
Brand, King:
a king of Karaz-a-Karak. He gave the Great Hammer of Wrath to Grimdal Runescar. (WD#153)
Brandywine, Augustus:
a halfling merchant, "Gussie" to his friends. He works a carvan across the Vaults between Tilea, The Border Princes and The Empire. On occasion he employs Rutger Reiter as an outrider. (D1)
Bratsch, Chief Orderly Sister Hanna:
works at the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
Bratt Satsensnapper:
massive, mature orc; leader of Bratt's Boar Boyz. He is covered from head-to-toe with tatoos and scars. (WD#106pp19)
Bratt's Boar Boyz:
the infamous OrCav unit. Their base is on the western side of the World's Edge Mountains, near Karak-Varn. They plunder the lucrative trade-lanes between the Empire and the Border Princes, as well as causing the Wordl's Edge dwarves no end of trouble. Their leader is Bratt Satsensnapper. (WD#106pp19)
9th month of the year.
those wild-born beastmen who are not Gors or Spawn. They are subservient to Gors, although one or two noted individuals have risen to positions of power. (WD#124)
when warbands of Beastmen meet in any sort of numbers it is termed a Brayherd. Often they gather together to attack larger towns than they would normally be able to cope with, but there are other reasons for a Brayherd to be called - a Champion's Feast, for example. A Brayherd is called by a warband going to a Herdstone and lighting a beacon. Other bands in the area will see the sign and go the stone. Brayherds are only ever held at certain specific sites. See Gorfight. It is fobidden to shed blood (sacrifices excluded) at a Brayherd. (WD#124)
Brest, Duc du:
a Bretonnian noble. (WD#137)
the land west of the Grey Mountains is nearly all Bretonnia. It was unified 1500 years ago when Gilles le Breton set out on a conquest of neighbouring lands from the city of Gisoreaux. He never finished the task, that was left to his grandson, Guillaume Barbenoire, some 70 years later. The country is ruled by an absolutist monarchy, the current encumbent being Charles de la Tete d'Or III. His palace lies at Oisillon. The Loren Forest with the Wood Elf settlement of Athel-Loren lies totally within the bounds of Bretonnia. (WFRPpp274)
a wreckers' rock near Marienburg ? (WD#135)
Brick 'Ead:
one of the newest recruits in Bratt's Boar Boyz. (WD#106pp21)
Brienne, River:
this Bretonnian river finds it's source in the Vaults, travels through the Loren Forest and empties into the Great Western Ocean - a journey of over 1200 miles. Quenelles and Brionne lie along it's length. The river is navigable for sea-going vessels all the way up to Quenelles. (WFRPpp274)
one of the Colleges of Magic. Symbol: Key. Colout: Red, Orange. They are thought to be firestarters, and continually suffer from chills. Hyperactive. (WD#113)
a Wood Elf scout. He discovered a party of Skull Cleaver Orcs in the forest and brought word to Lord Erdil. Later he struck up a friendship with the wardancer Yavathol and when another group of orcs were seen near the Brook-Of-Many-Colours he was inducted into Yavathol's troupe. Morfoin also witnessed Brightbranch's induction. (WD#96)(WD#111)
Bretonnian city at the mouth of the River Brienne. It lies on the north bank, the south being marshy and unihabited. Called the City of Thieves, this place is a den of corruption from the Governor down. Pirates and smugglers regard Brionne as a safe-haven and many operate from its docks. Pop. 11,000.
a pygmy deity. The brother of Beesbok. Brobat is the more thoughtful of the two and is seen as scheming, a-moral and power-hungry. He appears a huge pygmy - fully six feet tall wearing crocodile skins, a feathered head-dress and carrying a stout wooden rod. His symbol is like his brother's; a semi-circle but with the ends turned downwards. (WD#100pp11)
Broken Nose, Goblins of the:
a tribe of Goblins who overran the Dwarven strongholds of Karak Azul and Karak Azgal. This victory led to the creation of the Badlands as hordes of Goblins poured through the mountain passes once guarded by the Dwarves. (WFRPpp271) Led by Boggrub Legbiter. (WS)
Brond Sunken-Eye:
lieutenant to Lord Gomrund Forkbeard. (WD#80)
a stream in forest area patrolled by Yavathol and her wardancer troupe. A bunch of orcs were spotted here and used as the initiation of Brightbranch into the troupe. (WD#111)
the leader of a Chaos Warband of men and beastmen. Other members: Three Thumbs, Maalic, Old Gunther, Fergaz, Juuro. (WD#108)
Brotherhood of Seamen & Pilots:
this Guild-house for Marienburg lies on the southbank of Stoessel Isle in the Suiddock area of the city. It has a small temple to Manann. The guildmaster is Albert Loodemans. Eric Roergang also works here as a cook. (WD#121)
Brotherhood, The:
this name was given to the monks and priests that fought together against the Arabians in the crusades. See also the Disciples of the Red Redemption.
Brudda Bobb:
a pygmy hero. (WD#100pp16)
Bruenwasser Kanal:
part of the Suiddock. This channel of deep water runs between the mainland and the islands of Riddra, Stoessel and Luydenhoek. It is crossed by the Draaienbrug Bridge. (WD#119)
Bruglodd the Fruitcake:
an orc of the Skull Cleaver band. Bruglodd once saw humans using a mangonel and decided to build his own. His success brought many victories for his tribe. (WD#89)
barkeep at The Mermaid in Altdorf. Employed by Wertha Trotz. Bruno, however, is a drug pusher and is more than likely to offer any new customers a selection of rare herbs. His fellow barman is Gebhard. (WD#96)
the ex-chief torturer of Count von Drakensberg. He left the Count's employ after torturing one of Otto Kessler's friends and learning about the Blue Flame. Nowadays he hangs out with Wolfgang Kellerman. (WD#101pp44)
a thug employed by Claudio Carbonetti. (WD#105pp51)
Bruno of Wissenland, Count:
his third son is Graf Freidrich von Pfeifraucher. (WD#94)
Brunt's Bruisers:
a unit out of Carag Eight Peaks, they weild mighty double handed weapons. Their standard shows a gore-spattered hammer. (WD#97)
along withg Tartail, these beastmen were part of a warband that travelled to Herdstone Granit and killed a band of humans on the way. (WD#124)
a prince of the Fimm, he was sent to kill the traitor Gobnui and the baby female Fimir he had stolen. (WD#102pp24)
a title of respect among the Skaven. (WD#124)
Buckle of Hagmar:
forged by Hagmar Wyrmshlager upon the bones of a dragon, this belt-buckle contains some of that dead creatures strength. It has since been turned into a Talisman which grants the wearer some magical abilities, much less though than that of the belt. (WD#97)
Bukharin, Sergei:
ambassador to the Empire from Tsar Radii Bokha, Overlord of the North. He travelled on the Emperor Luitpold with Genevieve Sandrine and Hendrik Kraly. Born around 2480IC into a minor noble family in Kislev, Sergei distinguished himself in the Tsar's armies and wears the Silver Star of Kislev. He is a Nachalnik Kavalyerov (Knight Commander) of the Kislevite Order of the White Wolf. He is an experienced, enthusiastic soldier. (WD#122)
a goblin chariot-salesman. Bulg was particularly good at his trade on account of him being more intelligent than most goblins - he could even read. (WD#109)
a big, fat orc, the lieutenant of Morglum Necksnapper. (WD#110)
Bugman, Joseph:
THE legendary Dwarven brewer - the originator of Bugman's Best Bitter. His brewery was the scene of a famous battle, the Battle of Bugman's Brewery at which the Master Brewer was thought killed, but he turned up years later, unanounced, at the gates of Karak-Varn. After just one taste of the beer his identity was proved beyond doubt and the King reformed Bugman's Dwarf Rangers and immediately set out on a crusade to re-establish Bugman's Brewery. Joseph Bugman and his epic journey to Karak-Varn is the subject of numerous dwarven epic poems and drinking songs. (JSp87)
Bugman's Best Bitter:
the famous Dwarven beer. Brewed by Bugman's Breweries. (WD#96)
Bugman's Breweries:
where Bugman's Best was brewed until the brewery was destroyed in the Battle of Bugman's Brewery. Several years later, an attempt by the dwarves of Karak-Varn was made to re-establish the brewery. (WD#96)
Bugman's Castle XXXXXXXXX:
considered Jospeh Bugman's finest moment, this beer was developed after the Master Brewer arrived at Karak-Varn. (JSp87)
Bugman's Dwarf Rangers:
an outfit of dwarves led by Joseph Bugman, the Master Brewer. They were masacred at the Battle of Bugman's Brewery and later reformed at Karak-Varn. Their battle cry is 'Mhinz Abeir' with the response 'Zyor Rond'. The new Rangers kept the old warcry but also use 'Ayt Peinz' and 'Khaari'. Their most famous vitory was at the Battle of Hangover Hill. Notable members: Joseph Bugman, Tom Thyksson. (JSp87)
Bullhead Doomtrot:
a chaos centaur knight. His most infamous deed was the sacking of the town of Chernozavtra in Kislev. (WD#98pp11)
lives with Kurt and Gert on the Wendenbahn in the Altquartier of Middenheim. They are all labourers. (WD#105pp55)
Buttermere, Sam:
see Sam Warble.


a town of the Khyprian Empire, it straddles the Tana Dante. (WD#125)
Caer Alawn:
the castle of the King of Alawn. (WD#137)
Caer Plennydd:
the castle of King Herla of Plennydd. (WD#137)
Cailission Silvereye:
a pregenerated character. Cailission the elf is a targeteer. He hails from Athel-Loren and used to be one of the Fir Ranna- scath. (D1)
Cairn Lotherl:
a town in the High Elf kingdom of Yvresse. This was where the goblin hordes landed during the Waaa-Grom. (WD#158)
Cake Street:
a street in Nuln. (Skaven's Claw)
Calchoner, Megery:
court magician to King Dunco of East Albion. He was with the king the night of the fatal ambush in Glen Givet. (WD#76)
a kingdom of Ulthuan. The last dragons lies sleeping here. (WD#149, 156, 158)
Canal Street:
leads onto Potion Square in Marienburg. Turner's Alley is off it. (WD#133)
Cannon Ball Express; coaching house:
based in Nuln.
see Gors.
Captain of the Dead Host:
see Skulmar.
Carbonetti, Claudio:
a minor noble currently residing in Middenheim although he hails originally from Miragliano. He was behind the kidnapping of Ludwig Orteli's son. His right hand man is Paolo Gentile. He usually has a group of hired thugs in his pay. He has a pet dog called Guiseppe. (WD#105)
Carag Eight Peaks:
see Karak Eight Peaks.
Carag Oran:
a ruined Dwarf stronghold on the western side of Death Pass now occupied by Gorfang (Troll-Eater) Rotgut and his Red Fangs tribe. Known as Black Crag. Several members of Lord Kazador's family are held captive in the dungeons. It previously belonged to Barnok Blatterzarn. It is called Karag-Drazh in Khazalid. (WD#97, 152, 159)
Caran Crazak:
the dwarven commander at the Battle of Dog Peak Pass. Caran's hold was responsible for the garrison that manned the small outpost at the pass. When it fell to the goblins, he was keen to wipe out the shame of his hold. (WD#91)
a dwarven stronghold, owned by Grim Skullhammer. Often left in the hands of his son, Dumwin Stoutbelly if Grim is elsewhere. The fort's cook, Quango Lipstrangle is also of note. (WS)
Carolus, Emperor:
the foolishly trusting Emperor who believed Drachenfels when he said he had repented his life of Evil. He was poisoned by the Great Enchanter in 1937 IC. (WD#117,140)
Carriere, Armand:
along with Phillipe, he investigates the garden of Gaspard Gruiller. (A Gardener in Parravon)
the Undead remains of the great carrion birds from the Worlds Edge Mountains. These once living creatures were destroyed and then animated by the rolling clouds of Chaos during the great Chaos Incursion. (WD#173)
a city-state of the Empire. It lies on the lower reaches of the River Reik on the edge of the Drak Wald Forest. The city's hero is Prince Karad von Carron who defeated the Goblinoid Hordes at the loss of his own life when they threatened the town. He is buried near the town, in the Skaag Hills. The state regiment's uniform is dark red. (WD#121, 140, 146)
Carron, Erich von:
the great, great, great grandson of Prince Karad. He has recently been visited by the shade of his dead ancestor. Prince Karad has told Erich that the sword he used to defeat Ratgot Dwarfmangler, Sonneklinge, has been taken from his grave. Erich also learns that the tribe of orcs who have recently attacked the town are now led by Hogrod Trollslaughterer and not Gragath Rogant. (WD#121)
Carron, Prince Karad von:
the hero of Carroburg. His win over the Goblinoid Hordes that attacked Carroburg is the stuff of legends. Many, many tales and songs recount his glory. Although he died at the battle, at the hands of the ogre Ratgot Dwarfmangler, he won the day and a place in the ranks of true heroes. His lieutenant, Dolf, also died that day and was buried in the tomb as well. (WD#121)
Carstein, Manfred von:
the Vampire Count of Sylvania. (WD#173)
Cartak Lines; coaching house:
based in Altdorf.
[?] see Araflane Warskald. (WD#91)
Casse/conque, Bertrand:
a Bretonnian champion, he fought at the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. (WD#153)
Casrik, of the Gold:
a Gold Wizard, known to Jarkal. (WD#113)
cousin to Rolando O'Flynn, she disappeared into the Web of Eldaw just prior to the Seige of Castle Eldaw. She was looking for her lost dog, Mitsy. The King's fool, D'Eric went to find her, and he too vanished. Cassandria was always slightly insane, but her travels in the Web and meeting the Beast of Eldaw, totally unhinged her. (GGG1)
Castle Drachenfels:
SOURCEBOOK. An adventure set in the ruined fortress of the dead vampire-lord. ISBN ??.
Castle Rock Coaches; coaching house:
based in Middenheim. They run regular services to Marienburg.
Cataclysm, The:
the end of the Old Slann civilisation was signalled by the collapse of their two great Warpgates on the Warhammer World, this caused the First Incursion of Chaos.
one of the Colleges of Magic. Symbol: Comet. Colour: Blue. They are ostentatious and flamboyant, thought to be pretentious but good at casting the odd horoscope. They respect knowledge amidst ignorance. (WD#113,114)
Cemetery Mount:
see Cladh Karrond.
Chainmail of Hagmar:
a magical mail coat forged upon a fire of dragon bones by Hagmar Wyrmschlager. Said to mirror the hardness of a dragons scales. (WD#97)
Champion's Feast:
an excuse to call a Brayherd among beastman society. When a champion dies in battle, a feast will be held to consume the body. The choicest bits, heart, eyes, etc, will go to his favourite retainers. (WD#124)
Chancier, Pierre:
the Bretonnian knight who led the service at the Tombs of the Phalanx only to be attacked by ogres. Pierre was the only survivor and he returned later with a band of heroes to clear out the Tombs of these foul creatures. (WD#145)
the vampire who gave Genvieve Sandrine the Dark Kiss. He died in 2177 IC (WD#140)
Change, The:
see Wasteland Export-Import Exchange.
Changer of the Ways:
a greater daemon of Tzeentch, or a pseudonym for him. (advert WD#107)
Changing Faces of Tzeentch:
magical artifacts sacred to Tzeentch. These masks were in the keeping of the Bloody Mask cult. (WD#150)
Channel Rats:
? the collective name for the beggars and drop-outs that live on the cannals of Marienburg. Granny Hetta is probably one of them. They trust few outsiders - Brother Marijkus being a notable exception. (WD#126)
see Warp.
Chaos Brothers, the:
Helwud and Jaek. These two, along with Hogan Headhacker and Zinbar Sicklesword were sent by Khorne to slay Kaleb-Daark. They failed. The two grew to boyhood in the Orphanage of Verena in the little town of Wurtbad. They visited a strange creature in the crypts of that institution that some say was nothing less than a Skaven Lord of Decay, but this seems unlikely. Whatever, they listened to the tales and lies this being told and on one Hexensnacht they murdered the priestesses and desecrated the altar at the orphanage. Their dark path had begun. (JSp87)
Chaos Dwarfs:
see Dwarfs
Chaos Familiars:
see Familiars.
Chaos Heart:
the name used by Minotaurs and Beastmen for their chaos shrines. (WD#125)
Chaos Warriors:
when the Incursions of Chaos swept south they corrupted many of the human race transforming them into these, the foul Chaos Warriors, violent worshippers of the Chaos Gods. (WD#81)
Chaos Wastes:
"amorphous areas surrounding the Old Slann's Warpgates... where the laws of nature and magic have little meaning." At either pole of the Warhammer World lie the Chaos Wastes, here the Incursions of Chaos have their origin and all manner of mutated creatures hold sway. (WFRPpp261)
Chaos Moon:
see Morrslieb.
Charles de la Tete d'Or III:
the Bretonnian king. Uncaring and aloof, he lives in his great palace at Oisillon, north-west of Giseroux. (WFRPpp275)
Hostiles, see also Jack, Skinny, Stunty etc. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
Chazal, Magister:
( - 2497). A necromancer and friend to both Cesar Barbier and Alpheus Kalispera. (Who Mourns a Necromancer?)
Cheap Street:
a road in Nuln. (Skaven's Claw)
a town in Kislev. Sacked by Bullhead Doomtrot. (WD#98)
Children of Chaos:
see Beastmen.
Ch'ing, Dien:
(2446 - ) A servant of Tzeentch, he and Yefimovich opposed Genevieve Sandrine and Yukovitch. (Red Thirst, Beasts in Velvet)
an area of the Elven Kingdoms. Its capital is Tor Achare. (WD#156)
Chronus Goodheart:
a member of the Brotherhood during the war against Araby and cousin to Eroneus Balbadron, the founder of the Disciples of the Red Redemption. Chronus came across that first act of atrocity committed by Eroneus - the murder of his fellow Brothers. Appalled by the scene and numbed by the Khornate temple he found amongst the ruins, Chronus swore a binding oath to remove the abomination of Chaos, specifically Eroneus, from the world. To this end, he founded the Avenging Knights of the Cleansing Flame and he and his three companions, Roland, Garland and a fourth history does not name, he set out to track down Eroneus.
Chulin Meadow:
a pasture ground west of Feiss Mabdon that was the scene for the Battle of Feiss Mabdon at the start of the Blood War. (WD#108)
leader of the gang of bandits that attacked and killed the Baron of Sudenland and kidnapped his younger son. (WD#118)
City of the Damned:
see Moussillon.
City of Thieves:
see Brionne.
in the Empire, there are several large cities that have gained the status of city-states. Like the provinces, these provide Electors and are autonomous bodies. There are five: Altdorf, Middenheim, Carroburg, Nuln, and Talabheim. (WD#146)
Cladh Karrond:
the second largest of the Dark Elf cities, its name means 'Cemetery Mount'. It is built on the northern shores of Diombh Muir. (WD#108)
Clan Durrag:
the dwarven clan that ruled Durrag-Dol until it was overrun by Skaven. (WD#134)
Clan Eshin:
a Skaven clan, aka Night Runners or Rat-assassins. They are active among the cities of the Old World. They spread disorder by means of stealthy killings and poisonings, and they use warpstone to make special weapons, blade venoms and drugs. They are said to be able to control the normal rats of city-sewers. (JSp86)
Clan Mors:
a caste in Skaven society. (WD#119)
Clan Moulder:
a Skaven caste. They actively use warpstone to breed mutated creatures from slave stock, They created the Rat Ogres, Tracker-rats and Wolf-rats. (JSp86)
Clan Pestilens:
aka Plague Monks, these are Skaven fanatics dedicated to spreading disease and decay. They have agents in cities throughout the Known World. (JSp86)
Clan Rictus:
a caste in Skaven society, possibly the slavemaster and slave caste. (WD#119,134)
Clan Scruten:
one of the Skaven Clans. This is a servant clan of the Grey Seers. They are skilled in the arts of concealment and infilitration. Typically, members a tougher than the normal run-of-the-mill Skaven and are all capable of living off the land for long periods of time in enemy territory. They are commonally given missions to track down warpstone deep inside enemy lines. (WD#98pp62)
Clan Skyre:
a Skaven Clan. Also known as the Warlock Engineers, they are the masters of an insane blend of magick and science. They create the powerful warp-weapons of the Skaven. They tend to use up a large ammount of guinea-pig slaves in their experiments. They made the Firethrower, the Black Ark and the Screaming Bells. (JSp86)
the captain of a river boat that sank without a trace, only to reappear and dog the Eva Branduer as she lay alongside the Koenigstahl. (The Black Sail)
Clausewitz, Sister Clementine:
a priestess of Shallya, she works at the Great Hospice and looks after Erzbet Wegener. (WD#130)
Claw of Nagash, The:
this is the mummified hand of the dreaded Liche Lord Nagash. Contains a powerful spell enabling the wielder to drain the life fluids of an enemy, leaving a shrivelled, desiccated corpse. (WFB4)
Claws, Sea of:
? (WD#158)
Cleansing Flame:
see Avenging Knights of the Cleansing Flame.
Cleavving, Rune of:
see Azz-Rhun.
Clem Shirestock:
Human used as an example of character generation throughout the WFRP.
Cloak of Protection:
a Light Wizard's spell requiring a cloth of gold. It gives the caster protection against attack, particularly from unnatural foes. (WD#139)
Cobbius, Lea-Jan:
Guildmasater, a regular at the Pelican's Perch in Marienburg. Lea-Jan runs the Stevedores' and Teamsters' Guild, and has done for over thirty years. The guild's headquarters are on Riddra Isle. He is in a position of considerable power, and has dealings with the merchant houses and several members of the Council. He uses Pieter de Groot as his chief firghtener and minder. (WD#119,120)
a hybrid creature whose origins lie in the machinations of Chaos. There are many varied mutations of the underlying creature. The most typical form is that of a huge, scaled chicken, with reptilian wings and a long, scaled neck and tail. A rarely seen creature, they tend to inhabit desolate mountainous regions or deep, gloomy forests and swamps. (WD#88)
Codex Daemonica:
an arcane tome holding many insights into the nature of daemons and chaos. (WD#104pp35)
Cold Halls, The:
part of the Forbidden City, here the dread Spirit Riders rest. (WL)
Cold Hounds:
beasts tamed and taken into battle by the Slaan. (WD#96)
Cold Ones:
beasts ridden and taken into battle particulary by the Slaan but also by Dark Elves. (WD#96)
Cold Stark House:
FICTION. Written ?? Published ??
Colleges of Magic:
(1) within the Empire raw magic is thought of as eight seperate colours (Light, Golden, Jade, Celestial, Grey, Amethyst, Bright and Amber) and the Hub Wizards (Rainbow and Dark) - these are the Colleges of Magic. While other races may call the Colleges by different names, the underlying principles are the same. See the Great Wheel. (2) The Colleges of MAgic in Altdorf were founded by Magnus the Pious duirng the wars against Chaos. He permitted the practice of magic within the Empire. (WD#113)
Colossus, Colossi:
these giant dwarves were created by Azram the Mighty. They are made out of living rock. Four of them, two on either side, still stand, motionless, at the main entrance to Everpeak - Caraz-a-Carak. (JAu85)
Colours of Magic:
see Colleges of Magic.
Commander of Road Wardens:
a title of governmental office, handed out by the local Elector and given only to trusted allies. (WD#91)
Commercial Way:
a street in Nuln. (Skaven's Claw)
Commission of Overseers of Trade:
runs the Wasteland Export-Import Exchange. This twelve-strong quango is made up of the heads of Marienburg's merchant families. (WD#112)
Conwy, House of:
a noble faction in Morien. (WD#137)
Cordial of Tzeentch:
a potent magical potion made by dissolving the ground remains of a single feather or claw from a Lord of Change. Drinking this brew causes immediate alterations in a persons mental and physical well- being - good or bad, the effect is quite random. (WD#122)
Council Oak:
all Wood Elf settlements have a Council Oak. (WD#96)
Country Gods, The:
one of the two divine families in the Old World. Also called the Northern Gods. Consists of Taal, Rhya, their son Manann and Taal's brother Ulric. See also Town Gods. (WD#138)
Courage, Rune of:
see Kuzz-Rhun.
a Bretonnian city on the east bank of the river Sannez, famed for its spa. It is a market place for the agricultural produce of the fertile Sannez valley. A major import area for Estalian silks and spices. The spa, with its springs and natural baths, is held to have magical powers of healing. On one of these springs a temple to Shallya, Goddess of Healing has been built. To here, many pilgrims journey in search of cures for all manner of ailments. Upon the west bank a shanty town known as the 'Cesspit' is a haven for all manner of lawless souls. The springs, however, provide most of the city with a plentiful and sanitary water supply. (WFRP)
Coven of Ten:
see Ferik Kasterman.
more or less universal positive adjective, e.g. cracklin' good, cracklin' hot. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
Crimson Rose:
a Tzeentchian chaos cult on the campus of the University of Nuln. It was uncovered and destroyed by Johan Zauberlich and Aldred Fellblade. (WD#125)
Crooked Eye Orcs:
a tribe of orcs commanded by Chief Gudruk Bonechewer. Includes Ruglud and his Spike-Can Commandoes, and Bambrag the orc shaman. (WD#95)
Crossed Lances:
an inn within the Empire. Owned by Wolfgang Kellermann. (WD#101pp43)
Crown of Kings:
an adamantine crown that Witch-Kings of North Albion wore, The last of the Old Kings, Lufric the Doomed was defeated by Flynn of Eldaw. The crown will not allow the wearer to age or be slain. Lufric's head was severed clean off by Flynn, but still the crown kept it alive and able to talk. (GGG1pp52)
Crumhorn, Old Mother:
runs an apothecary in Potion Square. Widly thought to be a witch, she has a familiar, Blackie, the Crow. Her stock in trade is healing, poisons or potions. She is also able to identify magical items thanks to her familiar. She murdered Marijke Schlachtoff. (WD#133)
Crumpin', Makin' Bakin, Stompin':
hand-to-hand combat. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
Cry of the Beast:
FICTION. Written by Ralph Castle and found in the Wolf Riders anthology.
Crystal of Air:
one of the Crystals of Power. A blue stone. This one was given to the Elves - at the time, trusted friends and allies. Dwarven legend has it that the elves promptly lost it. The elves had in fact taken great care of it but, almost 300 years ago, their capital of Athel-Loren came under threat from the Bloodaxe Alliance - and the crystal was in the path of an advancing orc army. The elves tried to smuggle it out to safety but the party carrying the crystal was ambushed by human brigands even before they reached the edge of the forest. The bandit-chief kept the stone for several years until he gave it in payment to some Dwarf Engineers for building a fortified tower for him in the Yetzin valley. And it came eventually into the possession of a certain Loremaster Hadrin who guarded the shrine where the Crystal of Earth was kept. It was hidden by the Dwarf-mage Yazeran in the Monastery of Eyrie. (WD#133)(D1)
Crystal of Earth:
one of the Crystals of Power. This one was hidden by the Dwarves in the Shrine of Kadal-Helgad deep below the Vaults. When the orc Torgoch desecrated the shrine the dwarves summoned up an elemental to guard it. (D1)
Crystal of Fire:
one of the Crystals of Power. An ornately-worked red stone. This one was sent into the World's Edge Mountains. It found its way into the hands of Torgoch who looted it off a dead human wizard. (D1)
Crystal of Water:
one of the Crystals of Power. This one was lost by the Dwarves in one of the many battles during the Incursions of Chaos. (D1)
Crystals of Power:
these four crystals, Earth, Air, Fire & Water, were created by the master-artificers of the ancient Dwarven Empire. However, the chaos god Tzeentch meddled in their creation, making them much more powerful than their creators intended. When used together, as the Dwarves intended, they granted their owner control over all four of the elements. When appart, their use, thanks to Tzeentch, causes elemental imbalances with highly unpredictable results. Over time the Dwarves came to realise the need to seperate the Crystals: too much power for one individual to yield and, inevitably, power corrupts. They sent the Crystals far away from each other. (D1pp6)
an elf who met up with Muenchbeck and Vukotich, together the tried to rescue Semperphilius' son. (The Magician's Son)
Cup of Oblivion:
an artifact sacred to Mo/rr. It used to be housed in the Temple of Mo/rr at Salzenmund but some enterprising git half-inched it. (WD#106)
Curse of Uathach, The:
an epic poem concerning the treachery of Uathach and the curse of Sigmar that damned him and his men to ride forever through the night sky. (WD#114)
Cutting, Rune of:
see Hakka-Rhun.


Daemon Wolves:
see Wissenland, Daemon Wolves. (WD#132)
see Dirach.
King Rynn's fool, he went in search of Cassandria, the King's niece, who had vanished in the labyrinthe beneath Castle Eldaw. (GGG1pp15)
Dagblad, Artur:
rents a shop on Potion Square to Dirck Oester and owns Dagblad's Wholesale Leathers. (WD#135)
Dagblad's Wholesale Leathers:
stands on the corner of Potion Square and buys and sells leather in bulk. It is mainly a front for Artur Dagblad's other activities. (WD#135)
Dagger of Banishment:
a Light Wizard's spell requiring a miniature silver dagger. It can banish opponents of supernatural origin. (WD#139)
Dagger of Hagmar:
forged by Hagmar Wyrmschlager, this dagger is imbued with the bitterness of a Dragons bite. (WD#97)
Dammaz Kron:
see the Great Book of Grudges.
Dammenblatz of Wisenburg, Baron Otto von:
the accuser of the Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz. (WD#94)
Damned of Khaine:
see Kryrnaa Khanas.
Dance of Death:
this revel is sacred to Nurgle and occurs before a battle. His followers dance and sing in diseased abandon, calling out the atrocities they intend to commit in Father Nurgle's name. (WD#119)
the Rune of Striking. First used on the earliest metal weapons of the Dwarves. (WD#153)
one of the Colleges of Magic. Colour: Dark. Symbols: Sign of Chaos, an inverted Pyramid. They are despised in Human society as workers of Evil and probable Necromancers. (WD#113)
Dark Cone:
part of the Spindle of Magic, from which the Dark College draws its power. (WD#113)
Dark Elves:
This kindred were expelled from the Elven Kingdoms during the great civil war (see the Sundering). They turned to the worship of Slaanesh and Khaine and took up residence in Naggaroth. Called, originally, Malteeras, they changed their name to the Druchii - the Dark Elves. They are xenophobes, merciless, bitter. See Dru Perim. (WD#108)
Dark Feast:
the act of cannabilism. More specifically it refers to an ancient rite that certain followers of Nagash used to observe which turned them into Ghouls. (WD#173)
Dark Lands:
an area of the world that lies within a huge natural basin formed by the World's Edge Mountains and the Mountains of Mourn. Volcanic activity is commonplace and huge black clouds of ash roll across the landscape. The area was devastated by a series of huge eruptions -1500I which covered the area in deep layer of ash. The Goblin/Dwarf wars, 0I, resulted in the Goblins being forced into this area. The surrounding mountains are riddled with tunnels which are infested with Goblins and Daemons. Below even these tunnels lie the tunels of the Lizardmen. (WFRP)
Dark Lords of Nagash:
the five most faithful and terrible of Nagash's captains and apprentices survived his downfall and still walk the world as terrible Wraiths. (WD#173)
Dark Mace of Death, The:
made of black iron and carved with evil runes, this weapon contains a powerful curse. It can release a sudden, black burst of energy wounding those near its weilder. (WFB4)
Dark Mountains, The:
in this range lay the eyrie of Boroush. (WoM)
Dark Tongue:
the language of the servants of Chaos.
an arcane book. Bound in black leather, it was once in the possession of Darkhoth. The book itself is said to be a transcript of the very book discovered by Eroneus Balbadron, the founder of the Disciples of the Red Redemption. His second in command was Mordrid the Manic.
a leader of the Red Redemption. Said to have been initiated by the Master of the Redemption himself, Eroneus Balbadron. A warrior priest, Darkhoth was one of the most feared of the Redemption.
Darsis Death Dealer:
a rengade Dark Elf who fled Cladh Karond and led a band of marauders. His henchmen wer Vok Rezhnek, and the wizard Tarnig Delzus. (WD#144)
the Earl of Hark Ness in East Albion. He fought alongside John Quicksure at the Battle of Dungal Hill. (JSp86)
Daryus-e Quabir, Sultan of All Araby:
A religious fundamentalist who launched a series of wars against the infidels of the Old World in 1500 IC. (WFRPpp261)
Dassbut, Johann "Rowlocks":
pregenerated character. A human Boatman. (TEW)
Daughter of Khaine:
Rhudd Cynaeaf claims to be one. (WD#108)
Davis, Graeme:
author of that timeless classic, River Life in the Old World. (WD#100pp45)
this is the name given to a flint or obsidian dagger or hand-axe such as occasionally turns up in a barrow grave. Enchanted Dawnstones are known but are exceedingly rare. (WFRP)
De Bestiis Chaotis:
an arcane tome of knowledge, written in Classical, it is the condensed version of Libram Libris Bestiis Chaotis. (WD#108)
De Natura Daemonium:
a foul book concerning daemonkind. (WD#104)
De Natura Materiae:
a treatise on elemental magick. (WD#107)
Dead Host, The:
see Forgotten Legion.
Death Head:
made from the skull of a former mortal worshipper of chaos, these weapons are filled with pus drawn from the festering wounds of a Great Unclean One and then sealed with wax mixed with blood. They are used like grenades in combat and can infect victims with Nurgles Rot. (WD#121)
Death Mist:
a breath of Chaos that haunts the passages and corridors of Kalos. It first appeared after the city fell to Morcar. (WL)
Death Pass:
Black Crag lies on the western side of Death pass, Karak Eight Peaks on the east, Carag Oran on the west. The area is under the control of Gorfang Rotgut and Skarsnik. The pass has the River Rustik running through it. (WD#159)
Death Skulls:
a product of dark magic and warpstone. These creations are flying skulls with glowing red eyes. They can be controlled by a mage and guided over considerable distance. The mage can see through the skull's eye sockets. (WD#98pp61)
noble Fimm embark on this if their Meargh dies without a successor. The quest may take many forms but often involves fighting as allies with any of the other races. (WD#102pp20)
Death's Dark Shadow:
SOURCEBOOK and SCENARIO. Written by Carl Sargent and published by Flame in 1991. Contained a gazeteer for Kreutzhofen and the hamlet of Weilerberg, plus several short adventures.
town north of Altdorf. Setting for The Ritual (WD#99).
Deloth's Shoals:
an area of coastal waters in the Elven Kingdoms. Site of the final battle in the Elven Civil War. (WD#108)
Delzus, Tarnig:
the dark elf sorceror who fought alongside Darsis Death Dealer. (WD#144)
Der Geflugelsalat:
a house on the Gummisteifelstrasse in Nuln. (WD#93)
Desalles, Gaspar:
Bretonnian, hires the Eva Branduer to take him to Altdorf after the Koenigstahl sailed without him. He carried with him a warpstone charm stolen from Lothar von Diehl. Lothar caught up with him and killed him. (The Black Sail)
Descartes Phillipe:
human gambler. (TEW)
one of the best Parravonian vinyards. (Skaven's Claw)
Desolation of Nagash:
Detz, Harmis:
an human ex-soldier who served his time in Prince Faramond of Khypris' army. Harmis was born in Khypris, as was his brother Lavarock. They both entered the military together. (WD#125)
Detz, Lavarock:
the brother of Harmis. A soldier in Prince Faramond of Khypris's army. (WD#125)
Deutz Elm:
this large tree is in the Reik's Plaz of Nuln. To it's trunk are commonly nailed adverts for help-wanted or dubious jobs offered. Many, many adventurers hang out around the Elm, and if you are looking for help this is the place to go.
Dhiomb Muir, Sea of Grudge:
this is the Druchii name given to the sea off Naggaroth.
Dibber, Juri:
author of Steppe Gardening in the Tropics.
Dickon, Captain:
in charage of the Dock Watch in Altdorf. He has authority over Helmut Elsaesser. (Beasts in Velvet)
Diehl, Baron Gottfried von:
a noble of the Empire exiled to the Border Princes. His entourage was escorted there by Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaegar. (Wolf Riders)
Diehl, Heinz:
an elementalist Magus. After months of research, Heinz attempted to summon a Wisentlich at Hochpointe in the Grey Mountains. He and his assistant, Axel Udo, were killed for their presumption. (WD#107)
Diehl, Lothar von:
the sorceror whose designs were crossed by Stefan Hochen. A servant of Tzeentch. His appentice was Gaspar Desalles, he killed him for stealing a warpstone charm. (The Black Sail)
a chaos warrior who leads a group of mounted warriors into battle under the banner of Kaon the Idolator. (WD#135)
Dieter the Unchanging. Prince:
a companion of Kurt the Wolf. Dieter has a quick tongue that often angers Kurt. He is an albino and serves Khorne. (WD#118, Ignorant Armies)
the person who donates money to the Great Hospice on the condition that they keep Erzbet there. Her donations are arranged by the Mandragora banking house. [Probably Genevieve Sandrine?] (WD#130)
Dil, Flabagon:
the halfling assistant cook to Gambo Hartstock. (WD#150)
the dwarven Earl King of Clan Durrag. He took part in the First War and was among those who cast down Morcar and the Legions of the Black Banner. He and a large part of his clan perished in the final battles and were laid to rest in Durrag-Dol. (WD#134)
Dimzad Dwinbar:
a powerful dwarven mage who is atattched to Lord Gromson's regiment. (WD#144)
Dintrans, Jean-Louis:
the Daemonfriends. The magic using caste in Fimir society. (WD#102pp19)
Dirgrusht Orges:
an infamous clan of ogres who for a time were the pawns of Festral, servant of Morcar. They have huge fortress hidden within a vast cavern complex. (AtOH)
Disciples of the Red Redemption:
The Red Redemption is an offshot of The Brotherhood, born during the religious wars fought between Araby and the Men of the West. See Eroneus Balbadron, its founder. A Khornate cult, it quickly spread throughout the Known World, its members hidding behind iron masks and black robes to hide the scars of initiation.
steeds of Tzeentch. These floating platforms carry Tzeentch's champions into battles. Shaped like a discus with a thin mouth with many sharp teeth on one side. (WD#119)
Dock Road:
a street just off Potion Square. (WD#128)
Dog Peak Pass:
lies on the Imperial side of the Black mountains. A small mountain pass, it lies west of the better known Black Fire Pass. The Troutbeck River flows west, out of the pass and then turns south. Dog Peak Pass has a small shrine to Sigmar in a cave at the foot of the pass (see Holy Cave of Sigmar Heldenhammer). As well as the shrine, there is an old, but small, Dwarven outpost guarding Dog Peak Pass. See Battle of Dog Peak Pass. (WD#91)
one of the new recruits to Bratt's Boar Boyz, he was killed by an escaped elf. (WD#106pp21)
Rokyug's father. (WD#106pp22)
the lieutenant of Prince Karad von Carron. He died at the battle for Carroburg and was buried in the same tomb as his prince. (WD#121)
a group of nomads who roam the Northern Steppes. They spend summer usually in the valley of the River Tym and winter in the Altai Krai. They are a collection of family groups having no centralised authority. Their livlihood is mainly from the great cattle herds they follow around. They often raid other tribes as well as Hobgoblin caravans from northern Cathay. They have been known to trade with the Centaur bands that roam the steppes. They like Beet Liquor. Once they attacked the caravan of Bagnol the Hobgoblin. (JAu85)
Domovoy, Domoviye:
Spirit of the Hearth, Grandfather Spark. These rural demi-gods are associated with the home and the family, and are said to bring good luck. Appears as a tiny, ancient human no taller than six inches high. Wears a white cloak that swirls with the colours of fire. If you look into the flames of any fire for long enough you will see him. (WD#104pp10)
the rightful heir to the throne of East Albion. He was supported by the loyal McCoughlagan clan and led an attack on the Keyler Distillery. (JSp86)
Doom Diver:
aka Bat Winger Loony. This specialist type of goblin that likes nothing better to be catapulted into the air and aims for the enemy. He wears a helmet with a big spike on top. (WD#154)
Doomed One:
the hero who would free Arianka, as foretold in the Book of Ancients. (JSp87)
Doomed Ones:
those that serve the renegade god, Malal are called the Doomed Ones. (JSp86)
the great war wyvern steed of Azhag the Slaughterer. He slew Franz Wagner at the Battle of Osterwald but was slain as well. (WD#157)
Doomfire Ring:
made of black iron carved with arcane sigils and set with a cluster of rubies. Casts a powerful fire spell. (WFB4)
the elite guard of Morcar, they were held at bay by Kenaron when he held the gap at Grin's crag. Chaos Warriors. Five were given by Morcar to the Witch Lord to serve as a personal guard. (KK)(WL)
the war wyvern owned by Black Tooth the Shaman of Grom the Paunch. (WD#158)
son of Graf Rudiger. (Unicorn Ivory)
Draaienbrug Bridge:
this swing bridge crosses the Bruenwasser Kanal in Marienburg. It connects the mainland with Luydenhoek. (WD#119,133)
FICTION. A novel by Jack Yeovil. Published by GW Books. ISBN 185515 001 8. Set in two time periods - 2477 IC and 2502 IC - this novel tells of the downfall of Drachenfells, the Great Enchanter and introduces us to Genevieve Sandrine.
Drachenfels, a Romance:
crafted by Master Yeovil the Balladeer. (WD#130)
the play by Detlef Sierck. It is about Oswald von Konigswald and the band of worthies who helped him destroy the Great Enchanter. This play was actually commissioned by von Konigswald himself. (WD#117)
Drachenfels, Constant:
aka The Great Enchanter. This creature had lived seemingly forever. There was not a time when he was not been part of human history. He lived in his fortress, the Castle Drachenfels for centuries. He was finally destroyed by Oswald von Konigswald in 2480 IC. At one point Drachenfels hoodwinked the Emperor Carolus into believing he had repented, but it was only a ruse to get his hands more readily on his real enemies. Evil incarnate was the best way to think of Drachenfels. The only person to really get the better of him was Sigmar Heldenhammer, and even he could not destroy him. (WD#117)
Drachenfels, Castles:
a fortress; the lair of The Great Enchanter. Lies in the Grey Mountains north of Parravon and south of Axe Bite Pass. (WD#140)
Dragon, Great Imperial:
see Mordax.
Dragon Rune:
see Drakk-Dreng-Rhun.
Dragonfire Castle:
sits atop Wyrm Crag. Now a ruin this place was once a fortress for the Wizard T'Siramen. Supposedly a fabulous treasure awaits those only brave enough to search for it. (DungeonQuest)
Drakensberg, Count Amadeus von:
his chief torturer used to be Bruno. (WD#101pp43)
the Dragon Rune. This rune's existance may indicate that there was once a Dwarven Dragon-Slayers cult. (WD#153)
Drakwald Forest:
bordered by the Talabec, the Reik, the Middle Mountains and the Wasteland. It consists of dark, brooding stretches of mixed deciduous forest. Humans seldom venture to the heart of this forest. Bands of Beastmen and other, worse, chaos creatures roam the area.
Dralst, Ernest:
son of Klauss Dralst. He was murdered by members of the Poison Claw cult. (WD#99pp24)
Dralst, Klauss:
a wealthy townsman of Delberz. The father of Ernest. He was murdered by members of the Poison Claw cult. (WD#99pp24)
Dread, Sea of:
between Ulthuan and ? (WD#158)
this mighty chaos weapon was given by Malal to Kaleb-Daark. It is a living axe containing the remnants of some great chaos daemon who feeds off the souls of its victims. (JSp87)
the Might-Strike rune. An old rune, possibly from a time when Dwarves had no metal-lore. (WD#153)
Drengs, Jarls, Karls, Kyning, Thegns:
Norse or Norse Dwarf titles for warriors. (WD#107)
? (WD#135)
Droevigger's Funeral Emporium:
backs onto Poultice water from Potion Square. (WD#135)
Dru Perim:
the Black Pilgrims, this is the name given to the founding fathers of the Dark Elf kingdom. They were the remnants of the fleet defeated at Deloth's Shoals. They were recently overthrown by the Kryrnaa Khanas, the Damned of Khaine. (WD#108)
this is the name the Malteeras took after being exiled to Naggaroth. The Druchii are the Dark Elves. (WD#108)
Drum of Doom:
a magical musical instrument used by chaos warbands. It looks like a normal drum, but the sides have been strengthened with bones and the drum-skin has been flayed from the backs of living victims. Its sound is an irregular rythym that unnerves the enemy. (D1pp79)
Drumin Dragonhelm:
a dwarven dragon-slayer who travelled all over the place with his sidekick Grim Redbeard and a bunch of hardened warriors looking for dragons and, more importantly, their treasure. (JSp87)
Drunken Elf, The (Is a-Goin' t'Get 'iz Gizzard Sliced):
a popular song (amongst Dwarves) about the adventures of the Mad Arab, Luyt'ama Rah'slyn. (JSp86)
Drunken Guardsman, The:
a pub in Nuln. (Skaven's Claw)
Dumwin Stoutbelly:
son of Grim Skullhammer, Dumwin is often left in charge of his father's fort - Caraz-Lumbar. (WS)
Dunco, King:
the murdered king of East Albion. He was lured into a trap by the supposedly loyal Thane of Cawdor, McDeath. In Glen Givet, he, his court magician, Megery Calchoner and the nobles Macduff, Ross and Angus were staying in an inn. McDeath and his coconspirators crept in at night and killed them. (WD#76)
Dwarven Heroine of Carag Eight Peaks, fought at The Valley of Death. Her battle standard shows a double headed axe embedded in a pile of Goblin heads. (WD#97)
Dungal Hill:
in East Albion. The scene of a battle between McDeath's supporters and the supporters of Donalbane. (JSp86)
Dungal's Mine:
near Dungal Hill. The dwarves of Arka Zargul were trapped in there by Een McWrecker until the supporters of Donalbane attacked Dungal hill. (JSp86)
a powerful orc warboss, he rides a wyvern. Gained the support of Uzgrim's Marauders. (WD#139)
an abandoned dwarfhold overrun by Skaven. Durrag-Dol was a modest 500-Years-War colony in the World's Edge Mountains near the source of the River Stir. It lay south of Karak-Kadrin. The building of the colony was never completed. They were decimated during the closing months of the Dwarf-Elf War and when the Goblin Wars started up the place was quickly occupied and overrun by Orcs and Gobbos. Now it is home to a Skaven nest. (WD#134)
[?] see Hinterloch of Durchwall. (WD#92)
Durgul, Sulring:
Durnatz Duran:
a Dwarven Lord. He commanded the Dwarven side at the Battle of Aver Vale. (WD#100)
the Rune of Might. The invention of this rune is claimed for several different ancestors. Whatever, the majority of weapons bearing this rune were made in Karaz-a-Karak. (WD#153)
Duvallier, Sister Marie:
works at the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
Dwarf, Dwarfs, Dwarves:
the second of the races nurtured by the Old Slann. They are short, stocky creatures with long hair and thick beards. They are clannish, often living in inaccessable castles or underground holds. Dwarfs are expert stone-workers and have a natural affinity with mountains, caverns and mines. They are a proud and very short tempered race that bear grudges forever. Typical dwarven oath - "Shave me, if I lie!". See War:Dwarf/Elf, and War:Goblin Wars. They respect age, wealth and skill, and are master craftsmen. Their rigid sense of pride and honour is legendary, they keep a list of wrongs done by those who have broken faith with them - the Book of Grudges. (WFRP,WD#152)
Dwarf, Norse:
this race of Dwarves live in Norsca. Their lives are nearly the same as the Norse - raiding, pilaging, looting.
Dwarf, Chaos:
at the height of the Incursions of Chaos the northlands were swallowed up and many of the Norse Dwarves and Imperial Dwarves were changed by the touch of Chaos. There emerged a new breed with chaos in it's heart and only evil in it's eyes - the Chaos Dwarf. (WD#78)
orcish name for a type of weapon [sword?] (WD#90)
Dwarven Art of War, The:
a book on warfare by Berndt Lavaspear. (WS)
Dwarven Engineers' Guild, The:
a secret organisation that jealously guards their methods for creating all kinds of mechanical wonders. There are many, many chapters of the Guild, each one is called a Lodge and given a unique identification number within the Guild. The orignal lodge was founded at Zhufbar. Members of the Guild are never supposed to reveal the trade secrets, those that do are cruelly punished and expelled from the Guild, unable to practice their craft. They are called Wetbacks. (WFRP)
Dwarven Forge, The:
this famous forge lies within the Halls of Belorn. (KK)
the Rune of Fear. Invented by Okri Two-Hoards. (WD#153)


a Kislev gold crown. (WD#136)
Eagle Warriors:
class of Slaan warriors. (WD#96)
one of the four elements. The colour of Earth is black, its number 4 and its symbol the triangle inverted. (WD#107)
Earth Mother:
the object of the Druidic religion. See Rhya.
Earth Root:
herb that is an effective treatment against the Black Plague. (TEWpp34)
Earthshaker Rune:
? (WD#153)
Earthstone, Lesser:
fist-sized lumps of rock having an small earth elemental bound within. The owner can control the elemental once per day. (WD#132)
Eberhardt the Just, Emperor:
a member of the House of Holzkrug, he had trained to be a priest of Shallya but had the leadership of Holzkrug Dynasty thrust upon him and became Emperor. He founded the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
Edelmoed, Rasamus:
a legendary figure, Rasamus was either a privateer or a merchant captain. It is his death he is famous for. He was shipwrecked and aboard a raft with one other man. Food was running out and Rasamus, inspired by a vision, threw himself overboard. His companion was picked up by a Marienburg ship. He was a changed man, owing his life to an act of selflessness, and he entered the cult of Shallya and also founded the Edelmoed Temple. (WD#126)
Edelmoed Temple:
in Potion Square, Marienburg. Dedicated to Shallya. See Rasamus Edelmoed. Brother Marijkus runs it. (WD#133)
Edelsteen, Paulus:
a member of the Jewlers' Guild in Marienburg. An ex-orphan from the Marienburg Home for Foundlings. (WD#126)
Edis Edis:
a necromancer and Chaos Lord. He defeated the black orc tribe called the Mother Crushers, bringing an end to their Great Raids of Hunger in the Empire. (WD#68)
Edrin the Shifty:
a follower of the bandit Herman Zorin. (WD#150)
Edsel Ford:
a crossing on the Black River. See the Battle of Edsel Ford. (D1)
the legendary ax of the White Dwarf. (WD#90)
Eeza Ugezod:
leader of the Mother Crusher tribe of black orcs. Famous for his Great Raids of Hunger. His second-in-command was Guted, the black orc champion. He lew a dwarven hero at the Red Span. His reign came to an end when the necromancer Edis Edis defeated the black orcs in battle. Eeza's body, however, was not amongst those on the battlefield. (WD#68)
Eiferer, Hanni:
inmate of the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
Eight Fathers, The:
this is the name given to an ancient stone circle that stands upon the granite top of Hochepointe. The circle is a strong focus for earthpower and is sacred to the Earth Mother. Druids placed them here approximately 2400 years ago. (WD#107)
a small village along the River Veiss in the Empire. The Battle of Iron Peak took place just outsdide. (WD#159)
Eldar Council:
under the control of the King of Lothern, this is the governing body of the Elf Kingdoms. (WD#108)
Eldaw, Castle:
in North Albion, here King Rynn O'Flynn and his armies were defeated by Grimgag and his daemonic allies. The Web of Eldaw lies beneath the Castle and provide a secret entrance. (GGG1pp14)
a High Elf archer, he and his Silver Arrows fought at the Battle of Red Axe Pass. (WD#154)
a conclave of The Empire's highest nobility. 15 in number, they have the right to elect the successor to the current Emperor (one of their number). The Electors are:
the Emperor, the Grand Theogonist of Sigmar, two Arch Lectors of Sigmar, the High Priest of Ulric, and 10 provincial electors. Some of the Electors have one of the twelve Runefangs. (TEW, WD#91, 147)
there are four elements; Fire, Air, Earth and Water.
Elf, Elves:
the first 'children' of the Old Slann, this race was least tainted by the Cataclysm. They are the oldest and wisest of all the humanoid races. Sophisticates, they loves the arts and live lives of hedonistic self-indulgence. Elves do not get on well with other species. They are a diverse species, having several sub-races or 'kindreds'; Dark -, High -, Wood - and Sea -. All elves have pointed ears.
Elf, Elves, High:
they are the core of their race living in the cities of the Elven Kingdom, scorning travel, pursuing lives of pleasure. Few High Elves ever leave the Elven Kingdoms, though a few younger, more adventurous individuals might do so as a form of vacation, or for the experience.
Elf, Elves, Wood:
they have their largest settlement in the Loren Forest, Athel-Loren. They are the last vestiges of the Elven presence in the Old World. They are excellent bowmen, but reluctant warriors prefering the hunt, singing, dancing and merry-making.
Elf, Elves, Sea:
aka Uranai, they live around the coasts of the Elven Kingdoms and have a tradition of seamanship and fighting. They lack the normal disdain of physical labour. They are brave warriors, and tireless guardians of the seaways. Thanks to them the routes betweeen Lustria and the Old World remain open. They have many coastal communities, often part of human city-ports but autonomous. Elven trading posts in the Old World are run almost exclusively by Sea Elves. (WFRP)
this Axe belonged to Grom the Paunch. (see Axes: The Axe of Grom)
Elf Kingdoms:
an archipelago in the Great Western Ocean. This range of islands is of outstanding natural beauty, and consists of one large circular island and many lesser islands. Here the Old Slann transported the Elves -6000I. The major sea-port and capital is at Lothern on the island of Ulthuan. Only the High Elves and the Sea Elves make their homes here. (WFRPpp261)
the human name for the Sea-Elf quarter in Marienburg. See Sith Rionnasc'namishathir. (WD#118)
Elizabet; Scr, Emp:
one of Abrahim's party. (WFRPpp3)
a kingdom of Ulthuan. (WD#158)
Elsaesser, Helmut:
(2486 - ) a young idealist who helps Harald Kleindeinst track down the Beast. He was a young Law student at the University of Altdorf who joined the Dock Watch in order to actually do something about law and crime. Originally from the Reikwald Forest he is currently (2506 IC) under the authority of Captain Dickon. (Beasts in Velvet)
language spoken by Elves. (WFRPpp15)
Eltahrion the Grim:
High Elf, Warden of Tor Yvresse. He was near death from a Witch Elf's poisoned blade when his father's ghost appeared to him and told him to avenge his death. The ghost had brought Fangsword, his family's ancestral weapon. His was the war griffon Stormwing. He defeated Black Tooth in the skies above Tor Yvresse and turned the tide of battle against Grom the Paunch. In the aftermath, he managed to stabilise the Vortex and reactivate the Watchstone. (WD#158)
Elven Civil War:
-2500I the Elven nation warred amongst themselves, this civil war resulted in the expulsion of the Dark Elves who fled to the New World and the Northern Chaos Wastes. (WFRPpp262)
Elven War Studies:
a book written by Allurian, now a standard text on warfare. (WS)
see Eltharin.
recued from Beastmen by the young Konrad.
a street near the palace in Nuln. (Skaven's Claw)
Emerald Company:
one of the military outfits from Yvresse. (WD#154)
human catwere, passes for a young woman in her human form. She travels the Empire in the company of two Wild Cats and claims to be a Hunter. Her lover, Klaus, also a catwere was imprisoned and Emmaretta seeks raise his bail. (WD#85)
Emperor Luitpold:
a luxury river liner named after the father and predecessor of Karl-Franz I. It is run by the Hindelin Lines of Altdorf and travels the river Talabec from Altdorf to Berghafen. Built by Spee Boatyards of Altdorf in 2510, the Luitpold and its sister ships, the Emperors Wilhelm and Magnus, are the best of the best. The boat has two passenger decks with 8 luxury staterooms and 14 three-berth servant's cabins on the upper deck and 16 twin-berth passenger cabins on the lower passenger deck. Her sister ships are of a similar layout. Currently, the captain is Captain Mikhail Iorga. (WD#122)
Emperor Magnus:
a luxury river liner named after Magnus the Pious. It is run by the Hindelin Lines of Altdorf and travels the river Reik from Altdorf to Nuln. Built by Spee Boatyards of Altdorf in 2510, the Luitpold and its sister ships, the Emperors Wilhelm and Luitpold, are the best of the best. (WD#122)
Emperor Wilhelm:
a luxury river liner. It is run by the Hindelin Lines of Altdorf and travels the river Reik from Altdorf to Marienburg. Built by Spee Boatyards of Altdorf in 2510, the Luitpold and its sister ships, the Emperors Luitpold and Magnus, are the best of the best. (WD#122)
Emperor's Confessor:
a position held by high up clerics of Sigmar. Karl- Franz I's confessor was Mikael Hasselstein (2506 IC).
Empire, The:
this is the largest and most powerful of the realms that make up the Old World. It is itself made up of several largely independant provinces and a handful of city-states, each ruled by a Count who keeps his own armies, mints his own coinage and levies his own taxes. The Empire is really a confederation held together, currently, under the auspices of Karl-Franz I. The Empire's founding dates back over two-and-a-half thousand years to the time of Sigmar Heldenhammer who, by sheer force of personality, forged alliances in order to protect the peoples of what would be the Empire from the goblinoid hordes. There is a degree of internecine warfare between digruntled Counts but the Empire is a very stable political entity and the most powerful military state in the Old World. The Imperial Army is known as the Reiksguard. The Wasteland used to be part of the Empire but seceeded from it in 2429 IC. The Empire is a feudal society with a layered class system. See Provinces, City-States. (WD#146)
Enz Splitter:
a noted Orc strategist (deceased). (WS)
Eponandilas Horse-Friend:
the charioteer of Prince Iolair Gilandiril. (JSp87)
Erdil, Lord:
a Wood Elf noble. He it was who recieved the news from Brightbranch that a party of Skull Cleaver orcs had penetrated the forest. Later, he recieved a party of adventurers into his village on the same day as Brightbranch's initiation test to Yavathol's wardancer troupe. (WD#96)
city of Kislev at the mouth of the River Lynsk. A major trade- route into the Empire via the Middenheim road. (WD#140)
Erich Carroburg:
see Erich Hinfallig.
Erich Hinfallig:
doctor & alcoholic, see Is There A Doctor In The House? A one-legged man, Erich's clinic is in the Ostwald distric of Middenheim just off Ecke Strasse - it is funded by 'the Man'. His cook/assistant is Hartwig Flatbrush. Erich previously went under the name of Erich Carroburg and lived in Nuln. (WCpp27)
Erik the Were:
searches for the fabled Star Boat. (The Star Boat)
a young elf at the time of Torgoch's leaving the Yetzin valley but now over 200 years old. He lives in the forest of Sith Fascoluinne. (D1)
Erlach-Manchdor, Aurelius von:
the kidnapped child that Hargin the Dwarf and Myrmidia search for. (The Manchdor Affair)
8th month of the year.
Ernst Max:
human protagonist (TEWpp48)
a spell of the Light College. Uses a lizard's tail as a spell component. This magick creates a wall of life-force that no creature can pass through. (WD#139)
Halfling goddess. (WD#138)
Esmerelda's Apron:
an inn on the edge of the Elfquarter in Marienburg. (WD#120)
Estalia, Kingdom of:
lies in the south-west of the Old World. Close to Araby, it has many trading contacts with that land. The Iranna Mountains lie in the heart of Estalia, with the Abasko range to the east. The people, a dark-skinned race, are divided, many small independant city-states embroiled in internecine warfare. They consider themselves to be the original human settlers in the Old World. The two largest city-states are Bilbali and Magritta. (WFRP)
Eternal Night and Solace, Convent of:
Genevieve enters this place. (WD#140)
Eternity, Rune of:
see Azamar.
Eva Brandauer:
a river boat registered in Altdorf. Stefan Hochen joins its crew as it sails downstream to Altdorf from Ubersreik (2495 IC).
the human name for Caraz-a-Carak. (JAu85)
Execution Hill:
one of the twin hills of Bordeleaux, the imposing Bordeleaux Fortress sits atop it.
Eye of Unity:
a symbol of the Rainbow College. (WD#113)
Eye Sand:
a tranquilliser, 2GCs per dose. Similar to Moonflower but it affects all races, including Elves. (WCpp31)
Eyrie, Monastery of:
in the Yetzin valley, the monastery is where the Dwarf-mage Yazeran fled with the Crystal of Air. (WD#133)


Fabriano, Duke:
overlord of Lambrusco in the Tilean City States, Fabriano carved out a successful political and military career for himself until he turned against his most able commander, the mercenary Mordini. The death of Mordini was one of the conditions of an alliance with the neighbouring Duke of Organza. Setting up an ambush, he had Mordini killed. Mordini had other ideas, his hatred brought him and his men back from beyond the grave to sack the city of Lambrusco and kill very, very slowly the Duke. (JSp87)
see the Siege of Faenasti.
a mutant employed by Hans Jinkerst. Fagor's sole mutation is a pair of bulging eyes. (WD#87)
a familiar is the animal friend of a sorceror, it often confers special abilities onto the sorceror through it's association with him. In WFRP only Druids, as followers of the Old Faith got familiars (WFRP). Chaos familiars are a second variety of familiars gifted to the Mage by his Chaos Patron.
a rune-encrusted longsword owned by Lord Moranion. (WD#158)
Fanrax, the Malicious:
an Evil Necromancer, one of the Lieutenants of Morcar. He dwelt in an ancient cryt in a graveyard swamp beyond the Shuddering Forests. (WoM)
Far East:
comprises, mainly, Imperial Cathay and the islands of Nippon. Dominated by Humanity, with a few Goblin and Hobgoblin states. A vast range of landscapes, from jungle to desert and an equally varying climate. (WFRP)
dwarf who ventured into the ruins of Carag Eight Peaks, he was seeking the sword Karaghul but failed to find it. (WD#125)
Faramond, Prince of Khypris:
see Zaborota.
Fatboy Smallnose:
the Halfling housekeeper of Wolfgang Kugelschrieber, the famous inventor. (WD#93)
Father Bear:
an enormous brown bear, the servant of a Leshy, that can speak and reason like a human. The Leshy may grant any of its powers to Father Bear. (WD#104pp12)
Fauschlag Rock:
? (WCpp28)
Faustmann the Killer:
an ex-Pit Fighter now employed as a bouncer at The Mermaid in Altdorf. He looks after patron's weapons while they are drinking in this rowdy establishment. (WD#96)
herb that stops bleeding. (TEWpp34)
Fear, Rune of:
the magical sword carried by Tzarina Katarina the Great. It was forged by the great Khan-Queen Miska the Slaughterer and is an relic of the Tzars of Kislev. Other sources claim that the weapon was forged by Alaric the Mad. (WD#147, 153)
Feiss Mabdon:
this High Elf city was the capital of the Isle of Rrinnhasha. It fell to the might of the Dark Elves at the start of the Blood War. The Chulin meadow lies just west of the city. (WD#108)
a champion of Khorne slain by Pink and Blue Horrors. (WD#119)
Ferdinand, Grand Duke:
his castle was attacked by Gorefist the Destroyer. (WD#156)
a member of Broon's warband. (WD#108)
Ferghal of the Iron Spear:
a member of one of the oldest families in Yvresse. He was given the command of the High Elf army at the Battle of Yvraine Plain. A good warrior but not a good leader, his forces were routed and his head was hacked off by Grom the Paunch. (WD#158)
a town on the Erengrad-Middenheim road, it lies north of the Middle Mountains. (WD#140)
father of Emperor Karl-Franz I.
Chaos Sorcerer and servant of Morcar, he was sent to recruit the infamous Dirgrusht Ogre clan. When he reported his failure, Morcar had his four Lieutenants destroy him. His Ring of Power was used to destroy the Pit of Chaos within the Dirgrusht clan's fortress. He had an assistant called Xenloth. (AtOH) (WoM)
Festus the Fiend:
a champion of Nurgle slain by Werner Thunderfist. (WD#124)
Fettucini, Mario:
a Tilean sorceror formerly employed by the Assassins of the Blade. (WD#103pp6)
Feueberg, Duke:
rivalled Baron Wilhelm von Michelin for a military post at the Electoral Court in Nuln. His position was weakened when Wilhelm discovered his family's feud with the Moot. (WD#91)
Elf. Pregenerated character. (RotL)
Fiathiriel Clearwater:
pregenerated character. An elf wizard. He just travels around. (D1)
Fiery Brand:
this orc tribe are famous for sacking the legendary Castle Omensk. See Whisprensk Giant Gymnastic Team. (WS)
Fiery Heart, Order of:
an elite cavalry unit of Sigmar Templars, dedicated to the destruction of all Goblinoids. They have a long and glorious history, dating from the civil wars when the Cult of Sigmar was outlawed in Talabecland.
Fildrigar Trueflight:
a companion of Prince Iolair Gilandiril. A good marksman with a bow. (JSp87)
Filthy Harald:
see Harald Kleindeinst.
aka Mist Daemons. These one-eyed creatures are rumoured to be half- human and half-daemon. They live in marshes, fens and desolate moorlands. Their fortresses are built atop crags and are constantly wreathed in mist. Their society is split into four castes: the Shearl, the Fimm, the Dirach and the Meargh. Only the Meargh are female and they rule the clans. The Fimir worship one god, at least - Balor, a great one-eyed monster whose baleful gaze can kill those he looks upon. All the Fimir hate bright sunlight and become dazed and confused when exposed to it. It is rumoured that the Fimir consort directly with daemons and enter into blood-pacts with them. They may even worship daemons. Physically, they are as large as Ogres but always stand hunched. They have long thick-muscled tails and some tails have blades or spikes on the end. (WD#102pp19)
this is the warrior caste of the Fimir race. There are three types of Fimm: the simple Warrior Fimm; the Fianna Fimm, an elite group of warriors; and the Fimm Nobles. Various titles are associated with the prowess of an individual Fimm; these are Fian, Finmor, Flaith, Flaithmor and Mistmor. (WD#102pp20)
Fingol Two-Feathers:
a Wood Elf scout who fought on the Bretonnian side in the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. He shot the Kislevite scout, One-Eye. (WD#153)
Fir Rannascath:
a group of elven warriors whose duty is to escort travellers through the Loren Forest. (D1)
a spell that causes a rapidly expanding ball of fire to fly from the casters hand towards its intended victims. It is commonally used by Dark Wizards. The spell component is either a pinch of sulphur or a pinch of warpstone. (WD#159)
a Skaven device created by Clan Skyre. It projects a jet of flaming corrosive material made from warpstone and other chemicals. (WD#119)
First, The:
see Adamnan-na-Brionha.
First War, the:
involved the Dwarves and Morcar, so not the Elf-Dwarf war, something earlier? or the Goblin Wars? (WD#134)
a creature of Tzeentch. These foul creations are the obedient servants of Lords of Change. Looking like un upturned mushroom they move by leaping. They have two long tentacles instead of arms that spew coloured jets of magick around. (WD#119)
Flatfoot, Frito:
the halfling assistant-cook to Gambo Hartstock. (WD#150)
Flatfoot, "Peeler":
this brave Halfling hero found fame at the Siege of Praag.
Fleabatta, Hugo:
a beggar who plys the docklands of Altdorf with his "paralysed" leg. The leg is fine, but Hugo does it up with cosmetic sores to gain sympathy and a few coppers. Hangs out near The Mermaid. (WD#96)
Fleiss, Manfred:
a member of Pritzstock's militia. (WD#98)
Flesh Flaying:
a Dark Wizard spell that causes the flesh of a victim to first boil and blister, then tear itself away from the body. A sharp-bladed miniature dagger is the component for this spell. (WD#159)
a all-encompassing term used by elementals beings to describe normal creatures. (WD#107)
a construct of the Slann created more than 7000 years ago. The Gardens are an airborne citadel. It was still operable as recently as 2502 IC when the citadel came under the control of Bahb-Elonn. The craft is powered by warpstone and the sophisticated control system works off the pilot's thought-waves. (WD#100)
Jan van Arzneier's herbalist shop on Potion Square. (WD#126)
Flying Carpets:
magical rugs that can carry the occupants through the air.
Flynn of Eldaw:
ancestral founder of the royal line of Flynn in North Albion. He defeated Lufric the Doomed, the last of the Old Kings of the North. (GGG1pp14)
Fog Riots:
a series of uprisings in Altdorf in 2506 IC. Caused by the rabble-rousing of Yvegeny Yefimovich and the serial killings of the Beast. The populace believed the killings to be perpotrated by a noble and the Watch were covering up the killer's tracks for him. After all, it was only the poor who were killed. (Beasts in Velvet)
Fogrot Frother's Raving Psychos:
a bunch of Goblin fanatics who've attatched themselves to Gan Green's mob. (WD#97)
Fondleburger Gustav:
landlord of the Coach & Horses Inn. (TEWpp40)
Fools Point:
this treacherous peninsula seperates the Tilean Sea from the Southern Sea.
Forbidden City:
deep below Kalos lies this crumbling ruin. Once it was the Witch Lords proud stronghold. Here many servants of Morcar are doomed to walk the stony passages. (WL)
Forgotten Legion:
the elite of the Witch Lord's army, they were led by Skulmar. For a while they were encased in ice deep in the heart of the Forbidden City. They are called The Dead Host (WL)
Forkhelm Stoutback:
the infamous dwarf who was given the honour of carrying the High King of all the Dwarfs into battle on the Throne of Kings but abandoned his leige and fled. His entire family abandoned their ancestral home and took to wandering the Dark Lands in shame. (WD#160)
Fortune, Rune of:
see Akrak-Rhun.
a Brettonian mercenary captain-general. Scarlet, Blau and Noir were his captains. His forces came up against a mysterious mist that fell suddenly around them and from within a Voice challenged them to battle. Individually a few volunteers went in then in groups but still no one came back, only the sounds of battle then screams of death. (WD#95)
Four Seasons; coaching house:
based in Altdorf, they're establishing a chain of exclusive Coaching Inns along the main routes out of Altdorf; they serve all of the main roads. They have begun running a service to Marienburg. (TEW)(WD#118)
Franke, Bruno:
the judicial champion emplyed by the Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz of Ambosstein to defend her during her trial. On the way to Kemperbad for the trial, however, Bruno was assassinated by those employed by Maria-Ulrike's accuser, Baron Otto von Dammenblatz. (WD#94)
Frankfurter, Otto:
a man hired by Otto Jaeger, acts as his butler. (Skaven's Claw)
a place in the Reikland, the Great Hospice is here. Frederheim is near the point on the Altdorf-Middenheim road where the Delberz road forks off. (WD#130)
Frederick the Bold:
a hero of the Empire. (Skaven's Claw)
Free Foresters:
these are archers in the Imperial Army that hail from Stirland. A regiment of them took part in the Battle for Bauer's Farm. (WD#90)(TEWpp24)
Freiwald, Anton:
the sorceror. His apprentice is Katarina Kraeber. (The Spells Below)
Friedrich-Gustav, Lord of Auersvald; Emp:
one of Abrahim's party. (WFRPpp3)
Frog-Swallowing Day:
a famed festival day in the village of Mayby.
one of Prince Iolair Gilandiril's horses. (JSp87)
Frugelhoffen Valley:
this mountain valley lies in the shadow of Frugelhorn Mountain and has one significant settlement; Frugelhofen Village. (JSp86)
Frugelhofen Village:
in Frugelhofen Valley. (JSp86)
Frugelhorn Mountain:
one of the loftiest peaks in the Grey Mountains.
Fumpenburger IV, Otto von:
a young noble in Altdorf. (WD#96)
Furfoot Harbull:
Halfling herbalist; PC in the TEW campaign.


Gabrad the Carnal:
leader of the Priests of Pleasure Slaaneshi cult. Gabrad was a soldier in the Imperial Army. Not being what you might call disciplined, he was always in trouble. One day he killed a lone Slaaneshi Champion and read the scrolls he found on the creature's body. That was it. He agreed so much with what he read he dedicated his life to Slaanesh. (WD#122)
Gaglug Dogbreath:
the leader of a small unit of wolfriders in Morglum's Marauders. He tends to be a bit of a glory-seeker, attacking first before thinking things through. (WD#110)
Gan Green:
Goblin commander, allied to Vomitskrag Krusher at The Valley of Death. Owned a magic sword (unnamed, +2 S). Rides in his chariot, and his standard depicts a chariot scythe decapitating a stuntie. See Zitpicker, Blackhead, Abra & Cadabra. (WD#97)
a sewerjack in Nuln, killed by a Skaven poison-gas globe. (Skaven's Claw)
Garag the Devout:
a Priest of Valaya and the dwarven standard bearer at the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. She fell during the battle. (WD#153)
Garil Hooknose:
lieutenant of Lord Gomrund Forkbeard. (WD#80)
Garin, King; Dwarf:
ruled when Morcar first showed his hand and died fighting to the last alongside his brothers. He is buried in the Hall of Dwarven Kings. (KK)
Garg Gorgul:
an ogre allied to the orcs of Carag Eight Peaks. He used to be a pit fighter in a travelling freak show but after years of abuse he escaped. He was ambushed by a scout party of Snarling Suns which he proceeded to slaughter. When their chief, Goggrul Skarlug, arrived on the scene he offered Garg the position of personal bodyguard. Garg accepted. (WD#125)
a companion of Chronus Goodheart, he it was who told Chronus about the forces of Chaos, an evil greater than any Arabian Sultan. And when Chronus founded the Avenging Knights of the Cleansing Flame, Garland, too, took the oath.
a minotaur guardian to one of the chaos shrines. (WD#125)
Gascoigne, Alphonse Hercules de:
a gnome private investigator famed for his powers of deduction. He was employed by the Orteli family in Middenheim to rescue their kidnapped son. During that investigation he employed Gitter and Gorbuckle to help him. (WD#105pp50)
Gascoigne, Jules:
a Bretonnian from Quennelles. He had to leave the city after avenging himself on some slavers who had killed his sister. That was the end to his city-life. Now he is a true outdoorsman, having travelled widely and held the position of Master of Hounds to the Lord of the Friest of Akendorf. He joined up with Aldred Fellblade on his quest to Carag Eight Peaks. (WD#125)
Gates, The:
these are the dimensional gateways in the Chaos Wastes that connect with the planar realms of the mighty chaos powers. They are said to be guarded by the Sentinels. (WD#118)
Gate of Bellthor:
a subterranean gate, entrance to the Witch Lords stronghold beneath Kalos. Bellthor, a Gargoyle, was set to guard over it. Also called the Gate of Doom. (WL)
Gate of Doom:
see Gate of Bellthor.
beastmen who were born into a civilised family but were left to die on a hillside because of their mutations. They are adopted into the herd. (WD#124)
a Skaven clawleader, under Tzerkual Varmatz's command. (Skaven's Claw)
Gazunda Wallrattler:
dwarf, known for his flatulence, particularly after a few pints of Bugman's Best. He was captured by the Slann in Lustria and almost sacraficed by the Slann High Priest. However, his "little problem" shows up in times of distress as well and the Priest spared his life in amazement. He was taught their language and quizzed about the Old World, particularly Bretonnia. (WD#96)
a barkeep at The Mermaid in Altdorf. Works there alongside Bruno, and both are under the watchful eye of Wertha Trotz, the manager. Gebhard is handy with a blunderbuss, and has on occasion fired more than just warning shots during the notorious brawls in the pub. (WD#96)
day between Vorgeheim and Nachgeheim.
the night of Geheimnistag, the Night of Mystery. The night when the two moons will be both full. A time of ill-omen and evil. The superstitious people of the Old World stay indoors on a night like this.
FICTION. Written by William King and found in the Ignorant Armies anthology it is set in Middenheim in 2495 IC. Feature Felix Jaegar and Gotrek Gurnisson who, for one reason or another, are abroad in the forests of the Reikland on this most unholy of nights.
Geizhals, Werner:
a wine merchant who plys his trade south of Middenheim. (WD#98pp47)
Gemariel Stargazer:
an elven academic living in the Empire. He is rather fat for an elf and comes from the Great Forest of Talabecland originally. He moves on every few years, spending his time studying the stars. To make ends meet, he often hires himself out as a tutor or sells horoscopes. (WD#95)
Geneeser, Edvard van:
a physician with premises on Potion Square. (WD#126)
Geneeser, Mats:
he taught Sister Wilhelmina Pleegester medicine when she was younger. (WD#126)
Gentile, Paolo:
a sadist employed by Claudio Carbonetti. (WD#105pp51)
lives with Burt and Kurt on the Wendenbahn in the Altquartier of Middenheim. They are all labourers. (WD#105pp55)
Gespenst, Johann:
a humble merchant who was killed one night whilst staying in an inn. His body was dumped in the forest and his ghost took up vigil above it. (WD#85)
herb that will halt the effects of infection. (TEWpp34)
Ghaba Ghanaf:
a Dark Elf city-port on the edge of Hangmans Bay. (WD#108)
Ghabhralla, Duke of Rrinnhasha:
died at the Battle of Feis Mabdon. One of his last acts had been to send the High Elven Ranger, Banadl Anwesu on a secret mission to Naggaroth to spy on the Druchii. (WD#108)
Ghag Hold:
see Ghag Hraef.
Ghag Hraef:
Ghag Hold, a Dark Elf city in the foothills of Guluach Rondi. (WD#108)
the sacred warhammer gifted to Sigmar Heldenhammer by the Dwarves. He returned it to them in 50 IC. It seems to have been recovered by the dwarves and given back to the Empire. (WD#140, 147)
the Druchii name for leper. (WD#108)
a dwarf of Iron Mountain, he fought in Thorgrim's army at the Battle of Iron Peak but was slain by Skargash. (WD#159)
the Gnomish dialect of Khazalid. (WD#86)
those that worshiped Nagash in ancient times and ate the flesh of their own kind gradually became twisted and malformed - they changed gradually into Ghouls. Too, in the Old World, famine has forced simple peasants into this unspeakable practice and they too have turned into Ghouls. The Dark Feast is an abomination and all who partake may become changed. (WD#173)
the Rune of Banishment. Said to have been devised by Snorri Spangelhelm and protects the living from undead and ethereal creatures. (WD#153)
Ghur'urgh bu'yue:
the name adopted by Lothar Bubonicus when he became a Daemon Prince of Nurgle. (WD#124)
Giaf Gabh Dion:
a Sea Elf port on the Isle of Rrinnhasha, it's huge sea wall guards the harbour with only a narrow channel between two tall towers allowing entry. Its sacking was the first strike in the Blood War. (WD#108)
Gibbet, The:
an inn in Grimminghagen. (WD#106)
lives in Nuln, the object of Hef and Spider's affections. She was killed by Skaven. (Skaven's Claw)
he and Mickleson were old friends of King Rynn O'Flynn. The three had been at college together. They helped Rynn's son Rolando and the Wood-Witch Raglann to rescue King Rynn from Grimgag. (GGG1)
Giluviel Malmir:
Elf minstrel; PC in the TEW campaign.
Gimbrin's Mine:
a dwarven mine in the Frugelhofen Valley. (JSp86)
Bretonnian city on the river Ois. This is the largest city in Bretonnia with a population of 18,000. Most of its populace is disease-ridden, disabled, or poor. A politically volatile group, they are known as the 'Gisoreux Mob'. The city is at a strategically important river crossing and controls the 150 mile gap between the Grey Mountains and the Pale Sisters. It was from here that Giles le Breton set out to conquer the surrounding princedoms and laid down the foundations to modern-day Bretonnia. The most decadent and corrupt of Bretonnia's cities, Gisoreux hides many secret cults funded and fueled by aristocratic thrill-seekers - the Dark Gods have many followers here. Beneath the city is a labyrinth of passages.
Gisoreux Gap:
this area seperates the Pale Sisters from the Grey Mountains. The major trade route between the Empire and Bretonnia, it is plagued by brigands. The river Ois flows through it. (WFRPpp274)
an orc belonging to Margrogg's Maggots. He was killed and eaten by another of the orc gans in Morglum's Marauders. (WD#110)
Dwarf employed by Alphonse Hercules de Gascoigne to case out Claudio Carbonetti's hideout. (WD#105pp49)
a village on the banks of the River Kleiflusch. (The Magician's Son)
also called the Laughing Warrior, Glam is a Wardancer and part of a troupe that has frequent dealings with Skarloc, The Hooded One. Glam often accompanies Skarloc. (WD#92)
Glass of Scholarship:
a magical lens usually in a gold setting and with an ornate handle or perhaps on a long chain. It can make most writing understandable to the reader. (D1pp79)
Glen Givet:
this glen is in East Albion some distance to the east of Castle Runsinane, the seat of McDeath, Thane of Cawdor, and later King of East Albion. Here in the village inn, McDeath murdered his king, King Dunco. Three roads meet in the village of Glen Givet, one to Runsinane, one to Iskergow and one to Balloch. (WD#76)
this is the largest Gnome community in the Empire. It is situated beneath the Mirror Moors and has nearly 1000 inhabitants. (WD#86)
Glinka, Claes:
undertook a moral crusade in the Border Princes. (Red Thirst)
son of Loremaster Hadrin. He lived at the Shrine of Kadal-Heldag. When his father fled the shrine, Gnarok went too with the small band of his father's followers. But when the party was forced to hide in an old tunnel- complex from the orcs, Gnarok was smuggled out and sent to get help. He never made it. On one of the high passes in the Vaults he lost his footing and fell to his death. (D1)
a Skaven Grey Seer. He led the attack against La Maisontaal in order to recover the Black Arc.
also called Petty Dwarves (a term that infuriates them), these diminutive humanoids are very like their closely related cousins, the Dwarves. Gnomes are slightly shorter and have large bulbous noses. Generally a clannish race, they have a well-deserved reputation for being at best sarcastic towards those of other races. They speak a dialect of Khazalid called Ghassally. (WD#86)
Goblins, Gobbos, Greenies:
see below.
Goblin, Forest:
a sub-race of Goblins that are found in the dark forests of the Old World. They like to decorate themselves with brightly coloured feathers and elaborate designs painted onto their skin. They are masters of the Giant Spiders of the forest and ride these creatures into battle. (WD#157)
Goblin, Lesser:
a sub-race of Goblins that are weaker than the more usual kin. They are often used as slaves and generally get abused quite a lot. (JAu85)
Goblin, Night:
a sub-race of Goblins. They split away from their surface- dwelling brethren when they took to living in the caves beneath the World's Edge Mountains. There they survived on the many types of fungi and mushrooms that they are now adept at farming. Some of these fungi affect the goblin metabolism in a hallucinogenic or intoxicating way, and some few goblins have been known to go into battle totally tanked up on the stuff - they become whirling, crazed maniacs. As a race it is they, more than any other, who have taken over the Dwarf strongholds. The enmity between Dwarf and Night Goblin is implacable, they will fight to the death rather than give an inch of ground. (WD#153)
Goblin Bay:
a play by Detlef Sierck. (WD#117)
a Dirach of Mother Skattach's Fimir-hold in the Schadensumpf. He tried to kill the Meargh when a new female was born. His attempt failed and he had to flee the hold. (WD#102)
God of Battle:
see Khorne.
God of Blood:
see Khorne.
Goggrul Skarglug:
orc warchief of the Snarling Sun tribe living amid the ruins of Carag Eight Peaks. (WD#125)
one of the Colleges of Magic. Symbol: Hawk. Colour: Gold. They are all thought to be immensely wealthy, despite any protests to the contrary. They stand for ambition and the triumph of reason. (WD#113) (WD#114)
Golden Hammer:
an upmarket restaurant in Nuln. It has portraits on the walls done by Vespasian. (Skaven's Claw)
Golden Helm of Atrazar, The:
this helm radiates a protecive aura of glittering energy around its wearer. (WFB4)
a leader of an ogre band of mercenaries during the Goblin-Dwarf wars. He was rival to Hrothyogg and his Pay-Swords. Golgfag lost the Sacred Belly Guard to Hrothyogg in an eating contest. (WD#79)
Gomrund Forkbeard, Lord:
ambassador to Karak-Ungor from Karak-Kadrin. Along with his two lieutenants, Brond Sunken-Eye and Garil Hooknose, he fought alongside King Ulfar Stonehammer of Karak-Ungor against the Chaos Dwarves. (WD#80)
a champion of Nurgle slain by Kalem Tarnel. Gorak summoned a plague wind with his dying breath. (WD#121)
Gorbad Ironclaw, Warlord:
one of the most famous Orc chieftains. He led an almost unstoppable crusade that smashed through the Empire. He died at the Battle of Blood Peak. See Waaa-Gorbad. (WD#153)
a champion of Khorne. He was defeated by Nostag who used a Death Head to inflict Nurgle's Rot upon Gorban. (WD#121)
Gorblum the Magnificent:
previously called Gorblum Yellowstreak until Borzag the Orc Shaman lent him a Crown of Command. Gorblum was the goblin leader of the Orc/Gobbo force at the Battle of Iron Peak. His campaign had already seen the destruction of two isolated dwarven mines and the clan lord, Thorgrim Greybeard had raised an army to meet him. (WD#159)
employed by Alphonse Hercules de Gascoigne to case out Claudio Carbonetti's hideout. (WD#105)
one of two Chaos Goblin Fanatics used by Spikes Harvey-Wotan to distract Skrag the Slaughterer before he killed him. (WD#83)
Gorefist the Destroyer:
the leader of a mighty Chaos army that attacked Grand Duke Ferdinand's castle. He also defeated Duke Ivan's army in Kislev. (WD#156)
Gorfang (Troll-Eater) Rotgut:
Orc chieftain of the Orcs of Black Crag. He lost an eye at the Battle of the Jaws and now wears an iron patch to cover the wound. He took part in the siege of Barak Varr and attacked Karak Azul. Renowned, even amongst Orcs, for his utter hatred of the Dwarf race. (WD#159)
a ritual battle to decide which beastman champion will lead an expedition or battle. Happens during a Brayherd when many beastmen warbands are present. It is basically a head-butting contest as it is forbidden to shed blood at a Brayherd. (WD#124)
bosses around a unit of two stone throwers in Uzgrim's mob. (WD#123)
one of the two principal Orc deities. (WD#157)
Gorm Foambeard:
an over-enthusiastic dwarf, part of Gottri Flatnose's crew. (WD#94)
Gorrfang Ratbeath:
the goblin warlord who attacked Anaryll's elves. See the Battle of Red Axe Pass. Gorrfang controlled the area around the Red Axe River in the lands of Naggarond. His second-in-command was Groggo. Gorrfang was slain by Anaryll during the battle. (WD#155)
the elemental bound into Werner Silbermann's Lesser Earthstone. (WD#132)
these are beastmen. They are generally the leaders and the better fighters in a warband. They can be recognised by the horns they all have. They type of horn further divides this class: those with goat's horns are called Caprigors; those with a bull's horns are called Bovigors and those with horns but not necessarilly the usual two or on their heads are calle Ungors. A Gor may also be called classed by the chaos power he follows. Thus we have Khorngors for Khorne, Slaangors for Slaanesh, Tzaangors for Tzeentch and Pestigors for Nurgle. (WD#124)
a plant from which the drug Kurts is derived. (WD#87)
Gorum Vorstenkleiner:
a dwarven leader whose outpost faced a chaos army. His dwarven mage, Molrik was of little use in defending the place. (WD#111)
the leader of a band of Gypsies that roam throughout the Border Princes. (D1)
the ancestral nomadic tribe that founded the country of Kislev. Previously they lived on the far side of the Worlds Edge Mountains and used to raid into this region of the Empire. But due to the Empire's unstable state about 1,000 years ago, the Gospodar tribe invaded, taking over this area. (WFRP)
Gotter, Heinrich:
monk turned witch-hunter. Hienrich had been plagued by visions of the Warhammer Worlds distant past - visions of the Slann and of the coming of Chaos. He set out to destroy the threat of chaos fighting for a while on the northern borders of the Empire before looking inward for the signs of chaos which he found in great abundance. Ultimately he fell foul of the judge Jurkson, who was in league with the Skaven. Gotter was caught red-handed by Jurkson and the town guard over the body of Johannes Batres, a coconspirator with Jurkson. This gave Jurkson the oppurtunity to try and sentance Hienrich, and to later hand him over to the foul ratmen where he undoubtedly met his end. (WD#82middle)
a mutated servant of chaos. (WD#108)
Gottri Flatnose:
a dwarf sergeant in charge of an onager, famous for deciding to use captured goblins as ammunition instead of rocks. Gorm Foambeard was amongst his crew. (WD#94)
Gottschalk, Monastery of:
this place has a copy of Ye Describ'd Werkes of Chaos. (WD#103)
a title of the Empire, a Graf is usually also an Elector. (WD#91)
Graf Anders Square:
the official name that appears on city ordnance for Potion Square in Marienburg. (WD#126)
an area of Middenheim.
Gragath Rogant:
an orc warlord, leader of a tribe of orcs who plundered the lands near Carroburg. He was replaced by Hogrod Trollslaughterer, an Ogre. (WD#121)
chief of the Skull Cleaver Orcs. (JSp87)
an evil mage who controlled a band of orcs within the Great Citadel. (KK)
Grand Count:
a title of the Empire, a Grand Count is invariably also an Elector. (WD#91)
Grand Duke:
a title of the Empire, a Grand Duke is invariably also an Elector. (WD#91)
Grand Prince:
a title of the Empire, a Grand Prince is invariably also an Elector. (WD#91)
Grandfather Barn:
see Maciew.
Grandfather Drowner:
see Vodyanoy.
Grandfather Grain:
see Polevik.
Grandfather Spark:
see Domovoy.
gypsy seer. One inevitably accompanies a gypsy caravan. She is typically an old crone with disgusting habits who, for a mere piece of silver, will read your fortune - this may involve sacrificing an animal or contacting spirit guides. (D1)
Granit, Herdstone:
one of the many beastmen herdstones. (WD#124)
a mutant employed by Hans Jinkerst. Grat has long spidery legs with suckers on the ends.
Graug the Terrible:
a dragon that made its lair in the ruins of Karak-Azgal. It was slain by Skalf Dragonslayer. (WD#152)
Orc Shaman of the Northern Tribes, one of the four Lieutenants of Morcar. (WoM)
a Chaos Sorceror who did battle with some Dwarfs who were blocking a mountain pass. (WD#85)
Great Book of Despair, The:
an ancient tome about the rise of chaos on the Warhammer World. (JSp86)
Great Crossing:
a natural bridge in the Worlds Edge Mountains that lies on route between the Empire and the Darklands. Here the Mother Crushers defeated a dwarven hero (not named) and rechristened the bridge Red Span. (WD#68)
Great Day, the:
a time of pophesy for the Skaven, when the Thirteen will walk the earth once more. (Skaven's Claw)
Great Enchanter, The:
see Drachenfels.
Great Feast:
this is a yearly Skaven event dedicated to their foul god, the Horned Rat. (JSp86)
Great Forest:
bounded by the rivers Stir, Reik and Talabec. It is a mixed oak forest, and dominated by huge "imperial" oaks, and hoary, moss-covered willows.
Great Game, the:
the cut-and-thrust of Skaven politics. (Skaven's Claw)
Great Gate, The:
see Halls of Belorn.
Great Horned Helm, The:
This artifact was given to Taal by his younger brother, Ulric, as a gift. Ulric gave it as a peace offering, agreeing to limit his winters to only one part of the year. Taal already had a helm which allowed him to see through the eyes of all wild creatures and to know all that happened in any wild place. He did not want to set this helm aside for Ulric's gift. He also did not want to offend his brother, so he sent the Great Horned Helm into the world of mortals, hiding it atop a high mountain. It is now the most sacred relic in the cult of Taal. Only a true follower of Taal may ever find it and there is a prohecy that when a mortal next wears the helm it will usher in a new age of harmony with nature. (WD#97)
Great Hospice, The:
run by the Sisters of Shallya, it was founded in 2243IC by a grant of land and money from the Emperor Eberhardt the Just - himself a priest of Shallya. The hospice is at Frederheim in the Reikland. In the past no less than two Emperors have been incarcerated here. (WD#130)
Great Maw, The:
a god of the northern ogre clans. (WD#79)
Great Raids of Hunger:
name given to the campaign of raids orchestrated by Eeza Ugezod, a member of the black orc, Mother Crusher tribe. The campaign lasted for almost forty-two years. (WD#68)
Great Silver Seal of the Empire:
made for Magnus the Pious and now a relic of the Empire. It was made by Frederick von Taurus to replace the lost Seal of Sigmar. It was intended as a token of the new relationship between the Empire and the wizards. (WD#137)
Great Unclean One:
a greater daemon of Nurgle. These hideous, infested creations are miniature versions of the Plague Lord himself; huge, fat, bloated, festering mountains of happy, joyful mirth. (WD#119)
Great Wheel, The:
a graphical representation of the Colours of Magic, showing the relationships between the eight Colleges of Magic. (WD#113pp15)
Greatgut, Lord:
the ogre chieftan controlled by Johannes Wiesehofer. He and his band were made to break into the Tombs of the Phalanx. (WD#145)
Greenies, The:
a loathsome pair of Trolls that are unnaturally fond of Ragged-ear Kraal. They follow him everywhere. (WD#97)
the neighbouring clan to the McArnos. (JSp86)
Greis, Wolfgang:
a Wizard Lord of the Amethyst College, he fought at the Battle of Osterwald. (WD#157)
one of the Colleges of Magic. Symbol: Sword. Colour: Grey. They are itinerant mages, independant but whose opinions are well respected. They strive towards good judgement. (WD#113)(WD#114)
Grey Seers:
the magic using class of Skaven society. They are the direct servants of the Thirteen Lords of Decay and are all powerful sorcerors. (JSp86)
Grey Watch, The:
an inn in Grimminghagen. (WD#106)
one of Prince Iolair Gilandiril's horses. (JSp87)
barmaid at the Pit Prop in Karstenberg. (WD#108)
Gregor the Bold:
character in The Howling Season.
Grey Mountains, The:
this ranges seperates the Empire from Bretonnia, and is a stronghold for Dwarves. Axe-Bite Pass crosses it. (WFRPpp270)
brother of Grom and Grum, cousin to King Ulfar Stonehammer. (WD#80)
Grim Redbeard:
dwarf, Drumin Dragonhelm's sidekick for many years. (JSp87)
Grim Skullhammer:
a dwarf who rules Caraz-Lumbar. He has a son, Dumwin Stoutbelly. (WS)
Grim Warspanner:
a famous dwarven engineer. His most notorious invention was Grim's Reaper which was stolen by a group of Snotlings. (WD#88)
Grimdal Runescar:
the hero of Grimdal's Saga. He vanished in the lands west of the Grey Mountains, long before humanity's rise. Later his tomb was discovered marked on a Bretonnian map. This led to a dwarven expedition and the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. (WD#154)
Grimdal's Saga:
the story of Grimdal Runescar. Mentions The Great Hammer of Wrath, forged by Skalf Blackhammer, it was given to Grimdal by King Brand. Grimdal went questing into the west of the Old World and never returned. (WD#153)
Grimdal's Tomb:
the last resting place of Grimdal Runescar, it lies in a clearing in the Loren Forest in what is now Bretonnia. (WD#153)
Thane of Lucanfell in North Albion. As a young man he studied at one of the Universities in the Empire or Brettonia. He was expelled for vandalism and practical jokes, although the root causes may have been much more serious. His activities were exposed by Prince Rynn O'Flynn of North Albion. Later, the rivalries between these two intensified into civil war with Grimgag defeating Rynn at Castle Eldaw and imprisoning the King in his own dungeons. Grimgag summoned daemonic allies during the final siege of Eldaw. Rynn's son, Rolando, thought killed in the battle later reappeared and rescued his father. (GGG1pp14)
Grimlok Khazias:
a dwarven Troll Slayer. Once passed through Altdorf on his way to a glorious death. (WD#96)
Grimm, Anders:
the twin brother of Gunther. The pair of them were footpads but Sister Marianne Liefeder rescued them from jail and changed all that. Now they work for her orphanage. (WD#126,133)
Grimm, Gunther:
the twin brother of Anders. (WD#126,133)
a vilage near Salzenmund. (WD#106)
Grimni the Twisted:
the leader of a gang of chaos dwarves who are currently allies of Kaon the Idolator. (WD#135)
a dwarven god. He protected the dwarves when they migrated across the planet by fighting off giants, trolls and dragons. He represents the undaunted courage and fearlessness of the Dwarven race. Venerated by Trollslayers and Giantslayers. He was given a pair of axes by Grungni and he fought with one in either hand. He was killed fighting the forces of Chaos in the North and only one of the axes was recovered. His death and the loss of one of the axes take up several pages in the Book of Grudges. (WD#152, 153, 160)
Grimnir, Axe of:
one of two such axes made by Grungni for Grimnir. One was lost when Grimnir was killed in the Chaos Wastes. The other is now wielded by Thorgrim Grudge Bearer. (WD#160)
the rune sacred to the Dwarf deity Grimnir. (WD#153)
Grimnir's Rune:
see Grimnir-Rhun.
Grimorg Bonebreaker:
an ogre, part of Gorefist the Destroyer's army. (WD#156)
Grim's Reaper:
a pump wagon with a rotating spiked bar on the front invented by Grim Warspanner. It was stolen from it's creator by a group of snotlings who later threw in their lot with the Orcs of the Splintered Bone tribe. (WD#88)
Grimsmirk Danglejaw:
a giant in league with Bogrot Stuntybane, took part in the Siege of Caraz-Lumbar. (WS)
a goblin atatched to Bagnol's caravan. (JAu85)
Grin; Dwarf, DEmp:
a loner who dreamed of finding a rich vein of gold; discoverer of Grin's Crag. (KK)
Grinning Moons, The:
a unit in Gorrfang Ratbreath's outfit. (WD#155)
Grin's Crag:
a secret passage into Karak Varn. Named after Grin, a dwarf, who discovered this narrow footpath that runs along the edge of an abyss, following it he found himself in the lower cavern's of Kelar's Keep the fortress at the very centre of Karak Varn. He carved the route onto a stone tablet (Grin's Map) which he later gave to Belorn, his Lord. (KK)
Grin's Map:
a stone tablet, now broken into four, that shows a secret way into Karak Varn from the Halls of Belorn. (KK)
Grismarie, River:
a Bretonnian river fed by the Grey Mountains that pours into the Great Western Ocean. It touches on the Loren Forest and is looked upon as being enchanted because of this. Including the Upper Grismarie, the river is over 1200 miles long. It is joined by the river Ois near Gisoreaux. Sea-going vessels may navigate as far as this city, but only barges can travel further - as far as Parravon. There is a ferry at Moussillon, and the only bridges lie at Parravon and further upriver. (WFRP)
a pygmy Witchdoctor. (WD#100)
Grobgut Skewtooth:
a goblin shaman who wielded the Skull Wand of Kaloth at the Battle of Red Axe Pass. He rode a giant spider into battle but was slain by Anaryll. (WD#155)
a mutant with an out-of-proportion arm. Member of Lothar Bubonicus' warband. He took over the warband when Lothar achieved daemonhood. (WD#124)
a Goblin commander who besieged a Dwarven stronghold. (WD#100)
an underling of Gorfang Ratbreath. He fought in the Battle of Red Axe Pass. (WD#155)
Groggo's Jabbers:
a unit of goblin spearmen that fought at the Battle of Red Axe Pass under Groggo's command. (WD#155)
Grom the Wise:
dwarf, cousin to King Ulfar Stonehammer, brother to Grum and Grim. The rule of Karak-Ungor passed to him instead of the King's son when King Ulfar died. Grom ruled in the name of the son, Prince Ulther. (WD#80)
Grom the Paunch of the Misty Mountain:
Lord of the Crags, he is the greatest Goblin Chieftain of all time. He weilded the axe Elf-Biter. (WFB4)
Grom Thingrim:
a pistol-weilding dwarf who fights in Lord Gromson's army. (WD#144)
possibly a Dwarven god but may just be a venerated ancestor of Clan Durrag. (WD#134)
the starmetal. Found around Black Water. It is the remnants of an ancient meteor. It is a fabulous metal that can take an almost impossibly sharp edge and is as strong as diamond. Typically, weapons or armour made from it are a dark grey or a bluish-black. (WD#152, 153)
Gromson, Lord Brokk:
the leader of an Imperial Dwarf regiment. Lord Gromson fights with Bardin Orc-render, Prince Kargrim, Grom Thingrim and Dimzad Dwinbar in his army. He weilds a mighty, magical axe. (WD#144)
Groninghof, Professor Marius von:
a professor at Altdorf Univeristy. He frequently goes on elaborate and expensive expeditions and invariably brings back a mountain of artifacts and rarities that have to be carefully examined and catalogued and forgotten about. He has a reputation for interesting finds but his detractors view him as little better than a tomb-robber. (WD#122)
Groot, Pieter da:
Big Piet, a regular at the Pelican's Perch in Marienburg. Pieter works at the Stevedores' and Teamsters' Guild, he is their chief firghtener and not many people want to mess with him. He is Lea-Jan Cobbius' right-hand man. (WD#119)
Grootmoers, Marsh of:
the vast marsh that surrounds Marienburg. (WD#118)
Grootscher Marsh:
an area of marshaland twelve miles south of Marienburg. See the Battle of Grootscher Marsh. (WD#118)
Groppenfrotteur, Knud:
a farmworker from the village of Pritzstock. (WD#98)
a champion sorceror of Nurgle. (WD#114)
? (WD#133,135)
Gross-Ustard, General:
took part in the Siege of Thighbone Pass. (WD#101pp75)
an orc in charge of ammunition for a stone-thrower at the Battle of Iron Peak. His general, Gorblum the Magnificent, took offence at his antics and killed him. (WD#159)
Groundshakers, The:
unit of boar-riders under Vomitskrag Krusher's command. They spike their hair and that of their boars with lime. Arch-rivals of The Terrible Thunderers. (WD#97)
a member of Gorrfang Ratbreath's army. He commanded a unit of goblin stikkas at the Battle of Red Axe Pass. (WD#155)
a village near Middenheim. (WD#98)
Gruber, Anders:
pregenerated character. Anders is a smuggler. He had to leave Helmgart recently where he was nearly imprisonned for smuggling in Bretonnian brandy. (D1)
Grugnar Facebreaker:
a follower of the bandit Herman Zorin. (WD#150)
Gruiller, Gaspard:
the owner of the strange garden in Parravon that attracts the attention of Armand Carrie\re and Phillipe.
leader of a mercenary band of Ogres that were employed by Otto Frankfurter. They encountered a band of Fimir. (WD#102)
brother to Grom and Grim, cousin of King Ulfar Stonehammer. (WD#80)
a town in the Grand Principality of Reikland in the Empire. It lies at the confluence of the River Teufel and the Reik. (WD#122, 140)
see Grunburg.
Grungi Cloudshoulder:
a blunderbuss wielding dwarf who shot Notlob Spleenbender. (WD#95)
the chief Dwarven god, said to be the first Dwarf to delve into rocks, mine the ores and smelt them. His greatest shrine is in Karak Azul. (WD#138, 153)
the rune of Grungni. First created in Karak Azul by an ancient Runesmith. (WD#153)
Grungni's Rune:
see Grungni-Rhun.
a war boar. (Orrakh) (WD#106)
Gruzk Bloodgobbler:
an orc commander who led his troops to victory over a small dwarven outpost at Dog Peak Pass. Bogrot Snotbrumm brought his goblin lads along to help him. This victory and the subsequent defacing of the Holy Cave of Sigmar led to the Battle of Dog Peak Pass. (WD#91)
Gryphon Legion:
Kislevite Cavalry mercenary unit; loyal to the Emperor (TEW).
Guardians of the Chaos Heart:
the term Beastmen use for Minotaurs, as they often guard the most sacred chaos shrines. (WD#125)
Gucci, Boots of:
a pair of magical boots that enhance the attractiveness of the wearer. (WD#103pp9)
Guderian, Isolde:
a young woman from the village of Pritzstock. (WD#98pp50)
Gudrug Bonechewer:
Chief of the Crooked Eye Orcs, his youngest son is Maggot. (WD#95)
Guild, The:
the thieves' and assassins' guild in Marienburg. The backroom of the Lighthouse Inn is one of the many guild meeting places. (WD#128)
Guild of Physiks:
a city-guild of Marienburg for Physicians. (WD#133)
Guild of Stevedores' and Teamsters', the Worshipful:
a city-guild of Marienburg. (WD#128)
the residents of the Wasteland use Guilders instead of Crowns as the basic Gold unit of currency. (WD#133)
in general, to ply any sort of trade in any of the big towns and cities throughout the Old World you must be a member of the appropriate guild. Working without a guild license wil get your legs broken. Also, most guilds operate a code of secrecy and take a very dim view of anyone divulging trade practices. (JAu85)
the alternative name for Konistag, as used by Wastelanders when they seceeded from the Empire. (WD#118)
a dog, a Tilean Manhound, the pet of Claudio Carbonetti. (WD#105)
the chief of the Jutones who fought with Sigmar Heldenhammer for three days and three nights before surrendering and swearing fealty to Sigmar and his cause. See Marius the Fen Wolf. (WD#118)
Guluach Rondi:
the western mountains, this is the Druchii name for the mountain range that delineates the western border of Naggaroth. (WD#108)
a road in Nuln.
a bodyguard employed to watch over Ulrike and Bertha Jung. Killed when a coach crashed on the Altdorf to Middenheim road. (WD#98)
Gundrich & Son:
coppersmiths on the Wendenbahn in the Altquartier of Middenheim. (WD#105)
Gunpowder Pepper:
hot, hot, hot. Beloved of halflings as the essential ingredient in halfling hot-pot. (WD#150)
a member of Broon's warband. (WD#108)
Gurnisson, Gotrek:
(2370 - ) a dwarf trollslayer who, like all trollslayers, is trying to atone for some past crime. Felix Jaegar accompanies him on his self-imposed suicide mission. Gotrek is a sad, depressed dwarf unless he is out trying to get killed. His axe is made from starmetal. The pair helped escort Baron Gottfried von Diehl into exile and searched for the lost sword Karaghu^l in the ruins of Carag Eight Peaks. They save Henkin Warsch from an ancient evil. Gotrek kills Boneripper and puts and end to Thanquol's plans in Nuln. (WD#120, Wolf Riders, The Dark Beneath the World, Geheimnisnacht, A Place of Quiet Assembly, Skaven's Claw)
Gustav the Mad:
of Talabecland, he employed Litzenreich.
Gut Ripper:
a goblin tribe led by Zogrod Gutsticker. (WD#105)
lieutenant to Boggrub Legbiter. (WS)
a goblin. The leader of a band of wolfriders. They were employed to protect Bagnol's caravan. (JAu85)
a town in Morien. (WD#137)


Haagen family:
a middle-rank merchant family in Marienburg. (WD#120)
Haagen's Wharf:
lies at the eastern end of Riddra Isle in Marienburg. It is a privately owned mooring run by the Haagen family. Now just another piece of Suiddock owned by the family, it is more or less left to the care of Jochen Kaaimans. (WD#120)
Hadrin, Loremaster:
a Dwarf at the Shrine of Kadal-Helgad. The Crystal of Air came into his possession. He kept it until the arrival of Torgoch in the Yetzin valley. Hadrin knew Torgoch carried another of the crystals and, what with the Crystal of Earth being kept at the shrine as well, he advised his rulers to take both crystals and flee the valley as an orc with one Crystal of Power was scary in itself, the possibility of an orc with two or even three would be unthinkable. The dwarven leaders refused to listen so Hadrin gave his crystal to Yazeran the mage and told him to leave the valley as quickly as possible. Later, when Torgoch and his orcs had nearly breached a door into the Halls of the Kings, Hadrin left Yetzin with a small group of followers, including his son and Ketiger. They ran into a strong orc scouting party and were forced take refuge in a tunnel-complex behind a waterfall at the top of Yetzin valley. Here Hadrin held out as long as he could, but sent his son, Gnarok out through a secret entrance to find Yazeran and bring help. Hadrin constructed a Great Ward in the complex to delay the orcs. The complex fell and the dwarves were killed. Hadrin's books came into the possession of Torgoch who learned to control his crystal. (D1)
Hagmar Wyrmschlager:
a lengendary hero who appears in the folklores of Norsca and the Wasteland. He slew a dragon that was laying waste to the Forest of Shadows/Southern Coast of Norsca. Hagmar, son of a blacksmith, volunteered to go and slay the beast. He filled a gutted carcass of a deer with stones and set it to roast. The dragon swallowed the carcass and the stones shattered inside the furnace-hot belly of the dragon, killing it instantly. Hagmar looted the dragon's cave and became rich. He forged several items of note, see The Dagger of Hagmar, The Chainmail of Hagmar, the Talisman of Hagmar, and The Buckle of Hagmar. (WD#97)
a chaos thug who leads a gang of thugs under Kaon the Idolator's banner. (WD#134)
Haki Skavensplitter:
this Runesmith worked at Karak Eight Peaks in the days before it fell to the insidious Skaven. He forged many, many weapons specifically aimed at destroying the foul Rat-men. He is believed to have been killed defending his forge. (WD#153)
the Rune of Cutting. Perhaps the oldest of Dwarven runes as it is found on stone hammers that predate their discovery of metal. (WD#153)
Haledvedson, Sigmar:
a boatman in Altdorf who is not adverse to making a little quick money on the side. (WD#96)
Halfling Row:
an area of Marienburg. (WD#128)
possibly the last of the Old Slann's genetic experiments, they are a race of small humanoids that now hail from the Moot, part of the Empire. They always go barefoot and have hairy hands and feet. Halflings have Night Vision, Cook and probably Herb Lore or Silent Move Rural. They are largely immune to the mutating effects of Chaos. They have a homeland within the Empire called the Moot. (WFRP)
cross-breed between the races of man and Orc. (WD#54)
Hall of Archives:
a governmental building in Nuln. (Skaven's Claw)
Hall of Dwarven Kings, The:
this hall lies within the Halls of Belorn; here Belorn, Holgar and Garin are buried. (KK)
Hallam, Vukotich:
spent time in Kislev in his early days, laterly in Middenheim. He sailed back to the Empire from Morien with Katya Raine. Journeyed back to Kislev with Muenchbeck. Helped rescue Reiner Semperphilius, only to later kill the boy's father, Rodrick. (WD#140, Blood and Earth, The Magician's Son)
Halls of Belorn, The:
Dwarven halls built by Belorn on top of Belorn's Mine. It was overrun by Orcs and Goblins in the days of Morcar. From here a secret passage may be found near the East Gate that leads to Karak Varn. The Great Gate leads into the Halls. The Warrior Halls, The Spiral Passage, The Hall of Dwarven Kings, and The Great Citadel lie here. (KK)
Halls of the Ancestors:
part of Carag Eight Peaks where the dwarves of that city buried their dead. (WD#125)
Halls of the Dead:
part of the Witch Lords fortress beneath Kalos. (WL)
Halls of the Kings:
part of the Shrine of Kadal-Helgad. (D1)
Halls of Vision, The:
part of the ancient city of Kalos; built by King Agrain, these halls are a maze of magical rooms. The secrets of the Halls lie in the Keys of Agrain. (WL)
Halsbret, Sigismund:
a farmworker from the village of Pritzstock who disappeared shortly after the first skull-sightings. (WD#98pp50)
Halstadt, Fritz von:
the Chief Magistrate of Nuln whose dealings with a Skaven in the sewers of that city are disturbed by Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaegar. His father's estate and fortunes were ruined during a peasant uprising. Fritz originally trained for the Sigmarite priesthood but left after some scandal. Killed by Felix Jaegar. (WD#152)
Hammer of the Stars:
FICTION. Written by Pete Garratt and found in the Wolf Riders anothology.
God of Trade, called Handrijk by the Wastelanders. He is the patron deity of trade and merchants. He seems to be an amalgam of two older gods as there are two conflicting myths about his origin; one has him as a son of Manann, and the other as a younger brother to Ranald. In Bretonnia he is called Affairiche and in Tilea he is Mercopio. (WD#138)
see Handrich.
Hangman's Bay:
a huge bay off the Diomb Muir. The Dark Elf city of Ghaba Ghanaf is at its mouth. (WD#108)
an orphan at the Marienburg Home For Foundlings. Hanna has a slight mutation: one extra finger on each hand. Sister Marianne does not let her go outside. (WD#126)
Hans and Hans:
two potboys that work at The Mermaid in Altdorf. They hand round pots of stew and the like, and generally if something needs doing they have to do it. (WD#96)
a Pavement Artist, used as an example. (WD#138)
a small dog belonging to Udo Wentz. (WD#95)
an orc marksman, he led a unit of battle-hardened orc archers called the Black Mountain Boys. (WD#90)
a long dead sorceror. (WD#103pp9)
Hardarin, the Hand of:
a Wand of Jet belonging to Hardarin. (WD#103pp9)
Hargin the Dwarf:
he and Myrmididia searched for the kidnapped boy Aurelius von Erlach-Manchdor. (The Manchdor Affair)
Hargrim, King:
a legendary Dwarven king, see Kadar-Gravning. Hargrim's Crown is a potent Dwarven symbol. (WD#133)
Hark Ness:
an earldom in East Albion. Known earls: Dart. (JSp86)
Harold the Huge:
a Dwarf of Carag Eight Peaks, he is famous for reaching the incredible height of five feet. See Harold's Best.
Harold's Best:
a unit out of Carag Eight Peaks. Each member of this unit is rather tall for a Dwarf, but Dwarves they are. They keep alive the memory of Harold the Huge, and their banner shows Harold towering over a wimpy looking orc. (WD#97)
Harpen's Hillmen:
unit of Dwarf warriors out of Carak Oran. Thier standard shows a green hill with a sword sticking in it. (WD#97)
Hartmann, Joseph:
a jack-of-all-trades who owns the smithy in Karstenberg. He helps Johann Mulderbrek with the maintenance of the silver mines. (WD#108)
Hartstock, Gambo:
the halfling chief-cook. Gambo was assigned to the Emperor's army. The army camped one night in the shadow of the World's Edge Mountains only to be attacked by goblins. Gambo's latest batch of hot-pot was ruined by a wolfrider and in a terrible rage he had his assistants make a jury-rigged catapult and fired the remainder of the supply of Gunpowder Pepper at the goblin army. The pepper is said to have hit Grom the Paunch head on. The goblin king was in such pain that his army was easily repulsed. The Emperor himself request the recipe. Gambo's assitants were Flabagon Dil and Frito Flatfoot. (WD#150)
Hartwig Flatbrush:
halfling cook/assistant to Erich Hinfallig. This little thief was brought up in the village of Rottefach near Altdorf, the only son of the village inn keeper and his wife. Kidnapped at 24, he was enslaved to an Estalian wine merchant. He killed his master and escaped. Has a pet white mouse called William. (WCpp28)
Hasak Venomspawn:
a chaos sorceror loyal to Slaanesh. Hasak was a member of the Priests of Pleasure, he managed to summon a Daemonette called Painfury Spasmclaw. Hasrak was brought up in a small village just outside Altdorf. He was taught the basics of magick by the Amber Wizard Heinrich Walfen. Hasrak became an Amethyst mage. Another Amethyst student introduced him to the ways of Slaanesh and Hasak embraced the ways of pleasure and put his feet firmly on the path of Dark magic. (WD#122)
Haslefresian, Sven:
subject of an autobiography by Eric Haslefresianson. [Probably the same person as Sven Hesselfriesan - Bahb-Elon took this volume to Lustria, as a guide?] (WD#100)
Haslefresianson, Erik:
author of Sven Haslefresian - The Unofficial Biography. (WD#100)
a bunco artist, part of Goshuar's gypsy band. (D1)
the spice and herb shop on the corner of Potion Square and Dock Road. Owned by Hassan bin Naroun al-Asred. (WD#135)
Hasselstein, Mikael:
a Cleric of Sigmar who falls under the suspicion of being the Beast. At the time (2506 IC) he is the Emperor's Confessor and he is even considered by many to be the most likely successor to Yurri, the Grand Theoginist. (Beasts in Velvet)
Hasso, The Emperor:
gave a famous speech before he besieged Streissen. (WS)
Haupt-Anderssen, Alberich (2497-):
Graf of Stirland, based in Wurtbad; no named heir; Imperial Elector; leader of a cavalry squadron; also named "The Hawk of Wurtbad". (TEW)
See Black Fire Pass.
Heart of the Mountain:
see Azram the Mighty.
a coachman. He had a route between Middenheim and Altdorf. His coach was involved in a fatal accident - Gunder, a bodyguard was killed. (WD#98pp46)
Spider's twin brother. Both sewerjacks in Nuln. Both in love with Gilda. They lived on Cheap Street and were in trouble with Big Jax. Skaven killed him. (Skaven's Claw)
Heidlemann Ernst:
human physician's student; member of the the Red Crown, a chaos cult. (TEWpp41)
Heilman, Professor:
a professor at the University of Nuln. (WD#125)
Heilyn, House of:
one of the noble families of Morien. (WD#137)
Heilyn, Moraint:
fought with King Herla. He is a member of the House of Heilyn. He was put forward as a serious contender to the throne of Plennydd when Herla's father died. (WD#136)
Heldenhammer, Sigmar:
see Sigmar
Helgrind Bad-Axe:
a dwarf champion who fought at the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. He was slain by Baron Flaubert Bonsante. (WD#153)
a Skeleton Champion, servant of Morbius. (WD#94)
lies in an upland valley on the Axe-Bite Pass road. The forests of the area provide timber and charcoal. The Sorglos Ridge and Hochepointe lie to the west. (WD#107)
Helmut Weishund:
a minor spy for the city of Nuln. He is often sent on small, unimportant missions. (WD#93)
discovers an ancient evil at Wrecker's Point. (The Reavers and the Dead)
Helruns, Runeskyres, Skalds, Volas, Wyrdskyres:
Norse or Norse Dwarf names for wizards. (WD#107)
see the Chaos Brothers.
Hemler Rottingflesh:
a chaos sorceror of Nurgle. He told Hogrod Troll- slaughterer steal the sword Sonneklinge from the tomb of Prince Karad von Carron, and is behind Hogrod's sudden rise to power. Hemler is a Jade Wizard. (WD#121)
Henricus Salus:
a firearm (WCpp15).
the marker for a beastmen meeting-place. The herdstone is often a specially erected monolith but can be a naturally occuring outcrop of rock. Brayherds will be held at a Herdstone. (WD#124)
an evil priest. Follower of the Evil One who once controlled the Barony of Suceava. She attempted to ressurrect her master but was defeated in her aims by a band of adventurers. (WD#93)
Herla, King:
the monarch of Plennydd. His bard is Trystan. Early in his rule he had to deal with a party of sixty ship-wrecked elves - unwelcome visitors to Morien, but which he was honour-bound not to send away. He must deal with Shipmaaster Thoron and Kerewan the elven wizard. He married Morgana, the daughter of the King of Alawn. He once fought with Moraint Heilyn, a pretender to the throne. (WD#137,Storm Warriors)
a town in the Grand Principality of Ostland within the Empire. (WD#122)
Hesselfriesan, Sven:
Sven is a Master Guildsman at the Imperial Engineers School in Altdorf. He was expelled from the Dwarven Engineers' Guild for unhealthy experimentation. He fled to the Empire and built a steam powered boat before taking it and a company of adventurers to explore the western continents. [See Sven Haslefresian. This would make the journey west prior to 2422 IC] (WD#146)
Hetta, Granny:
she is one of the many stree-sellers on the Suiddock in Marienburg. She has a small boat and a spirit-stove she uses to heat up pots of tea and sausages. She sells bottles of rum as well. A well known and loved character, who has been known to give free-meals to those down on their luck. In her younger days she was a smuggler. She is friends with Eric Roergang. (WD#120)
the last night of the year(?)
first day of the year IC.
High Celestial Order of Lothern:
a High Elf College for Celestial Wizardry. (WD#113)
High Elves:
see Elf.
High Helms, Order of:
a newly constituted Knight Order, founded by the Emperor who wants to create an elite cavelry unit of very tough and extremely tall knights. Members are currently (2512 IC) drilled in Altdorf. (TEW)
High Throne of Kalos:
one of three thrones that wait for those who would preside over the Court of the Dead. (WL)
Hightower Isle:
an island of the Suiddock in Marienburg. The Niederbrug Bridge and the Hoogbrug Bridge connect with it. The island was specially fortified and raised to connect with the Hoogbrug. (WD#119)
Hindelin Lines of Altdorf:
a very up-market travel firm. They run the luxury liners Emperors Luitpold, Wilhelm and Magnus. (WD#122)
Hinterloch of Durchwall:
[a country estate?] current heir is Margrave Hermann von Pfeifraucher. (WD#92)
Hirdman, Hirdmen:
a member of a Norse Warhird. A warrior. Tall, blond, blue-eyed and brainless (well, unsubtle, at least). Elite Hirdmen are known as Huscarls. (WD#107)
Hochen, Stefan:
journeyed to Middenheim (2492 IC) to start a new life as an apprentice physician. There he met up with Katya Raine. Worked with the poor in the Temple of Shallya then he went to Bretonnia to work there. He is befriended by Jochen Maier, the captain of the Eva Branduer, and joins his crew (2495 IC) at Ubersreik only to cross the designs of Lothar von Dielh. (Ignorant Armies, The Black Sail)
Hochland, Barony of:
province of the Empire; capital Bergsburg. Bounded by the Middle Mountains to the North. The colours of the province regiments Are green and red. (WD#122,146)
an exposed knob of granite along Sorglos Ridge in the Grey Mountains. It is the highest point in the vicinity of Helmgart. The bald has an ancient Druidic stone circle on it. See the Eight Fathers. (WD#107)
the Elven god of knowledge and learning. (WD#158)
Hoeth, Talisman of:
created by an old Warden of Tor Yvresse, this talisman can pass on knowledge to its wearer. (WD#158)
Hogan Headhacker:
one of the four Khornate warriors summoned by Khorne to kill Kaleb-Daark. See Zinbar Sicklesword, and the Chaos Brothers. They failed. (JSp87)
chief of the Marrow Sucker Orcs. At one point Hogblud left his band of orcs and wandered off, many months later he returned with Zogzog, a Shaman, and Polly his Wyvern. His boys were glad to have him back, what with his new found friends an' all. Hogblud and Zogzog had been "worrying" their neighbouring Neck Snapper Tribe. (WD#92)
a war boar. (Orrakh) (WD#106)
a hobgoblin attatched to Bratt's Boar Boyz. He is responsible for the elaborate and colourful war boars the boyz ride. His fame is such that traders come to buy Hogg-dyed war boars off the unit from far-and-wide. (WD#106pp19)
Hogrod Trollslaughterer:
ogre, a descendant of Ratgot Dwarfmangler who stole the sword Sonneklinge from Prince Karad von Carron's tomb. He replaced Gragath Rogant as leader of a tribe of orcs and led them against the town of Carroburg. His base was in the old, abandoned dwarf-town of Kazrad-Kain. This recent turn of fortune for Hogrod was brought about by Hemler Rottingflesh, a sorceror of Nurgle. (WD#1212)
Holgesheim, Graf Erich von:
used as an example (WD#138)
Holgar, King; Dwarf, DEmp:
led his warriors at Keloth's Tor. He is buried in the Hall of the Dwarven Kings. (KK)
Holy Cave of Sigmar Heldenhammer:
this shrine lies in Dog Peak Pass. Sigmar is said to have rested here before the his triumphant victory over the goblin hordes in the Battle of Black Fire Pass. The cave had an impressive series of murals depicting Sigmar's exploits, sadly, though, a marauding band of orcs and goblins defaced the shrine prior the Battle of Dog Peak Pass. (WD#91)
Holzkrug, House of:
a dynasty of the Empire. Emperor Eberhardt the Just came from their ranks. (WD#130)
Hooded Man Inn, The:
a small riverside inn near a ferry crossing in the empire. For a time it was the forcal point for an active group of Tzeentchian Chaos Cultists. They built a temple to their god under the cellars. The cultists were finally driven from the area but the temple remained hidden and forgotten. See the Writhers in the Dark. (WD#87)
Hooded One, The:
see Skarloc.
Hoogbrug Bridge:
the lofty towers of this Marienburg bridge are one of the marvels of the Old World. (WD#118)
Hoogman, Baron Matteus von:
the baron of Westerland, Matteus was there when the ship Lughsoll-Siaisullainn was sighted (2150IC). When the ship landed he offered the old, ruined Sea-Elf fortress of Marienburg back to them and thus secured a monopoly on Sea-Elf trade within the Empire. (WD#118)
Horn of Urgok:
a twisted ram's horn with bands of rune encrusted red copper. Contains a powerful spell. Friends will be filled with courage by its note, enemies by dread. (WFB4)
Horned Rat, the:
ravenous god of the Skaven. He gnaws at the fabric of the miultiverse marshalling the forces of decay. Every year in Skaven society there is a Great Feast held in his honour. There are even some misguided humans who follow this deity. See the Poison Claw cult. (WD#173,#99pp24)
Horrors, Blue:
the lesser daemons of Tzeentch. They are sullen and malevolent, like bad-tempered children, and whine continuously. They look like their counterparts, Pink Horrors, except they are blue. (WD#119)
Horrors, Pink:
the lesser daemons of Tzeentch. They have no real solid form but are made from pure magical energy. When they move they become a blur of pinkness and cackle insanely. They do not die, instead they split into two Blue Horrors. If they can be described at all, it is as a moving head on legs with a huge mouth and long suckered fingers. (WD#119)
these institutions are run by the priesthood of Shallya. There are several throughout the Empire, each one specialising in the treatment of a particular disease; such as insanity or Black Plague. The largest one is called the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
Hoth, Tower of:
Teclis was taught by the Loremasters that live here. Also called the White Tower. (WD#156)
? near Bergsburg. (WD#122)
Howling Moon Tribe:
a tribe of orcs based at Carag Eight Peaks. Their warchief is Skumwort Skabbad. (WD#125)
Howling Season, The:
scenario in WC, based in the town of Kurtwallen.
Howling Slaughterers, The:
a unit of Gobboes in Gan Green's mob. They are Wolf Riders and are often accompanied by Blackhead the Worse than Normal on his wolf. They carry bows. (WD#97)
an ogre captain, infamous leader of the Ogre Pay-Swords. He fought in the Goblin-Dwarf wars. Follower of the Ogre God, The Great Maw, Hrothyogg won the Sacred Belly Guard from Golgfag (a rival leader) in an eating contest that lasted three days. (WD#79)
Hrothyogg's Tower:
location unknown, but presumably belonged to the ogre captain of the same name. This tower is the subject of a painting by John Blanche. (WFRP)
Hub Wizards:
from the Spindle of Magic, those Wizards whose power lies wholly in the Dark Cone or the White Cone are called the Hub Wizards. (WD#113)
Huhuurder, Axel:
works at the Riverman's Association in Marienburg and is occasionally seen at the Pelican's Perch. He was one of Sister Marianne Liefeder's orphans. (WD#119,126)
Huister, Odvaal van:
the Chairman of the Board of Trade Equity in Marienburg. (WD#121)
Humanoid Creatures:
class of creatures who are basically human-like in appearance and are intelligent and social. (WFRPpp216)
see Man.
Hurtsis Rolf:
human mutant (TEWpp43)
the warrior elite of Norsca; these men are Hirdmen and part of the Warhird. (WD#107)
Huurder, Axel:
the guildmaster of the Rivermen's Association. Axel is well known for his fiery temper. He drinks occasionally in the Pelican's Perch but is more often seen in the Whaler's Return with his friend Klaus Mannlicher. (WD#121)


North Tower, a Dark Elf settlement. (WD#108)
Ice Queen:
see Katarina the Great.
Ignorant Armies:
FICTION. An anthology of short stories edited by David Pringle and published by GW Books. ISBN 1 872372 07 4. Contains the stories Geheimnisnacht, The Reavers and the Dead, The Other, Apprentic Luck, A Gardener in Paravon, The Star Boat, Ignorant Armies, and The Laughter of Dark Gods.
Ignorant Armies:
FICTION. Written by Jack Yeovil and found in the Ignorant Armies anthology. Set in 2501 it tells the story of Johann von Mecklenberg, the rightful Baron of Sudenland and his search for his kidnapped brother, Wolf. Features Vukotich and Cicatrice.
Ikons, Crystal:
there are three of these. They can be used to open the tomb of Arianka, the goddess, and free her from her sleep. (JSp87)
Illek of the Burning Skull:
this chaos sorceror was hunted across the Old World by Aldred Fellblade before being killed in a ruined city on the edge of the Chaos Wastes. (WD#125)
Imperial Engineering School:
this institution is dedicated to the research and development of new weapons. It was established [prior to 2422 IC] in Altdorf by the Tilean Leonardo of Miragliano in imitation of the Dwarven Engineers' Guild. Its most famous son is the dwarf Sven Hesselfriesan. (WD#146)
Imperial Expressway:
a coach company of the Empire; based in Nuln.
Imperial Guard:
personal bodyguard of the Emperor. They travel with the Emperor on all occasions, and guard the Imperial buildings. In times of war, they form an elite unit at the core of the Imperial armies.
Imperial Second Fleet:
the fleet of ships that used to be stationed at Marienburg before Emperor Leopold disbanded them and allowed the Province of Westerland to conduct its own defence. The second had been stationed there since the end of the Age of Wars. (WD#118)
Imperial Tournament:
an annual event attracting visitors from across the Empire and abroad. At these games the soldiers of the Reiksguard compete for the privilege of being closest to the Emperor in his bodyguard. (WD#146)
Imrik, Prince:
the greatest living High Elf warrior. He is a dragon-lord and rides a blue dragon into battle. He carries the Star Lance. (WD#179)
Incursions of Chaos:
Inmate 21B:
the anonymous inmate at the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
Invisible Warriors:
see Ninja.
Invocation of Ending:
the ceremony that deactivates a Watchstone. (WD#158)
Iolair Gilandiril, Prince:
an elven prince who loved to ride into battle on his war-chariot with the scythes attatched. His charioteer was Eponandilas, and his horses were called Silverleaf, Frostglint, Mistweave and Greycloud. His friends Aesllanan Woodmage and Fildrigar Trueflight often accompanied him into battle. Iolair was able to speak Orrakh. (JSp87)
Iorga, Captain Mikhail:
the merchant captain of the Emperor Luitpold, employed by Hindelin Lines of Altdorf. The captain sails with Hans Sauber as bosun; Reiner Reitsmann and Wolgand Altenberg as first and second pilot; Maximillian Berryhill as head cook; and Eberhardt Kleingeld as purser. Mikhail keeps them all in check and is always on the lookout for slackers. (WD#122)
Iron Man, The:
see Vukotich.
Iron Mountain, Dwarfs of:
ruled by Thorgrim Greybeard. (WD#159)
Iron Peak Pass:
leads down into the village of Eisenhof. (WD#159)
Iron Rune:
see Azul-Rhun.
Iron Weilder:
one of two Skaven champions who led the Warrior Clans into battle at the Battle of La Maisontaal. (JSp86)
Ironbeard's Conquerors:
a dwarf army. (WD#133)
IIrrana, Kingdoms of:
these are considered part of Estalia but are really little better than brigands' fortresses guarding the passes over the Irrana Mountains. (WFRP)
Irrana Mountains:
this mountain range is barren, with only brigands, Goblins and monster lairs to be found. They cut deep into Estalia and join the Abasko Mountains to the east. The fortresses of fierce- fighting hill-men guard the passes over the range. (WFRPpp270)
Is There A Doctor In The House?:
article in WC. It deals with Erich Hinfallig, his cinic and Hartwig Flatbrush. Introduces an expanded method for dealing with healing. (WC)
a place in East Albion. (WD#76)
a place in Araby ? (WD#146)
a kingdom of Ulthuan? (WD#154)
Ithrim Patrol:
a High Elf unit that fought at the Battle of Red Axe Pass. (WD#154)
a Slaan, Master of the Pond, who led a small expedition to the Old World using Guzunda Wallrattler as a guide. There, they hired out as mercenaries against the Bretonnians (Leg-Hunters). The expeditionary force consisted of a full spawning each of Eagle and Jaguar warriors, two pools of Cold Ones and riders, half a pool of Cold Hounds and handlers and many lobotomised human slaves. The Emperor's spawnling, Ulha'up also accomanied the force. They made their base in the swamps south of Marienburg and received ambassadors and envoys from various parts of the Old World. The Grand Duke von Bildhofen of Middenland hired them for a time. (WD#96)
a Dolgan. (JAu85)
Ican, Duek:
a Kislev noble whose army was forced to retreat on a frozen lake by Gorefist the Destroyer's legions. The ice broke and all died. (WD#156)
the name of a Wisentlich summned by Magus Heinz Diehl. (WD#107)


Jack, Jak, Jimbo, Joey:
a human. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
Jacsen, Mikeal:
one of the undead champions animated by the Lichemaster at the Battle of La Maisontaal. (JSp86)
one of the Colleges of Magic. Symbol: Triskele. Colour: Green. Their magic is linked closely to nature and the turning of the seasons. (WD#113)
Jade Griffon:
carried by the Grand Theogonist, this fist-sized lump of jade carved into the semblance of a griffon is imbued with magical power and can protect its wearer from harm. (WD#147, 157)
Jade Mountain Lodge of Ulthwe:
a High ELf College for Jade Wizardry. (WD#113)
Jaegar, Annabella:
the Bretonnian wife of Otto Jaegar. (Skaven's Claw)
Jaegar, Felix:
the son Gustaf Jaegar. He studied classical literature at the Imperial Univeristy and liked to think of himself as a poet. He was expelled from the university for killing the bullying Wolfgang Krassner in a duel. His father disinherited him for the deed. Embittered, he became an agitator and was one of the leaders of the anti-Window Tax march. He was rescued from the bloodbath that followed by Gotrek Gurnisson and taken to the Maze. Later, after an epic pub-crawl, Felix woke up to discover he had sworn to accompany the dwarf and record his death in an epic poem. Since then, life has not been exactly normal for Felix. The pair helped escort Baron Gottfried von Diehl into exile. (WD#120, Wolf Riders, The Dark Beneath the World, Geheimnisnacht, A Place of Quiet Assembly, Skaven's Claw)
Jaegar, Gustav:
a wealthy woll merchant in Altdorf. He disinherited his son Felix after a scandal at the University. He has another son in Otto. (Skaven's Claw)
Jaegar, Otto:
Felix's elder brother. He pays a visit to his unsuspecting and disinherited brother in Nuln. He brings two thugs, Karl and Franz with him. He is married to Annabella. (Skaven's Claw)
see the Chaos Brothers.
Jaguar Warriors:
a class of Slaan wariors. (WD#96)
2nd month of the year.
see Jack.
Jakkuzzi Nightmares:
unit of orc warriors under the command of Vomitskrag Krusher at the Valley of Death. The Nightmares enhance their fearsome appearance by bedecking themselves with jewellery made from the corpses of vanquished foes. Their standard shows a black demonic steed. (WD#97)
Janacek Globes:
some kind of magical item. (WD#103pp4)
a Dark Wizard, known to Casrik of the Gold. (WD#113)
see Drengs.
a ginger cat owned by Hans Kluger. (WD#128)
Jax, Big:
Hef and Spider are in trouble with this person. (Skaven's Claw)
Jaxxraql Doomwarper:
chaos follower. (WD#100)
Jeeves; a spirit servant that lived within the Floating-Gardens. (WD#100pp45)
there is a tradition dating back to 1143 of employing a Gnome as Imperial Court Jester. Karl Franz I continues this tradition. (WD#86)
Jettez-Lez Dix:
a Bretonnian town. It connects with the Empire road that crosses the Grey Mountains at Axe-Bite Pass. (JSp86)
Jewels of Power:
class of magical items that tend to be of use only to spellcasters. (WFRPpp185)
a tumbler of Goshuar's gypsy band. (D1)
see Jack.
Jinkerst, Hans:
a worshipper of Tzeentch and member of the Writhers in the Dark Chaos Cult. Hans was given the mission of reconsecrating the hidden temple beneath The Hooded Man Inn. He enlisted the aid of a band of mutants - Grat, Otto, Fagor and Wilhelm. (WD#87)
see Jack.
herb, an iritant. (WD#126)
leader of the McEwman clan that sought to kill McDeath. She landed at Winwood harbour on route to castle Runsinane. (JSp86)
Jung, Bertha:
daughter to a wealthy Altdorf wool merchant. She has a sister, Ulrike, and is cousin to Kirsten Jung. The two girls are watched over by Gunder, a professional bodyguard. (WD#98pp46)
Jung, Eduard:
husband of Mathilde and uncle of Bertha, Kirsten and Ulrike Jung. He runs The Black Sheep tavern in Grubentreich. (WD#98pp47)
Jung, Kirsten:
a Lady-at-Court to Graf Boris Todbringer in Middenheim. Her uncle(/aunt?) is a wealthy wool merchant in Altdorf.
Jung, Mathilde:
wife of Eduard Jung. (WD#98pp47)
Jung, Ulrike:
sister to Bertha Jung. (WD#98pp46)
a Watchman, used as an example. (WD#138)
Jurkson, Judge:
in league with the Skaven, Jurkson was able to use his position to have the witch-hunter Hienrich Gotter tried and convicted of the murder of Johannes Batres. Later he handed Hienrich over to his masters, the ratmen. (WD#82middle)
the ancient human tribe that inhabited the Wasteland and were the last to swear fealty to Sigmar Heldenhammer. Their chief Gulderic was said to have fought with Sigmar for three days and three nights. Manuscripts in the Temples of Verena record what little facts remain. (WD#118)
a member of Broon's warband. (WD#108)


Ka-a-bab Skewerers:
unit of Dwarven pikemen out of Black Crag. Their standard shows several goblins skewered on a pike. (WD#97)
Kaaimans, Jochen:
runs Haagen's Wharf along with warehouseman Andreas Pakuister whom he treats like dirt. Jochen is nicknamed Breukrots after the wreckers' rock of Marienburg. Although technically in the employ of the Haagen's he is left to his pown devices and has numerous scams going with the local smugglers - they don't always work out. Lea-Jan Cobbius uses Jochen's warehouse occasionally for storing illicit goods. (WD#120)
a three barreled organ gun, belonging to Carag Eight Peaks. (WD#97)
Kadal-Helgad, Shrine of:
this is the Dwarven shrine in the Yetzin valley that the Crystal of Earth was kept at. Loremaster Hadrin lived here, and despite Hadrin's advice, the dwarven leaders refused to flee the place with the crystal when Torgoch and his orcs entered the valley. As Hadrin had predicted, Torgoch overran the shrine killing all the dwarves. The dwarven leaders had, however, managed to summon up a very powerful elemental to hide and protect the Crystal of Earth and so Torgoch never found it. (D1)
a rediscovered Dwarfhold of the southern Worlds Edge Mountains. The ancient Hold of Hargrim, it's legendary King. (WD#133)
? (WD#145)
Kadrim's Upchucker:
a Dwarven stone thrower used in the the Valley of Death by Barnok Blatterzarn's men. (WD#97)
Kaia Stormwitch:
elven wizard, part of Skarloc's band of Wood Elves. Kaia is the keeper of their sacred standard. The standard is a holy relic, containing the ashes of the heart of Kern. (WD#92)
Kaldach, Eberhardt:
a merchant whose brother, Wilhelm, was captured by chaos cultists. His good friend, and fellow guild-member, Klaus Krudenwald arranged for Wilhelm's rescue. (WD#122)
Kaldach, Wilhelm:
the brother of Eberhardt. Wilhelm was kidnapped by a chaos cult and would have been sacraficed had he not been rescued by a party of adventurers. Wilhelm was a merchant and ran a caravan between Hovelhof and Bergsburg. It was while collecting timber in Hovelhof that his caravan was ambushed and Wilhelm was captured by the Priests of Pleasure (2504IC). (WD#122)
10th month of the year.
a chaos champion dedicated to the renegade chaos god Malal. Kaleb's exploits are legendary. He slew Sleban Foulheart, Khornes favourite and was responsible for the rescue of Praag. Khorne, himself, took notice of the deed and vowed revenge upon Malal and Kaleb. Kaleb was given the chaos weapon Dreadaxe and the mutant warstead Beast. Kaleb was sent on a quest to find the keys, the crytal ikons, to free the goddess Arianka from her tombe below the palace of Praag. Kaleb was an ordinary mortal until chaos orcs killed his parents. He vowed vengence upon them and that night Malal came to him and bargained for his soul. "Dreadaxe thirsts for you" is his battlecry. (JSp86)(JSp87)
Kalispera, Alpheus:
a friend of the necromancer Magister Chazal. He meets Cesar Barbier at the Magister's funeral. (Who Mourns a Necromancer?)
Kallman, Hans-Friedrich:
a member of Pritzstock's militia. (WD#98pp52)
the fallen city, destroyed by Morcar he gave it to the Witch Lord to rule. Beneath the ruins the Witch Lord built a great stronghold - the Forbidden City. He was defeated and driven out, the gates sealed shut. Later he returned. The Plains of Death can be seen from here. (WL)
Kaloth, Skull Wand of:
carved from the finbone of a Dragonfish and surmounted by the skull of a Dark Elf Mage. A potent magic item that can steal a man's soul. Was in the possession of Grobgut Skewtooth at the Battle of Red Axe Pass. (WD#154)
a human settlement on the southeast eadge of the Schadensumpf marsh. Population of about 30. Its inhabitants make a living from fishing, farming and foraging. They also extract and sell bog-iron from the marsh bottom. (WD#102pp24)
a Dwarven engineer. (WD#95)
Kaon the Idolator:
once a knight fighting against chaos, Kaon turned to the Dark Path and now leads his own chaos warband. His lieutenant is Varshak Doombringer, and other subordinates include Haken, Steelhorn, Dieter and Grimni the Twisted. (WD#134)
Karag Drakk:
see Karak-Azgal
Karag Dron:
an active volcano near the southern end of the World's Edge Mountains. It means "thunder mountain" in Khazallid. (WD#152)
Karag Haraz:
an active volcano near the southern end of the World's Edge Mountains. It means "flaming mountain" in Khazalid. (WD#152)
Karag Lhune:
one of the eight peaks overlooking Karag Eight Peaks. (WD#152)
Karag Mhonar:
one of the eight peaks overlooking Karag Eight Peaks. (WD#152)
Karag Nar:
one of the eight peaks overlooking Karag Eight Peaks. (WD#152)
Karag Rhyn:
one of the eight peaks overlooking Karag Eight Peaks. (WD#152)
Karag Yar:
one of the eight peaks overlooking Karag Eight Peaks. (WD#152)
Karag Zilfin:
one of the eight peaks overlooking Karag Eight Peaks. (WD#152)
see Carag Oran.
Silverhorn, one of the eight peaks overlooking Karag Eight Peaks. (WD#152)
Karak Azgal:
"hoard peak", it was also called Karag-Drakk (Dragon's Crag) during the time of the Dragon, and originally its name was Karak-Izril (city of jewels). Here there is an incredible abundance of gemstones and precious metals. It is a city of the Dwarven Realm which fell to the might of the Broken Nose Goblins after a bitter siege lasting years. The goblins never found the treasure horde and left the place in ruins. It became a home for dragons and other fell beasts. Graug the Terrible had his lair here until Skalf Dragonslayer killed him. Since then the hold has been reclaimed. (WD#152)
Karak Azul:
"Iron Peak", it has never fallen to the goblin hordes and is ruled by Lord Kazador. Gorfang Rotgut and the Broken Nose goblins did once successfully attack this hold, breaking into the throne room and capturing several members of the Dwarf Lord's household, including Kazrik, Kazador's son before esscaping back to where they came from. There is an abundance of iron in this area and the hold is famed for its swordsmiths. (WD#152, 159)
Karak Eight Peaks:
an ancient Dwarven stronghold built in a great bowl surrounded by eight peaks - Karag Zilfin, Karag Yar, Karag Mhonar, Karagril, Karag Lhune, Karag Rhyn, Karag Nar and Kvinn-Wyr. The stronghold dominates the eastern end of Death Pass, Carag Oran sits at the other. It belonged to Dunerka-a-Veran and was the fairest of the dwarven realms. She was known as The Queen of the Silver Depths (Vala-Azril-Ungol). Unlike other dwarven cities she was built open to the sky as a visible demonstration of dwarven wealth and power. But, after a volcanic eruption to the south, she was overrun by bands of orcs, goblins and skaven. In particular the goblin Skarsnik made his home here. In recent times many expeditions have been sent to reclaim her for the dwarves. The last one led by Belegar still holds onto a tiny portion of the dwarfhold. (WD#97, 125, 152, 159)
Karak Kadrin:
a city of the Dwarven Realm. It lies near one of the tributaries of the River Talabec. The closest, major Empire town is that of Waldenhof. It is called "peak pass" in Khazalid and has never fallen to the goblin hordes. Many Trollslayers and Giantslayers hail from here. (WD#140, 152)
Karak Varn:
"Crag Mere" in Khazalid. It is the great Dwarven stronghold within the World's Edge Mountains. It was shattered by an immense earthquake and afterwards swiftly overrun by the goblin hordes. It was retaken many years later but Skaven invaded and drove the dwarves away. It was to here that Joseph Bugman came after the Battle of Bugman's Breweries. Bugman's Dwarf Rangers were reformed here. Frequent expeditions are sent to Karak Varn to try and drive out the Skaven. (KK, WD#152)
this Dwarven hold came under siege from the Broken Nose Goblins. (WS)
see Karak-Azgal.
a Dwarven fort. (WS)
a city of the Dwarven Realm. It was the first of the Dwarf- holds to fall in the Goblin-Wars. It has never been reclaimed. It's last King was Ulther Stonehammer, but Grom the Wise ruled in his stead. Ulther had his father's oath to fullfil. It lies near the one of the tributaries of the River Talabec. It means "delving hold" in Khazalid as it lies on top of a vast network of caverns and tunnels. (WD#152)
Karashalla's Reavers:
a dark elf outfit. (WD#133)
Karaz, Dragon-Crown of:
the crown of the Lord of Karaz-a-Karak, the High King of all the Dwarfs. Said to have been made by Grungni and is marked with Za, the Rune of Kingship. (WD#160)
city of the Dwarven Realm. During the golden era of Dwarven civilisation, Karaz-a-Karak, with its great caverns and arches was the marvel of the age and was the capital of Karaz-Ankor. It is called Everpeak by man and at its main entrance stand four giant Colossi. Here lie the ancient temples to Grungni, Grimnir and Valaya. Here is kept the Book of Grudges and the Book of Remembering. The city never fell to the goblins. Krangal Ogreslayer was a king of Everpeak, an inscription above the gate to Karaz-a-Karak commemorates his glory. Other kings: King Brand. The current Lord of Karaz-a-Karak is Thorgrim Grudge Bearer. (D1, JAu85, WD#152, 153, 160)
the Ever-realm. This is the Khazalid name for the once great Dwarf empire. Its capital was at Karaz-a-Karak. (WD#152)
Kargan, King:
the ruler of the dwarves at the time of the Goblin Wars. He became the ally of Sigmar. (WD#114)
Kargos the Despoiler:
Fire-drake of the the red dragons. His elf-rider was Thaindon, Elf-Lord of Caledor. (WD#149)
Kargrim, Prince:
leads his Longbeards into battle, fights as part of Lord Gromson's regiment. (WD#135,144)
a thug that Otto Jaegar hires. (Skaven's Claw)
Karl-Franz I (2477 - ):
Emperor (2502) & Grand Prince of the Reikland, named heir is Prince Wolfgang Holswig-Abenauer, his sister's eldest son; Imperial Elector. Son of Ferrand. [NOTE; WD#122 gives Emperor Luitpold as Karl-Franz's father]
see Drengs.
Karnos, Lord of Beasts:
a deity of the Wood Elf pantheon, the master of the forest animals. Said, by humans, to be an aspect of Taal. (WCpp21)
Karsten, Prince:
hired Skaven to help him break the siege of Castle Seigfreid. (Skaven's Claw)
a small village of 30-40 adults that lies amongst hills, or near mountainous terrain. No specific location. It has a small silver mine nearby which has been taken over by an Ambull. The mayor is Johann Mulderbrek. One pub:
the Pit Prop. Two men have recently disappeared down the mine. Some 50 years ago, four other men went missing - devoured by some dread creature. [UNDEVELOPED - shortly before the incident 50 years ago, an unnamed wizard visited Karstenberg and went down the mines in search of a "magical treasure trove". And recently another wizard was snooping around.] (WD#108)
a village of Yvresse. (WD#158)
Arch Lector of the Cult of Sigmar, based in Nuln; Imperial Elector.
a human follower of Werner Thunderfist. One of his arms mutated into a tentacle. (WD#124)
Kasterman, Ferik:
the infamous leader of the Coven of Ten. He and the Coven were slain at the Battle of Hathar Ford by Teclis buring the Dark Elf War. (WD#156)
Katarina Kraeber:
apprentice to Anton Freiwald. She rebels against his dark sorcery. (The Spells Below)
Katarina the Great, Tzarina:
the "Ice Queen", ruler of Kislev. She is the daughter of Tzar Boris Goblin Basher. (WD#146)
a young gypsy, part of Goshuar's band. (D1)
Kazador, Lord:
dwarven ruler of Karak Azul, bears a strong grudge against Gorfang Rotgut who humiliated his son, Kazrik the Mad, and captured other members of his household. The event was meticulously inscribed into the Book of Grudges. (WD#159)
Kazgar the Fearless:
a Runesmith who discovered the last resting place of Grimdal Runefang and the Great Hammer of Wrath. He led a dwarven expedition from Karaz-a-Karak to Bretonnia to recover it. They were intercepted by a Bretonnian army. See the Battle for Grimdal's Tomb. Helgrind Bad-Axe, Thord Trollbiter and priest of Valaya, Garag the Devout accompanied him. He also hired two Kislevite scouts, Scarface and One-Eye in order to sneak past the Bretonnians and the Wood Elves. His fate was to be sealed up in Grimdal's Tomb forever. (WD#153)
an old abandoned Dwarven town, used laterly as a base by Hogrod Trollslaughterer and his orc warband. (WD#121)
Kazrik the Mad:
the son of Lord Kazador. During an attack on Karak Azul this unfortunate dwarf was captured. He had his hair and beard shaved off by Gorfang Rotgut's mob. An orc glyph was tatooed onto his bald head and as a final insult he was nailed to his father's own throne. Since then, he can hardly be called sane. (WD#159)
dragon, offspring of Mordax. Kegox was her first hatching. (WD#91)
Keloth's Tor:
site of a major battle between the Dwarven Empire and orcs & goblins. The Dwarves massacred their enemy, ushering in an era of relative peace. King Holgar ruled at the time and led his warriors into the battle. (KK)
Kellar's Keep:
the inner fortress of Karak Varn.
Kellermann, Wolfgang:
the owner of the Crossed Lances and the leader of the Black Arrows until he lost his foot. (WD#101)
Kemmler, Heinrich:
human. He was once a great and feared necromancer and acted as councillor to kings and princes. His earned the title Lichemaster and many tales and legends grew up around him. For over a century he spent most of his time travelling the Old World and visiting the private libraries of the great houses. The rivalries amongst the wizards brought a cabal against him and he was defeated at Nuln and driven west. Then at Helmgart he was trapped and imprisoned, only to escape again and turn south into the lands of Bretonnia and the city of Quenelles. Here he sought sanctuary in the Temple of Taal but his pursuers had sent Hell Hounds against him. He only just managed to banish them but used the last of his energy in the process and when people came to look he had vanished and was considered slain. Heinrich had been wounded beyond recovery and dazed he wandered east into the lands of The Princes and eventually stumbled across a cave high-up in the Black Mountains. Inside was the tomb of an ancient Chaos Warrior. He took hold of the Tomb-Blade he found within and felt new life fill his battered body. Now he set about locating the Mound of Krell; another chaos servants resting place that Heinrich had read about. It promised the gift of rejuvenation and more power. He found it in the shadow of the Frugelhorn mountain. There he struck a bargain with the chaos gods and began a reign of terror. His depridations led him to attack La Maisontaal at the Battle of La Maisontaal. He was, in his mortal days, a friend to the monastery's Master Bagrain. (JSp86)
Kenaron, Captain:
of the Emperor's Guard, he help the gap at Grin's Crag against the Doomguard, buying time for the Emperor to flee to safety. Ultimately he was felled by Morcar's foul sorcery. (KK)
the elven wizard who was among those elves ship-wrecked on Morien. (WD#137)
a demi-god, son of the Forest Goddess Torothal. His heart was burnt and the ashes are now said to be part of a sacred standard guarded by Kaia Stormwitch. (WD#92)
an elven term that means the pursuit of perfection in a chosen task or discipline. Most elves are perfectionists. (WD#137)
Kessandria, Witch Queen;:
she was in league with the Witch Lord. (WL)
Kessler, Annalisa:
aka the Black Arrow. (WD#101)
Kessler, Heinrich:
the leader of the Knights Panther who saw action at the Battle of Osterwald. Heinrich has the honour of slaying Azhak the Slaughterer. (WD#157)
Kesslar, Manfred:
a small-time extortionist in Nuln. (WD#93)
Kessler, Otto:
a thief who stole the Blue Flame. He hid the gem and told only his daughter, Annalisa, where it was hidden. (WD#101)
Keyler Distillery:
on the shores of Loch Lorm this was the scene of a battle between the McEwman clan and the supporters of Donalbane. (JSp86)
Keys, the Crystal:
see Ikons, Crystal.
Keys of Agrain, The:
these magical items are not keys but four large gems. King Agrain of Kalos created them and they are said to unlock the secrets of the Halls of Vision. (WL)
Khaef Korrond:
Khaef Tower, a Dark Elf settlement at the southern-most point of Hangman's Bay. (WD#108)
Khaef Tower:
see Khaef Korrond.
god, often called the Lord of Murder. He is linked in with the myths and legends surrounding Mo/rr. Some consider him merely an aspect of the Blood-God, Khorne. (WD#138)
Khaine, the Altar of:
this famous altar is on the Blighted Isle. It came into Dark Elf hands once more during the Dark Elf War. (WD#156)
a magic sword that once belonged to a Templar. It lay fogotten in the Halls of the Ancestors amid the ruins of Carag Eight Peaks for a long time and was guarded by a hideous mutated troll called Thulgul. (WD#125)
language spoken by Dwarves. It is written down using the dwarven runic script. (WFRP)
Chaos God. Called the Blood-God. Associated colours are Black or Red. Associated Colleges are Dark, Bright. (WD#113, 138)
see Gors.
Kheewyzz, Assassin:
a Skaven of Clan Eshin and part of the nest in Durrag- Dol. (WD#134)
Khyprian Empire:
a petty kingodom in the Border Princes. It backs onto the Black Mountains and comprises of the three provinces of the Northlands, the Heartland and the Westlands. Notable towns are Cabanal, Khypris, Alynda, and Mentreba. The kingdom is clustered around the Tana Dante. (WD#125)
the capital of the Khyprian Empire. This town lies in the province known as the Heartland. (WD#125)
Kingdom of the Dead:
an area of desert having many buried pyramids beneath it's sands. (WD#173)
Kingship, Rune of:
see Za.
the great eating hall in the Kinhearth of a dwarf colony. (WD#134)
the social centre of a dwarven colony, usually an entire level is designated the Kinhearth and given over to various halls and meeting places. (WD#134)
an area of ice and cold to the north of the Empire, bordered on one side by the Sea of Claws. It is the only Old World country to extend over the Worlds Edge Mountains (see Zaborota). Kislev was settled over 1,000 years ago by a formerly nomadic people called the Gospodars who used to live on the far side of the mountains to the east. The capital city is also called Kislev and lies on the banks of the River Urskoy. Kislev has never fallen in its entirety to the Chaos hordes, thanks to the Empire it has always held firm. The current Tsar is Tzarina Katarina the Great. (WFRP, WD#146)
Klammerer, Pieter:
a handyman from Leichlinberg. (WD#98pp47)
Rune of Parrying. One of the more ancient runes. (WD#153)
Kleiflusch, River:
a small river in the Empire; Meunchbeck and Vukotich crossed rafted down it. The village of Gladbeich lies along its length. (The Magician's Son)
Kleindeinst, "Filthy" Harald:
(2460 - ) an investigator. He was once a member of the Watch in Altdorf; the Watch Captain of the Luitpoldstrasse District. He was sacked (2503 IC) after he ended the life of a noble. Later he is reinstated into the watch and along with Rosanna Ophulus the Seer and the young Helmut Elsaesser he sets out to discover who is behind the serial killings that plagued Altdorf (2506 IC). They prove a good team and later he and Rosanna help to track down a madman in the city. He has travelled the Empire in the company of Sam Warble. (Beasts in Velvet, Warhawk, WD#140)
Kleingeld, Eberhardt:
the purser aboard the Emperor Luitpold, Eberhardt is under the command of Captain Mikhail Iorga. (WD#122)
Kloszowski, Prince:
a Tilean noble, he and Genevieve Sandrine are involved in the intrigues of Udolpho. (Cold Stark House)
the dwarven cook and navigator aboard the Eva Branduer. (The Black Sail)
Kluger, Hans:
owns Kluger's Emporium. He inherited it from his father who died in prison while awaiting trial for a murder he did not commit. Hans has a very low opinion of the law. He is a fence and many of his childhood friends are now high-up in Marienburg's criminal fraternity. His contacts include Neugierde of Middenheim. He has a ginger cat called Jascha. (WD#128)
Kluger's Emporium:
on Silver Street off Potion Square in Marienburg. Sells antiques and curios. Owned by Hans Kluger. (WD#133)
Knight Commander of the Imperial Guard:
a title of governmental office. Current encumbant is Margrave Hermann von Pfeifraucher. (WD#91).
Knightly Orders of the Empire:
being a Feudal society, when a noble assumes his title and feudal responsibilities he joins one of the Knightly Orders of the Empire. These are chivalric societies dedicated to a particular deity or the memory of an ancient warrior hero. Their chief purpose is the defence of the whole Empire against Chaos. The main two orders are the White Wolves and the Knights Panther but there are many others. (WD#146)
Knights of Purity:
Marienburg order. A charitable organisation but a very secretive one. They hold meetings in the back room of Moonbeam Inn. Known members: Albert Loodemans. (WD#133)
Knights of the Blazing Sun:
a Knightly Order within the Empire. They are all followers of the goddess Myrmidia. During the wars against Araby, some Empire Knights helped recapture the temple of Myrmidia in Margritta. During that battle an earthquake dislodged a statue of the goddess which crushed Emir Wazir the Cruel. When the Knights returned home they built a shrine to Myrmidia in Talabheim. (WD#147)
Knights of the Fiery Heart:
a Knightly Order within the Empire. (WD#146)
Knights Panther:
an order dedicated to the eradication of mutants, and the preservation of racial purity; elite corps in Talabheim. Their origins lie in the wars with Araby over a thousand years ago. The returning Knights brought back panthers from the pleasure gardens of Istrabul - their order became associated with the creatures. Their battle standard was specially made for them by the College of Light. (WD#146)
Knight-Chevalier of the Bedchamber:
a title of governmental office handed out by an Elector. (WD#91)
Known World, The:
From the point of view of the Empire, the Known World comprises of The Old World (in great detail) and several other place names that the general populace probably won't be able to place very well - Araby, South Lands, Dark Lands, Cathay, Steppes, Lustria, The New World, Northern Chaos Wastes & Southern Chaos Wastes. (WFRP)
a thugs employed by Claudio Carbonetti. (WD#105)
Koch, Else:
an old harridan who lives on the Wendenbahn in the Altquartier of Middenheim. (WD#105)
Koch, Wilhelm:
the local loony of the village of Karstenberg. 60 years of age, with unkempt grey hair and a beard. A stooping 5'8" tall, he is built like a scarecrow. He believes that the end of the world is at hand and is convinced that a monstrous Daemon called Ridley is lurking in the Karstenberg silver mine. He is, however, the local know-it-all, and can remember quite a lot about Karstenberg's past. (WD#108)
the abandoned river boat that the Eva Branduer discovered after leaving Ubersreik. She had been carrying brandy but was attacked by Beastmen. (The Black Sail)
Koester's Boarding House:
in Potion Square, Marienburg. (WD#133)
Konigswald, Oswald von:
(the Elder) he is the grandfather of the Oswald who defeated Drachenfels. He died of a brain fever and, in accordance with family legend, it was said that the ghost of Schlicter von Konigswald came to bear him away. (WD#117)
Konigswald, Oswald von:
(2459 - ) the Crown Prince of Ostland. He, along with several others, including Genevieve Sandrine and Anton Veidt, was responsible for the downfall of the Great Enchanter in 2480IC. He carried the battle to Drachenfels and with his small band of followers entered the dreaded Fortress of the Great Enchanter. He killed the fiend. For this deed, Oswald is a hero of the Empire. His father is on the point of dying and Oswald has comissioned a play from Detlef Sierck, to be performed when he assumes his majority and becomes an Imperial Elector. His steward was Hendrik Kraly. [NOTE: the Konigswald family are NOT the Electors of Ostland according to the Warhammer Campaign book, see Tasseninck family.] (WD#117,122)
Konigswald, Schlicter von:
? (WD#117)
FICTION. Written by David Ferring and published by GW Books. ISBN 1 872372 022 3. Tells the story of Konrad and how he meets up with the hardened warrior Wolf von Neuvald. First of a trilogy. See Shadowbreed, Warblade.
(2478 - ) a hardened mercenary on the edge of the Chaos Wastes. Konrad started out life as a much-beaten servant boy. His village on the edge of the Forest of Shadows was attacked by beastmen and he fled to a neighbouring town. There he fell into trouble with the law but was rescued by Wolfgang von Neuwald. They travel north to Kislev, meet the wizard Litzenreich and Konrad has a magic sword called, simply, Warblade forged for him by Dwarven master-smiths. The most unusual thing about Konrad are his eyes; one is green the other gold. The green one, the left one is blind. (WD#122, Konrad, Shadowbreed, Warblade)
Koopmans, Jan:
the head of one of the most powerfull merchant families in Marienburg. He along with Pieter Winkler and Thijs van Onderzoeker, Jan petitioned Magnus the Pious to allow Westerland to become a self-governing Province rather than a Barony. They argued that the risk of offending many of the great houses of the Empire by appointing the wrong one to the office of Baron of Westerland might destabilise the Empire and so, for the stability of the Empire, it would be best if Westerland were ruled by a council made up of merchant princes. The Emperor agreed, and on the 32nd Vorhexen, 2305IC a decree was published creating the Province of Westerland. (WD#118)
Koopvardijvloot Hoom:
harbour master's offices? (WD#121)
Kopfgeld, Ursula:
the lover of the deceased Josef Aufwiegler. She suspected that Josefs death was not all that natural and followed the coffin upriver from Altdorf. (WD#94)
an orc, part of a stone-thrower crew at the Battle of Iron Peak. (WD#159)
the father of horses according to Elven legend. Malhandir was of his bloodline. (WD#156)
Korhian Ironglaive:
the captain of the White Lions, and the most renowned warrior of Chrace. He was killed by Urien Posionheart when he answered that creatures challenge during the Battle of Finuval. (WD#156)
Kraal, Ragged-Ear:
an underling of Vomitskrag Krusher. He got his prefix when, drunk on spitberry juice, he decided that serrated ears would improve his looks. His partner, Skimgol, obliged him. (WD#97)
Kragg the Grim:
Runesmith, may still be alive in Karaz-a-Karak but is very old. Honoured as an ancestor. He had to flee from Karak Ungol and then later from Karak Varn. His bitterness against the enemies of the Dwarves found its way into the weapons he forged and such a weapon is highly prized by Dwarf and human alike. (WD#153)
Kraly, Hendrik:
Oswald von Konigswald's steward. (WD#122)
Krangal Ogreslayer:
a king of Karaz-a-Karak. An inscription about him is carved above the gate to Everpeak. (WD#152)
Krank Kirsten:
human thief. A pregenerated character. (TEW)
Krassner, Wolfgang:
an Altdorf bully. Killed by Felix Jaegar. (WD#120)
once a mighty chaos servant his resting place at the Mound of Krell was disturbed by the Lichemaster and his body was reanimated to fight again. In his mortal days, Krell was a chaos warrior whose evil deeds shook the world during the first incursions of chaos. His guard captain was Ranlac the Black. (JSp86)
Krell, Mound of:
this is the resting place of the mighty chaos warrior, Krell. It was guarded by undead servitors and a legend about rejuvenation and power for the taking caused Heinrich Kemler to seek it out. (JSp87)
a town nestling in the shadow of the Vaults at the convergence of the great mountain passes leading to Bretonnia and the Border Princes. (Death's Dark Shadow)
Krieglitz von, family of Talabecland:
descended from Emperor Dieter von Krieglitz.
Krieglitz, Dieter von:
Emperor; deposed after the secession of the Wasteland (2429).
Krieglitz, Gustav von (2490-):
Grand Duke of Talabecland, based in Castle Schloss just outside the town of Herzig; no named heir; Imperial Elector.
Krieglitz-Untermensch, family of Talabheim:
descended from Emperor Dieter von Krieglitz and Grand Duchess Ottilia Untermensch.
Krieglitz-Untermensch, Elise (2481-):
Duchess of Talabheim, based in Talabheim; no named heir; Imperial Elector.
a Snotling chief. (WD#100pp25)
Kronstadt, Alexander:
a mutant from a moderately well-off family in Marienburg. He was taken in by Sister Marianne Liefeder of the Marienburg Home For Foundlings. His mutation was a set of long fangs that have since been filed down so that he now apears normal. His brother has infiltrated the Knights of Purity for Sister Marianne and now warns her about any planned mutant-raids. (WD#126)
Krudenwald, Klaus:
a member of the merchants guild. Klaus helped out a fellow guild-member, Eberhardt Kaldach, by arranging for a party of adventurers to rescue his kidnapped brother, Wilheim. (WD#122)
Krug, Hans:
a farmer from Leichlinberg. (WD#98pp47)
a town within the Empire, it lies on the river Stir, mid-way between Wurtbad and Waldenhof. (WD#140)
Krupp, Albrecht:
a handyman from Leichlinberg. (WD#98pp47)
Kryrnaa Khanas:
the Damned of Khaine. This secret cult within Dark Elf society was formed almost as the Druchii kingdom was founded. They had turned from the worship of Slaanesh, and had chosen to follow Khaine. Over the millenia, they have gained power and influence until recently they overthrew the Dru Perim and took control of the Dark Elf empire. Their current leader is Rhudd Cynhaef, the Princess-Queen. Amongst their number are the Tulluch, the Witch Elves. (WD#108)
Kuftsos Adolphus:
human bounty hunter; he has made the setup for Kastor Lieberung. (TEWpp51)
Kugelmann, Conrad:
an agitator and active member of P.L.A.N.T. in Altdorf. (WD#96)
Kugelmatic XXXX:
anything that begins with Kugelmatic is the invention of the crackpot scientist Wolfgang Kugelschrieber. (WD#93)
Kugelschrieber, Wolfgang:
the famous inventor who resides in Nuln. His house, Der Geflugelsalat, is on the Gemmisteifelstrasse. (WD#93)
lives with Burt and Gert on the Wendenbahn in the Altquartier of Middenheim. They are all labourers. (WD#105pp55)
Kurt the Wolf:
declared an outlaw by his treacherous kinsmen, Kurt turned to Khorne for aid in his revenge. Now he roams the wastes searching of the Gates to Khornes kingdom. He has a band of followers including Oleg Zaharof and Prince Dieter. (WD#118)
a drug made from the Gortsiete plant. Induces drowsieness and, in a strong enough concentration, unconciousness. (WD#87)
a village of hunters and trappers some 40 miles north of Salzenmund, population around 40. (see The Howling Season) (WCpp7)
Kurtz, Martin:
a strong, young man of 26. 6'2" with short black hair and green eyes, he is the foreman of the silver mine near the village of Karstenberg. (WD#108)
Kuryitsin, Oleg:
pregenerated character. A Kislevite scout who works the Yeltzin valley caravan route. (D1)
a ninjas weapon. It is a sickle on a length of cord or light chain. Used as a hand weapon, but it can also be thrown, possibly entangling the victim. (WD#81)
Kuyper, Sergeant:
a member of the Watch in Marienburg. He drinks at the Pelican's Perch. (WD#119)
Kuypers, Jaan van de:
the richest man in Marienburg - supposedly. He is the current Master Overseer at the Wasteland Export-Import Excahnge. (WD#121)
Kuyster, Handrijk van den:
an obnoxious merchant from Marienburg that was murdered on the Emperor Luitpold. (WD#122)
the Rune of Courage. (WD#153)
the White Lady, one of the eight peaks overlooking Karag Eight Peaks. (WD#152)
see Drengs.


Land of Chill:
see Naggaroth.
title suitable for the lowest rank of nobility in The Empire (WD#91)
a Bretonnian city at the mouth of the river Sannez, famed for it's port and the huge 1500-foot high lighthouse. The lighthouse is the tallest building in the Old World, and actually a fortress built by the Elves many years before the Dwarf/Elf War. It's beacon can be seen from Albion's southern coast.
Lastkahn, Hanna:
the daughter of one of the wealthy boat-building families of Grissenwald. She is the mistress of Graf Freidrich von Pfeifraucher but she is also betrothed to Thomas Prahmhandler, the heir of another wealthy boatbuilding family. (WD#94)
Lauengram, Kaspar:
one of the bar staff at the Crossed Lances. (WD#101pp43)
Laughing Warrior, The:
see Glam.
Laurelorn, Forest:
the home of the best-known Wood Elf settlement in the Empire. It lies north of the Middenheim to Marienburg road. A mixed forest, home to the giant lornalim trees. (WD#140)
seemingly an opposite to Chaos, but in fact merely one aspect of it. The forces of Law entered the World along with those of Chaos when the Warpgates collapsed. (WFRPpp263)
Lazlo, Pieter:
the ambassador of Magnus the Pious to the High Elves. He pleaded for any help the elves could send to stop the Old World being overrun by the hordes of Chaos. The elves were hard pressed themselves but Teclis, Yrtle and Finraer agreed to go back with him. (WD#156)
Lead Belcher:
a Dwarven machinery of destruction, now lost to the Goblins of the Broken Nose.
Lechart, Wuder:
the village idiot of Pritzstock. (WD#98)
Lecture for an Insignificant Princeling:
book by Inuendo Machiavenni. It contains much wisdom for aspiring tyrants and kings. (ME)
Leech Street:
see Zegepraal Straat.
Leerer, Lisette:
the proprietor of Lisette's Leather Goods. Not a leather- worker but a trader in leather goods and hides. If its made out of leather then her shop has it. Lisette is actually an assassin and a member of The Guild. She has dealings with the Worshipful Guild of Stevedores' and Teamsters' as well as the Knights of Purity. A paid up member of the Leatherworkers' Guild. (WD#128)
the term Slann use for Bretonnians. (WD#96)
Legions of the Black Banner:
these armies took part in the First War. (WD#134)
a village near Middenheim. (WD#98)
Leitdorf, Marius:
the MAd Elector Count of Averland. (WD#158)
a native of Miragliano, Chief Engineer Leonardo founded the Imperial Engineering School in Altdorf. He was killed while testing out a new flying-device, the explosion also burnt down half of the school. (WD#146)
Leopold, Emperor:
succesor of Magnus the Pious in 2369 IC. Prior to this he was the Count of Stirland. (WD#140)
Spirit of the Forest, Lord of the Forest. This spirit is the sovereign of the forest and is vain, egomaniac. He has a patient servant in Father Bear. A Leshy is a strange sight, like a bear with green hair, goat's feet and horns, great claws like a grizzly and wearing a sheepskin cloak. He can be any size he choses but prefers a gigantic frame, twenty to forty feet high towering over the forest. (WD#104)
Leverktse, Sister Anna-Lise:
works at Great Hospice. (WD#130)
Elven deity. (WD#138)
Liber Mortis:
A dread book on necromancy. One of the main forbidden books from which this art can be learned. (WD#173)
Libram Libris Bestiis Chaotis:
an arcane tome of knowledge, written in Classical, it details many evil and unnatural beasts of chaos. There is a condensed version, the De Bestiis Chaotis. (WD#108)
Lieberung, Kastor:
Magister Impedimentae of the Cult of the Purple Hand. He was responsible for organising a campaign of child- kidnappings. After a cultist got caught, Lieberung fled from Nuln and went to Altdorf. He was led to Bogenhafen by a false heritance setup by bounty hunter Adolphus Kuftsos and professor Quintus Fassbinder. Lieberung was murdered during an attack on his coach by a gang of beastmen (2512). (TEW)
Liebewitz, Emmanuelle von (2485 - ):
Countess of Nuln, based in Nuln; no named heir; Imperial Elector. Reknowned for her lavish parties. Sister of Leos. She is currently being pestered by Ettiene Edouard Villechaize, the Bretonnian Ambassador. (Beasts in Velvet)
Liebewitz, Count Leos von:
reputedly the finest fencer in the Empire, Leos is a duellist. He is the brother of Emanuelle. (Beasts in Velvet)
Liebewitz of Ambosstein, Gravin Maria-Ulrike von:
the niece of Emmanuelle von Liebewitz. Was accused and tried of immoral behaviour and complicity in the death of a guest at one of her aunts infamous parties. Her accuser was Baron Otto von Dammenblatz of Wissenburg. Her personal champion and bodyguard is Bruno Franke. Her lawyer is Gustaf Rechtshandler. (WD#94)
Liefeder, Sister Marianne:
she runs the Marienburg Home for Foundlings. She is well known in the city for her crazy ideas, most noted of which are the blue uniforms and collecting tins with which she sends out her orphans to beg. She is a genuinely sincere lady, but tough as old boot. She used to work as a shopkeeper on Riddra Isle but later became an initiate of Shallya with a burning need to found an orphanage. She is technically under the authority of Brother Marijkus at the Edelmoed Temple but he leaves her to get on with things. Ex-orphans include: Axel Huurder, Bruno Snijermans, Paulus Edelsteen and Jeremias Qualk. (WD#126)
Lieutenants of Morcar:
Four dread scorcerors that served the evil Morcar - Zanrath, Fanrax, Boroush and Grawshak. (WoM)
one of the Colleges of Magic. Symbol: Tree. Colour: White. These Wizards are regarded as friendly and generous, favouring the poor and scorning the rich. The College stresses intellectual endeavour and purity. The Light College was one of the first to be established in Altdorf and they crafted the war-banner of the Knights Panther in exchange for Panther Tower where they wished to adopt as their College. (WD#113,146)
Light of Learning:
a Light Wizard's spell that needs a lit lamp to work. It gives vision through solid matter. The caster is able to focus on any point within his normal range of sight and any obstructions such as walls and rock melt in front of his gaze. An unnerving effect that takes some getting used to. (WD#139)
Lighthouse Inn:
a pub in Marienburg. The backroom is occasionally used by The Guild. (WD#128)
elven goddess. (WD#156)
Lilaeth, Moon Staff of:
Alarielle gave this to Teclis on the eve of the Battle of Finuval Plain. It is charged with the power of the goddess. (WD#156)
had the room below Felix in Nuln. Prostitute or shopkeeper? (Skaven's Claw)
Lisette's Leather Goods:
a shop on Canal Street in Marienburg. Owned by Lisette Leerer. Buys and sells hides and leatherware. It is no mistake that the shop is near Tanner's Alley. (WD#128)
a wizard who practices strange, forbidden magic using warpstone. He even steals some from the Skaven and incurs their wrath. He is helped out of his trouble by Konrad. Employed by Gustav the Mad. (Shadowbreed, Warblade)
Lobotomised Slaves:
these are often used by Slann in battle and exist everywhere the Slann are. They are used as menial servants and are the workhorse of the Slann civilisation. (WD#96)
Loewijer, Anton:
owns the tannery on Canal Street in Marienburg. He served some time in the military as a soldier in the private militia of the Onderzoeker family. He is missing two fingers and has an impressive scar on his right arm. He retired once he made sergeant. He has had experience in tanning some rare and exotic hides - e.g. Wyvern. A member of the Leatherworkers' Guild. Two apprentices: Mats Vaadsig and Mexentius "Maxie" Appledown. (WD#135)
Loewijer's Tannery:
sits on Canal Street at the corner of Potion Square in Marienburg. Owned by Anton Loewijer. (WD#135)
Long Beards:
see Stunty.
Long Dragon:
a pub on Potion Square in Marienburg, co-owned by Lotte Wald and ?. There is a drug den here. (WD#128,133,135)
dwarven reference to Elves. (WD#134)
a Skeleton Champion, servant of Morbius, this undead had the head of a bull in life and now has a bovine skull in death. (WD#94)
Dwarven name for anyone bigger than them. (WD#105pp49)
Loodemans, Albert:
the guildmaster of the Brotherhood of Seamen & Pilots in Marienburg. A member of the secret Knights of Purity society. He knows Odvaal van Huister, various members of the merchant families and many other exalted people. (WD#121)
Lord of Auersvald:
see Friedrich-Gustav.
Lord of Change:
a greater daemon of Tzeentch, or, sometimes, an appellation used to describe Tzeentch himself. This fiend is a huge, winged and feathered monstrosity. It has a long neck and a beaked head with wise, but uncaring eyes. It is a supreme manipulator of the affairs of the living. (WD#119)
Lord of Murder:
see Khaine.
Lord of Slaughter:
see Khorne.
Lord of the Crags:
see Grom the Paunch.
Lord of the Dance:
see Adamnan-na-Brionha.
Lord of the Forest:
see Leshy.
Lord of the Friest:
? see Jules Gascoigne.
Lord of the Stone:
see Azram the Mighty.
Loren Forest:
home to the largest population of Wood Elves, this forest lies within Bretonnia. The sources of the Upper Grismerie and the River Brienne run through it's leafy glades.
Lorm, Loch:
a loch in East Albion. The famous Keyler Distillery is on its shores. The loch is supposed to be haunted by a terrible sea-monster. (JSp86)
a type of tree sacred to the Wood Elves. It is a straight trunked tree, with a silvery bark and fibrous, yellow leaves. Those who enter the Wood Elf domains and chop down such trees are shown no mercy. The wood is used to make elf-arrows. (WD#112,136)
Loth, Alaric von:
a hero of the Empire. As a witch-hunter, he wielded the sword White Reaver. He vanished in the Fortress of Veitch where he went to destroy the Bloody mask cult. The cultist Herman Zorin resurrected him as an undead servant. (WD#150)
Lothar Bubonicus:
a champion of Nurgle. The lone survivor when plague destroyed his village, Lothar dedicated himself to Father Nurgle. He gained the title of Bubonicus from a band of Skaven who joined his entourage and helped him attack the town of Uberaverglau. Grod, the mutant, the witch, Skas and the ogre, Utterblight were all part of his band. He achieved daemonhood and took the name Ghur'urgh bu'yue. (WD#124)
the capital of the Elven Kingdoms, situated on the island of Ulthuan. Lothern is a great sea-port and the seat of the Eldar Council. The most powerful Elven King, the King of Lothern, comes from here.
Louis IX, King:
ruler of Bretonnia.
Louis X, King:
ruler of Bretonnia.
Louis XI, King:
ruler of Bretonnia.
a province of North Albion. Grimgag was once the provinces Thane. (GGG1pp14)
Tilean city.
Ludwig the Fat:
Emperor (c1000); issues a royal charter to the Halflings of the Moot, granting them autonomy and an Imperial vote.
Lufric the Doomed:
last of the Old Kings of North Albion, he was defeated by Flynn of Eldaw. Flynn struck the head of the Witch-King clean off his shoulders, only thus was he able to overcome the power of the Crown of Kings which Lufric wore. Lufric's head was kept alive by the crown and Flynn, unable to remove the crown, took it and hid it in the Web of Eldaw. (GGG1pp14)
the sea-elf vessel captained by Wavemaster Sullandiel Fartrader. Its name means "Jewel-gleam of Sunlight on Wave-foam". It was sighted off the coast of Marienburg and Baron Matteus von Hoogmans sent out four warships to investigate. (WD#118)
Luitpold, Emperor:
( - 2491). The father of Karl-Franz I.
Luitpold, Prince:
(2491 - ). ? (WD#140)
Luitpoldstrasse District:
an area of Altdorf. (WD#140)
see Beowulf.
Lure of Chaos:
due to the Taint of Chaos in every creature, there is something inside that can lead them to worship Dark Gods, this urge, this need is the Lure of Chaos.
a vast continent in the southern hemisphere, jungle in the north, grasslands in the south. Home to two native races of Humans (Amazons and Pygmies) and home also to what remains of the Slann. (WFRPpp261)
Luydenhoek Isle:
a part of Marienburg, see Potion Square. It is connected to the mainland by the Draaienbrug Bridge and to the island of Hightower by the Niederbrug Bridge. (WD#119,133)
Lynsk, River:
runs from the north of the Worlds Edge Mountains through Kislev, emptying into the Sea of Claws. The Plains of Blight lie north of it and, at its headwaters, the province of Praag lies to the south . The town of Bolgasgrad lies along its length. (WD#140)
Lyons, Comte de:
a Bretonnian noble. (WD#137)


Maacht, Graf Paulus van der:
the last Baron of Westerland. He was killed in 2302IC during the last Incursion of Chaos. He was 15 years old and unmarried, leaving no heir to the Barony. The van der Maachts were also a junior branch of the ruling house of Nordland who immediately put forward candidates upon Paulus' death. So did many oher houses from right across the Empire. The decision of Magnus the Pious over who to appoint looked ready to destabilise the Empire. It was at this point that the three envoys from Marienburg's merchant families entered the scene. See Jan Koopmans, Pieter Winkler adn Thijs van Onderzoeker. (WD#118)
a member of Broon's warband. (WD#108)
loyal nobleman to King Dunco of East Albion. He was with the king the night of the fatal ambush in Glen Givet. (WD#76)
Machiavenni, Inuendo:
author of the famous "Lecture for an Insignificant Princeling". (ME)
Spirit of Man's Beast, Grandfather Barn. This rural demi-god watches over domestic beasts and is reknowned for playing practical jokes. Appears as an aged human figure about a foot high; he can assume the appearance of a staff of straw. (WD#104pp11)
Mad Arab, The:
see Luyt'ama Rah'slyn.
Mad Cap:
a fungus used by goblins to turn themselves into crazed fanatics in the heat of battle. (WD#154)
Mad Dog Pass:
crosses the Worlds Edge Mountains into the Border Princes. Scene of many, many pitched battles. Known as Varag Kadrin to the Dwarves. (WD#152)
herb, invigorates mages. (WD#126)
Magga Dog:
a pygmy champion. (WD#100)
Chief Gudruk Bonechewer's youngest whelp, he carries the standard in Ruglud's Spike-Can Commandoes. (WD#95)
Magic, Raw:
magic equals chaos. A spell is merely the orderly manifestation of chaos in the real world. (WD#113)
Magical Flux:
this is the ebb and flow of raw magic as is sweeps across the Warhammer World. Sucked in through the Chaos warp gates, it is considered by mages to split into, or be composed of eight different types. Wizards are supposed to be able to sense and even see the Flux. Also called the Wind of Chaos. See the Colleges of Magic. (WD#113)
Magistorum Chaotica:
a treatise concerning the nature of Chaos. (WD#103pp11)
Magistrates' Courts:
mentioned as part of Marienburg. (WD#133)
Magnar the Clawed:
a champion of Tzeentch. He reported Meitrich Von Tolermann's treachery to a Lord of Change. (WD#119)
the wizard that accompanied Sven Hammerhelm and Pierre Chancier into the Tombs of the Phalanx. (WD#145)
Magnus the Pious ( - 2369):
makes an appeal for unity against the Chaos threat (2302); leads a Kislevite/Imperial alliance against Chaos forces; elected Emperor (2304); reunited the Empire. He sanctioned the practice of magic within the Empire and set up the Colleges of Magic. When he died the Empire passed into the hands of the Emperor Leopold.
Estalian city on the Southern Sea coast.
Maier, Jorgen:
the captain of the Eva Braduer who rescues Stefan Hochen from the attentions of a mugger in Ubersreik. (2495 IC). Klug is his cook and navigator. (The Black Sail)
Maisontaal, La:
a monastery dedicated to Taal. It is situated in The Princes on the edge of the Loren Forest. Bagrain is the Master of the Monastery. (JSp86)
Makin' Bakin:
see Crumpin'.
Makreel, Frans:
a moneylender in Marienburg. (WD#128)
the renegade chaos god, the Outcast One. When the other gods of chaos became manifest on the Warhammer World, this god turned against them all and would enter into no alliance with any of the others. His mightiest champions are called the Doomed Ones and Kaleb-Daark is chief amongst them. Malal appears as a giant fur-covered creature with four horns and three eyes. He is mentioned in The Great Book of Despair. (JSp87)
the horse given to Tyrion by the elves of Ellyrian on the eve of the Battle of Finuval Plain, the last of the bloodline of Korhandir. (WD#156)
the spirit-familiar of Klaus Treuer. Malkin is the spirit form of domestic cat. (D1)
an elf who travelled for a while with the wizard Wanda. They once came across some Fimir in an area of marshland. (WD#97pp83)
Malteeras, the People of the Northern Reaches:
these were the ancestors of the Dark Elves. From their home in the Elven Kingdoms they were exiled after the brutal Elven Civil War. Turning to the god Slaanesh, they fled to the New World and a land called Naggaroth. Here they took the name Druchii - the Dark Elves. (WD#108)
most numerous of the four races of the Old World, often called, simply, Old Worlders. Greatly affected by Chaos they spawned a new abhuman race - the Beastmen, and the evil Chaos Warriors. (WFRP)
Manann, God of the Sea:
Son of Taal and Rhya. One of the Country Gods. His largest temple in the Old World is at Marienburg. His son is Handrich, the god of trade. (WD#118,138)(WFRPpp196)
Manann, Lighthouse of:
this famous lighthouse guards the entrance to MArienburg's harbour. (WD#118)
a very powerful poison effective against humans. Often used in capsule form as a suicide pill by particularly dedicated chaos cultists.
Mandragora Bank:
a banking house. (WD#130)
a viscious breed of dog, much favoured in Tilea. Often used as guard dogs. (WD#105pp51)
see Prince Tyrion.
the name given to the mangonel built by Ruglodd the Fruitcake for his tribe the Skull Crusher Orcs. (WD#89)
Mannlicher, Klaus:
the barman at the Whaler's Return, a pub in Marienburg. He is a good friend of Axel Huurder. (WD#121)
Marak Barbspite:
an orc, interviewed by the Altdorf Times just before he was burnt to death. (WS)
Maramseth the Centaur:
one of the many Centaurs that roam the Northern Steppes. Maramseth was friendly with the Dolgans for a while and helped them attack Bagnol's caravan. (JAu85)
Maranaeur, Dieter:
the twin-brother of Stefan. Dieter is a wizard. He had just completed his apprenticeship at the time of Stefan's disappearance and presumed death. He hired Kurt Shultz, as a bodyguard, while he was investigating his brother's demise. (WD#98pp50)
Maranaeur, Stefan:
a wine merchant and the lover of Elisabet Rocheteau. Stefan has a twin-brother, Dieter. He was presumed dead after his pack and horse was found abandoned near the village of Pritzstock. Stefan had a residence in Altdorf. (WD#98pp51)
Marg beh-Marg Desert:
this desert lies to the south of the Badlands.
the southern sea-port of Estalia. The Temple to Myrmidia here was the scene of a famous battle during the wars with Araby. See the Knights of the Blazing Sun. (WD#147)
an experienced orc warrior recently given a command for the first time by Morglum. Margrogg's boys are called the Maggots. (WD#110)
Margrogg's Maggots:
a unit led by Margrogg, part of Morglum's Marauders. (WD#110)
lives with Petra on the Wendenbahn in the Altquartier of Middenheim. They are ladies of dubious virtue. (WD#105pp55)
an independant city state in the heart of the Wasteland it lies at the mouth of the river Reik. What authority exists in the Wasteland stems from here. It was the Burgomeisters of Marienburg who, with the help of Bretonnia, organised the secession of the Wasteland from the Empire. South of the city are vast swamps, the Grootmoers marsh. The docklands of the Suiddoc stretch for over a mile and are the largest in the Old World. There is an important Temple to Manann here, and Hoogbrug Bridge is one of the marvels of the Old World. See also Rijker's Isle and Elftown. Entrance to the city is via the Oostenpoort or the Westenpoort. There is a gate tax imposed on travellers which is waived if they have buisness in the city with one of the great families. See Marius the Fen Wolf. See the Treaty of Traktatsey. See Moussillon. See Albany. See Matteus von Hoogmans. Pop. 150,000. (WD#118)
Marienburg, Council of:
created in 2305IC by Magnus the Pious. The Barony of Westerland ceased to be and the Province of Westerland came into being. The Province was to be governed by a Council made up of the heads of the merchant families of Marienburg. See Jan Koopmans. For over a hundred years this council opperated successfully but they had insidiously extended their powers, allowing merchant princes to keep private fleets and militias (in order to protect the Province from pirates). In 2378-9IC a successful campaign against the privateers was brought to a close but still the fleets and armies did not disband. The key point was when the Council approached Emperor Leopold and offered to relieve the Imperial Second Fleet (stationed at Marienburg) and conduct the defence of the city themselves. Leopold agreed as he was facing uprisings in other areas and the upkeep of the Second Fleet was a drain of the Imperial coffers he could do without. The council also relieved the Imperial Excise men of their duties and collected taxes themselves on behalf of the Emperor. In the spring of 2429 IC the Province of Westerland refused to provide any more troops for the Imperial armies and when Emperor Dieter IV was replaced by Prince Wilhelm of Altdorf, Westerland formally seceeded from the Empire. The city is now ruled over by the High Council. (WD#118,128)
Marienburg, High Council of:
this is the ruling body of Marienburg. Known members: Wilhelm Rotkopf (secret). (WD#128)
Marienburg Home For Foundlings:
this institution lies on Potion Square and is run by Sister Marianne Liefeder. It consists of three buildings that back onto Poultice Water. The Home is well run and organised. Its orphans don't wander the streets begging, they wander the streets in a smart blue uniform and shake a tin for people to donate money to the Home. Gunther and Anders Grimm act as servants. Some of the children are mutants. (WD#126)
Marijkus, Brother:
of the Edelmoed Temple, Marienburg. A priest of Shallya. He has a brother called Bertholdt. (WD#126,133)
cousin to Pieter. Sold a cargo in the Pit in Marienburg to Mijinheer Stotenvark. (WD#121)
Marius the Fen Wolf:
a descendant of Gulderic, Marius was made the first Baron of Westerland. His name is spelled differently in various documents; Marjus, Marikjus, Ma.rus and Marjoos are all valid. He conducted a long- running and successful campaign against the Fimir and goblins who plagued the marshes and fens of the region. It was during this campaign that he discovered the ruins of Sith Rionnasc'namishathir and set up his capital there, calling it the City of Marius, or Marienburg. (WD#118)
one of the days of the week, see Imperial Calendar.
Marmalodi, Giovanni:
a bankrupt Tilean soldier of fortune. He made a name for himself by writing the book "A Treatise For De Deliverance Of Cities" - 2420I. Giovanni is not known to have ever been present at any siege, and yet this book - a work of pure imagination on his part - is one of the foremost texts on the subject of siege warfare. Rumour has it he discovered a journal kept by Duke Ilich Meinbach. (WS)
Marrow Sucker Orcs:
an orc tribe led by Hogblud. Their nearest neighbours are the Neck Snapper Tribe. (WD#92)
Master of the Pond:
a title given to the Slaan, Itzibitzi. (WD#96)
Matthius IV:
an Emperor? he dissapeared in 2401 IC. (WD#140)
Mauerbrecher, Graf von:
owner of Schloss Kauze. Hired Emilio Tortellini's mercenary outfit. (WD#100pp56)
a village of The Riding in the Empire. Famed for it's Mayby Frog-Swallowing Day.
Maze, The:
the infmaous criminal quarter of Altdorf. (WD#120)
McArno, Clan:
a clan of East Albion. They are the traditional enemies of the McEwman clan and live at Winwood Harbour. Their immediate neighbours are the Greevants with whom they hold an annual games. (JSp86)
McCoughlagan, Clan:
a clan of East Albion loyal to Donalbane. They took part in the attack on the Keyler Distillery. (JSp86)
hero of East Albion, he helped defeat the raiding Norse and rebels. However, he later met three witches who prophesised his rise to power as King of East Albion. The prophesy was fulfilled with McDeath first becoming Thane of Cawdor and then King after he murdered the current encumbent, King Dunco in an ambush where McDeath allied himself with a band of orcs. McDeath was urged to his act of treachery by his wife Lady McDeath, and aided by his lieutenant, Banquo. (WD#76)
McDeath, Lady:
married to the Thane of Cawdor, McDeath, she was overly-keen for McDeath to fulfil the witches prophecy and convinced him to murder his liege, King Dunco. She was a sorceress. (WD#76)
McEwman, Clan:
led by Julia McEwman, this clan sought to overthrow McDeath. They landed at Winwood Harbour, the home of their traditional enemies, the McArnos and attacked them during the annual Greevant-McArno gathering. (JSp86)
McWrecker, Een:
McDeath's lieutenant. He was a sorcerer and commanded McDeath's forces at Dungal Hill. (JSp86)
the ruling caste of the Fimir race. Often called Mother. Each tribe will have but one Meargh, who is their ruler and the only female in the tribe. Only when a Meargh is old and soon to die will she give birth to another female and raise it. She may also do so if the settlement is overcrowded, causing a split in the tribe. If a Meargh dies without a successor then the entire tribe will disband and go upon death-quests. (WD#102pp20)
Mecklenberg, Baron Johann von:
the eldest son of the Baron of Sudenland. His father was slain during a raid by bandits and Johanns younger brother, Wolf, was kidnapped. Instead of taking up his duties as an Imperial Elector, Johann renounced his inheritance and went off into the Chaos Wastes to seek his brother. He went with his tutor and mentor, Vukotich. The bandit leader was Cicatrice. Later, in Altdorf, Johann suspects his brother of being the Beast. (WD#118, Beasts in Velvet)
Mecklenberg, Wolf von:
(2478 - ) the younger brother of Baron Johann. Wolf was kidnapped (2491 IC) by bandits. His brother set out to rescue him. Later, in Altdorf, he comes under suspicion of being the Beast (2506 IC). He is a student at the University of Altdorf he is adicted to Weirdroot. He has a girlfriend, Trudi. (Beasts in Velvet, Ignorant Armies)
Meier, Count:
he recognised Gorefist the Destroyer's warbanner when the fiend attacked Grand Duke Ferdinand's castle. (WD#156)
Meinbach, Duke Ilich:
Ilich was the Duke of the Grand Principality in the Border Princes from 2396I until 5th Vorhexen in the year 2399I. Meinbach's domain was only an area of some thirty to forty-five square miles. His fortress, the Castle Zakgrape, was put under a long siege by orcish archers, presumably he died during the long siege. The Duke kept an account of the event and this journal, a priceless account of how a siege operates, eventually found its way into the possession of one Giovanni Marmalodi. (WS)
Herr and Frau Meisner live on the Wendenbahn in the Altquartier of Middenheim. They are local shopkeepers. (WD#105pp55)
Melicent, Lady:
the wife of Trystan the Bard. Her hand was sought by Shipmaster Thoron. She is a member of the House of Conwy. (WD#137)
Mengil Manhide:
name of a Dark Elf leader. (Citadel produced a set of dark elf figures under this name - WD#108pp35)
strange anonymous being who regularly meddles in the affairs of the old world. He gathers together heroes and sends them on missions against the forces of Evil and Chaos. (HQ)
a town in the Khyprian Empire. It is part of the Northlands, and stradles the Tana Dante. (WD#125)
see Handrich.
Mermaid, The:
one of the many sleazy inns lining the docks in Altdorf. The Mermaid is particularly known for the odd barroom brawl and the city Watch have often threatened to close it down if Wertha Trotz, the manager, doesn't get her act together. Wertha, for her part, has employed an ex-Pit Fighter, Faustmann the Killer, to look after patron's weapons while they are in the place. Such measures aren't always guaranteed to avoid bloodshed. (WD#96)
Messner, Sister Ulrike:
works at the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
a drink from Lustria. (WD#119)
Michelin, Baron Wilhelm von:
a third rank noble of the Empire, lived at the Electoral Court in Nuln for a while, seeking to gain a military command. He had a rival for the post - Duke Feuerberg. Wilhelm knew about the Feueberg's long-standing feud with the Halflings of the Moot and used this knowledge to better his chances. (WD#91)
he and Giltbrook were old friends of King Rynn O'Flynn. The three had been at college together. They helped Rynn's son Rolando and the Wood-Witch Raglann to rescue King Rynn from Grimgag. (GGG1pp14)
Middenheim, City State of:
a major city of the Empire near the Middle Mountains. Also known as the City of the White Wolf. The state regiment colours are blue and white. (WD#140)
Middenland, Grand Duchy of:
province in the Empire; capital ? Towns: Schoppendorf and Ahlenhof. Province regiment's colours are blue. (WD#122, 146)
Middle Mountains:
there was a gold rush here in 2497IC. (WD#128)
Middle Sea:
many Pirate ships plunder the trade routes. (WD#133)
the capital of the Barony of Suceava. (WD#93)
Might, Rune of:
see Duruk-Rhun.
see Drengdang-Rhun.
Wastelander honorific (Dutch for "Mister"?). (WD#133)
a thug employed by Claudio Carbonetti. (WD#105pp51)
a Night Goblin. He carried the standard for Gorblum the Magnificent at the Battle of Iron Peak. (WD#159)
known as the Guardians of the Chaos Heart. These creatures are often supposed to be just another class of beastmen but they are a race apart. They can speak Dark Tongue but prefer to use gestures to get their meaning across. They serve chaos and a gift from their masters to the entire race is the Blood Greed. They are fond of Bovigors and call them "little calves" or "little brothers" on account of the physical similarities between the two. (WD#125)
Tilean city.
Mirkal, Monastery of:
in the Barony of Suceava, this monastery is named after Mirkal the Brave. Father Maynir is the current head of the order. (WD#93)
Mirkal the Brave:
a warrior from Kislev who led his band to a small province of Ostland and killed the evil wizard who was terrorising the area. (WD#93)
Mirror Moors:
a region of hills within the Empire. The gnomish community of Glimdwarrow can be found here. (WD#86)
Miska the Slaughterer:
the great Khan-Queen of Kislev. (WD#147)
Mist Daemons:
see Fimir.
Misthaufen Tavern:
an inn in Nuln. Current proprietor is Uwe.
one of Prince Iolair Gilandiril's horses. (JSp87)
a silver metal that cannot be worked other than by magical means. Tends to weigh less and gives better protection. (WFRP)
Spring equinox; day between Jahrdrung and Pflugzeit.
Autumn equinox; day between Erntezeit and Brauzeit.
Modegekker, Thijs:
a smuggler on the Suiddock. (WD#120)
Moldovitar, Monastery of:
situated in the Barony of Suceava. A rather imposing statue of Petru Rares is kept here. (WD#93)
a dwarven conjurer who was thrown from the battlements by his commander, Gorum Vorstenkleiner, for not being of any use against an advancing chaos horde. (WD#111)
a male orc who reacts violently to comments about his name. He leads a unit of orcs attatched to Morglum's Marauders. (WD#110)
Momma's Boyz:
a unit of orcs in Morglum's Marauders. They are lazy and greedy and Morglum has to frequently keep an eye on them. They are led by Momma. (WD#110)
winter solstice; day between Ulriczeit and Vorhexen.
owner of a pit-fighter school in Marienburg. (WD#128)
Moonbeam Inn:
in Marienburg. Has a nice and private back room that the Knights of Purity use for secret meetings. (WD#121)
Moot, The:
this is the Halfling homeland. It lies between the rivers Stir and Aver, it is granted to them by Imperial Charter. (WFRP)
Mootland Malt:
a halfling-brewed beer. (WD#150)
Moranion, Lord:
the High Elf Lord of Athel Tamarha, the father of Eltharion the Grim and Argalen. His was the runesword Fangsword. His fortress was captured by Grom and he was captured. Grom had him strapped to the front of his war chariot as his forces marched on Tor Yvresse. Moranion was rescued by a group of Elf Rangers only to be shot down in a hail of arrows when Grom noticed them escaping. Lord Moranion's spirit appeared to his son Eltharion telling him to avenge his death. He had brought Fangsword with him. (WD#158)
a Liche, rumoured to have created the the two spells, Summon Undead Catapult and Summon Undead Chariot. He is served by 4 Skeleton Champions: Longhorn, Reaper, Hellblade & Screamer. (WD#94)
creature that raised a great army of Orcs and Goblins against the Dwarven Empire. His was the first serious threat to the Dwarves since the days of Keloth's Tor. The Dwarves had let their fortresses decline and Morcar easily overran all of their cities bar Karak Varn. (KKpp4-5)
Morceaux, River:
central Bretonnian river that feeds into the Great Western Ocean.
a Great Imperial Dragon, mother of Kegox. Asleep for many centuries in a cave somewhere in the Worlds Edge Mountains, Mordax has awakened. Many of Mordax's offspring are still alive. She hates what they have become; warped by Chaos they serve evil now. She has dedicated herself to hunting down and destroying her children. Mordax, too, has been touched by Chaos - she has become immortal. (WD#91)
Mordini, Ennio:
one of the most powerful captains ever to serve in the Tilean City States, he and his men served in the forces of Duke Fabriano of Lambrusco. His successes brought distrust and paranoia as it was not unheard of for a mercenary captain to overthrow his employer. The Duke forged an alliance with the Duke of Organza, one of the conditions was to have Mordini killed. Fabriano sent Mordini and his men into an ambush led by Sardo, another of Duke Fabriano's men. There were no survivors but such treachery inspires great hatred, and Mordini became a revenant and, five years later, led his undead soldiers to sack the city of Lambrusco. The Duke took seven days to die. Mordini made the city his base and set about harrying the other city states with his undead forces. (JSp87)
Mordini's Doomed Legion:
the host of undead commanded by Mordini. This army operates out of the ruins of Lambrusco in Tilea. (JSp87)
Mordrid the Manic:
a member of the Red Redemption, Mordrid was second in command to Darkoth.
a wardancer belonging to Yavathol's troupe. He is the chief musician and plays the drums and pipes with great skill. He witnessed Brightbranch's induction into the troupe. (WD#111)
the daughter of the King of Alawn, she marries King Herla of Plennydd.
Morglum Necksnapper:
the leader of Morglum's Marauders.
Morglum's Marauders:
an large band of marauding orcs and goblins held in control by their chief, Morglum Necksnapper. They travel around the Old World attacking small townes and outposts. They are only 80 strong, a small enough size to be able to scarper quickly if any real opposition looks like showing up. Second-in-command is Bulg, followed by Gaglud Dogreath, Sogrodd Stunty-Flayer, Margrogg, Momma and Boggradd. The band has a small unit of goblin wolfriders. (WD#110)
Morgul, Lord:
an evil necromancer, his palace lies in a dying wood in the shadows of the Grey Mountains. (WD#136)
a kingdom of Albion. Known monarchs: King Herla. This island faces piratical raids from nearby Great Albion and Aeryn. The islands resources include gold and iron, and plenty of coal.
one of the two princial Orc deities. (WD#157)
god, one of the Town Gods. Has two daughters by Verena, Myrmidia and Shallya. (WD#138)
Morr, Temple of, Salzenmund:
this particular temple housed the Bowl of Oblivion until it was stolen. (WD#106pp50)
the Chaos Moon.
Mortensen, Lars:
pregenerated character. Lars grew up on the west coast of Norsca. He is a mercenary sergeant and has served his time in various campaigns throughout the Old World. A devout worshipper of Olric. He took fee for a while in Baron Werner's Own during the recent civil war in the Empire. (D1)
Mossfoot, Janna:
Wilhelm Rotkopf's halfling servant. (WD#128)
an honorific given to the head of a Fimir tribe. (WD#102)
Mother Crusher Tribe:
a band of black orcs that, under the leadership of Eeza Ugezod, consistently raided the Empire from the Worlds Edge Mountains for nearly forty-two years (the Great Raids of Hunger). (WD#68)
Mound of Krell:
Mount Naggaroth:
this mountain shelters the city of Naggarond, the Dark Elf capital. It is part of the Guluach Mountains. (WD#108)
Mountaineers, Dwarf:
amidst the mountain ranges of the Old World these curious ski-using dwarves have emerged. They guard the mountain passes and escort travellers through them. They have been known to ski into battle with their fearsome Yodel of Doom which instils a blood-rage in them. (WD#115)
Mountains of Mourn:
these dread mountains border the eastern side of the Dark Lands, highly volcanic.
Bretonnian city on the river Grismerie. There is major ferry here crossing the great river. Called the City of the Damned, Mousillon is a crumbling wreck: weakened by several earthquakes 50 years ago and wracked by plagues. It is even sinking slowly into the land, making it an area of pestilence and disease. Here, alone in the Old World, the evil of mutation openly walks the streets and chants to the Chaotic Gods rise up when darkness falls. The Dukes of Mousillon have a close connection with Marienburg; in 936IC a dynastic marriage was arranged which opened up the Grismerie-Ois-Pale Sisters trade route and cut out the Barony of L'Anguille with whom Mousillon was at war with.
Mulderbrek, Johann:
mayor of Karstenberg, he, along with Joseph Hartmann, takes care of the maintenance of the silver mines. (WD#108)
Muller, Axel & Etelka:
a married man of 35, Axel was a miner who disappeared in the silver mine near Karstenberg. By all accounts he was a drunken lout. His widow, Etelka. still lives in Karstenberg. (WD#108)
the remains of nobles from Araby were preserved from decay by a peculiar process of alchemical nature. When raised by the art of necromancy they become one of more powerful Undead. (WD#173)
Marienburgher, mercenary. He has some magick ability gained when he was a member of a Chaos Cult in his young days. Travelled with Vukotich Hallam for a while and helped rescue Reiner Semperphilius. (The Magician's Son)
Murrman "Pick-Axe" Werner:
human labourer; PC in the TEW campaign.
a Goblin Shaman who fought at the Battle of Osterwald. (WD#157)
Elf. (WFRP)
goddess, daughter of Mo/rr and Verena. One of the Town Gods. Sister to Shallya. She is worshipped in Estalia as a warrior goddess. (WD#138, 147)
the warrior woman who helped Hargin the Dwarf search for Aurelius von Erlach-Manchdor. (The Manchdor Affair)


Nachalnik Kavalyerov:
the equivalent rank to Knight Commander in the Kislev military. (WD#122)
1st month of the year.
7th month of the year.
a town in the Ostermark. It was destroyed in the Orc Invasion of 2512 IC, by Azhag the Slaughterer. The great Sigmarite Temple - the largest shrine to Sigmar in the east - was burnt to the ground. (WD#157)
Nagash, The Great Necromancer:
greatest of the Liche Lords, Nagash made pacts with evil gods and once slaughtered an entire kindom, compelling them into Undead servitude. He was nearly slain by Sigmar, the man-god, who wounded him so severely that he has for millenia been recovering and still is a mere shadow of his former power. See The Claw of Nagash. (WD#173)
the name means 'Tower of Chill', this city is the capital of the Dark Elf domains. Built upon the slopes of Mount Naggaroth. (WD#108)
the name means 'Land of Chill', these are the coastal lands of the Northern Chaos Wastes in the New World. They are controlled by the Dark Elves. To here they were exiled after losing the Elven Civil War. (WD#108)
Name Rune:
the signature rune of a Runesmith. Such runes mark an artifact as having being crafted by a particular Runesmith. The rune may not be visible to the naked eye and will only glow when brightly when the observer knows what to look for. There are many famous name runes, e.g. Alaric the Mad, Skalf Blackhammer and Haki Skavensplitter. (WD#153)
a wealthy family of Altdorf. (WD#90)
Naprump, Heinz von:
a Scholar of Altdorf, one of the wealthy Naprump family. He teaches History and Geography at the University of Altdorf and is compiling data on The Empire's waterways - his great work. (WD#90)
leads a unit of orc boyz in Uzgrim's mob. (WD#123)
the Spelleater Rune and one of the more difficult runes to master. It can nullify non-runic magic and is the speciality of Karak Azgal. (WD#153)
Naroun al-Asred, Hassan bin:
owns Hassan's on the corner of Dock Road and Potion Square. Hassan is a merchant, he deals in herbs and spices and is licensed to sell spell ingredients by the Guild of Wizards and Alchemists. An Arabian with a passion for bargaining. (WD#135)
Nasreen, Alkadi:
the Caliph of Arjijil. Originally from Zaragoz, Alkadi is now overlord of this part of Araby. He held the minstrel Orfeo captive and had him relate three tales to him. The first was about Zaragoz, the Caliph's birthplace; the second about the Khyprian Empire; and the third was about ? (WD#125)
boar-boy commander, leads his ladz under Uzgrim's banner. (WD#123)
Neck Snapper Tribe:
an orc tribe, their nearest neighbours are the Marrow Sucker Orcs. (WD#92)
the magical art of raising and controling the dead. Many forbidden books relate to necromancy - see the Liber Mortis or the Nine Books of Nagash. (WD#173)
Nederbaar, Dirck:
a Watchman in Marienburg assigned to Suiddock Watch Station Number Four on Potion Square, partnered by Jan Waat. (WD#133)
Ninja equipment. Climbing gloves with spilkes. (WD#81)
Nerga Rye:
Neugierde, Heironymous:
an antique dealer, he has a shop in Middenheim and does business occasionally with Hans Kluger of Marienburg. (WD#97,128)
Neuvald, Wolfgang von:
(2456 - ) a hardened mercenary of many long campaigns, Wolf is the mentor of Konrad whom he rescued from the law (2496 IC) and bound into his service for five years. He wears black armour, carries a black sword, and his cheeks and forehead have black tattoos. (WD#122, Konrad, Shadowbreed, Warblade)
New Coast:
this is the first Old Worlder settlement in the South Land, barely a foothold but it's there. Mainly Humans, Norse and Dwarves. (WFRPpp262)
New Millenialists:
a subversive group working out of Middenhein. Their creed is to combat the injustices inherent in society and usher in a new age of justice and equality. Many members follow Verena, the Goddess of Justice. They became totally opposed to Chaos in all its forms after the Emperor's infamous "mutants don't exist" proclamation. They marshalled support against mutation and the Emperor, an activity which Graf Boris Todbringer did not particularly oppose. (WD#96)
New World:
across the Great Western Ocean from the Old World it is inhabited by primative Human hunter-gatherers with a Sea Elf presence along the east coast. The northern area is dominated by the Dark Elves, settled by them -2500I, after their defeat in the Elven Civil War. (WFRPpp262)
one of Astyanax's apprentices. (WD#125)
Niederbrug Bridge:
part of Marienburg. It connects Hightower with Luydenhoek. (WD#119)
Night of Mystery:
see Geheimnisnacht.
Night Runners:
see Clan Eshin.
herb that will cause a deep sleep. (TEWpp35)
Nine, the:
possibly Dwarven gods but may just be venerated ancestors of Clan Durrag. (WD#134)
Nine Books of Nagash:
a set of books pertaining to the dreaded arts of necromancy. (WD#173)
aka The Invisible Warriors, they are Nipponese fighters trained from childhood in the martial arts. Seen by many as merely a caste of assassins or worse as mere mercenaries, they are trained to kill by stealth. There is some connection between them and the Vimto Monks. Ninjas use a variety of unusual weapons. See nekode, nunchaku, kusarigama, shuriken and torinoko. (WD#81)
the Keeper of Secrets that the Witch King sent to kill Tyrion and the Everqueen. (WD#156)
No Gold in the Grey Mountains:
FICTION. Written by Jack Yeovil and found in the Wolf Riders anthology. It is set in the ruins of Drachenfel's fortress where the young Melissa d'Acques is held captive by bandits. Set in 2492 IC.
Should never be randomly generated - always with the GM's fullest consent. Does not deserve it's Warrior status.
one of Foulbreath's captains.
the north docklands of Marienburg. (WD#121)
Nordland, Barony of:
province in the Empire; capital Salzenmund. It stretches from the Wasteland in the west to the Sea of Claws in the north. The colours of the province's regiments are blue and yellow. (WD#146)
to the north of the Old World, this land is a mass of mountains and rocky coastlines with dark forests and barren soil. Populated by Humans (Norse) and Norse Dwarves, it also has large numbers of Ogres and Trolls. (WFRPpp262)
Norse, The:
humans who hail from the north of the Old World. Their main occupation is raiding the northern coastline of the Empire, Kislev or Albion. They set out to sea in huge Dragon Ships and crave the warrior lifestyle. Most feared are the Berserker bands and some have even Weres in their midst. Old Worlders fear them and imagine them as huge, bristle- bearded warriors, wild with ale, swinging an axe and wearing furs torn from some unmentionable beast. (WD#107pp37)
North Tower:
see Iaghrond.
Northern Gods, The:
see Country Gods.
Northern Steppes:
beyond the Mountains of Mourn, to the north lies this land; arctic wastes, tundra and grassland. Human and Goblin nomads wander this land, particularly Hobgoblins. Many strange twisted Chaos beasts live here. A virtually treeless expanse with a rich and fertile black soil. Little rain falls here and the summers are long and hot. Several great rivers, very broad and long, cross this expanse. Bands of Centaurs and other chaos creatures roam this area, but Beastmen are rare. (WFRPpp262)
a champion of Nurgle. He used Doras Varn's head as a Death Skull against Gorban. (WD#121)
an orc who gained fame through his bolt-thrower invention. (WD#89)
Notlob Spleenbender:
goblin who was killed by Grungi Cloudshoulder. (WD#95)
Nuln, City State of:
a city of the Empire, here the rivers Aver and the Upper Reik meet. The Reik's Plaz in Nuln is famous meeting place.
Numan, Alberecht:
an infamous champion of Slaanesh. He was destroyed in the Dark Elf War by Teclis. (WD#156)
a weapon peculiar to the Ninjas of Nippon. (WD#81)
Chaos God. Associated colours are Black, Green. Associated Colleges are Dark, Jade. Nurgle is the Lord of Decay and the power of life in the face of inevitable death. His is the brave face the terminally ill put upon life, the false cheerfulness and hope that rallies against disease and plague. His is the defiance born of despair and hoplessness. He is the eternal enemy of Tzeentch. His legions include the Great Unclean Ones, the Plaguebearers, Nurglings and Beasts of Nurgle. His minions revel in adversity and among his ceremonies is the Dance of Death. (WD#113)
Nurgle's Rot:
this disease is Nurgle's gift to the world. A grotesque, progressive disease that eats away at the victim, slowly turning them into one of Nurgle's Plaguebearer daemons. (WD#119)
the tiny, malevolent daemonic servants of Nurgle. They are said to be born in the rotted bowels of Great Unclean Ones, growing fat on the pus and disease before bursting out through the flesh of the greater daemons. (WD#119)


Oakshadow, Larithiriel:
the pseudonym used occasionally by Syrillia. She claims to be from the Loren Forest. (WD#132)
Oddsocks, Glimbrin:
a Gnome thief who plys the thoroughfares of the Empire. (WD#94)
Oester, Dirck:
owns the Sign of the Quill on Potion Square. He is an initiate of Ranald and is a member of Edvard Strattner's shrine club. He gives parchment scraps and offcutss to Sister Marianne for use in her orphanage. He is not above forgin the odd document and has hidden contraband for Matteus Pijk. (WD#135)
Ograk, Captain; Orc:
a captain who guarded the Eastern Passage within the Halls of Belorn, during the days of Morcar. (KK)
(WFRPpp224) (AtOH)
Ogre, Rat:
a mutant type of Skaven deliberately engineered by Clan Moulder. (JSp86)
Ogre Cloak:
a maical cloak that giver the wearer much strength and allows him to assume the appearance of an ogre. (WD#145)
Ogre Lord:
the leader of an Ogre clan. (AtOH)
Ois, River:
tributary of the Grismerie that finds it's source in the Grey Mountains and flows through the Gisoreaux Gap. The river is navigable as far as Gisoreaux to sea-going vessels. (WFRP)
Okri Two-Hoards:
Runesmith. He invented the Dwor-Rhun in order to protect his treasure hoards. He had two hoards in different strongholds. (WD#153)
Olaf, Baron:
[family name unknown] see Baron Olaf's Own. (WD#90)
Old Slann, The:
these were the ancestors of the modern day Slann. They arrived on the Warhammer world some 7000 years ago. They ruled a vast galactic empire and had command over the dreaded Warpgates. They engineered the Warhammer World, shifting it's orbit and adapted the existing lifeforms as well as introducing many new varieties. They created the Elves and Dwarves. Their main city was on the western continent, but some calamity overtook their civilisation and with the collapse of the two great Warpgates over either pole they quickly descended into barbarism. (WFRP)
Old World, The:
part of the Known World central to the Warhammer game, comprises Albion, The Empire, The Wasteland, Norsca, Brettonia, Tilea, Kislev, Border Princes and the Badlands. Analagous to Europe in the Middle Ages. (WFRP)
Old Worlder :
the common language of the Old World.
Old Worlders:
see Man.
the Norse name for Ulric. (D1)
Olrik Alensa:
Dwarven Hero, previously called Oran; he spent some time with a clan of Norse Dwarves and adopted their ways, taking the name Olrik. His commander is Dunerka-a-Veran. He Lives at Carag Eight Peaks and fought in The Valley of Death. (WD#97)
Olrik's Mighty Mashers:
a unit of Troll-Slayers out of Carag Eight Peaks, they are led by Olrik Alensa. (WD#97)
Omensk, Castle:
this mighty fortress was known for its huge walls, said to be taller than a giant as a normal wall is taller than a man. Sadly, the place is now a ruin after a successful besiegeing from the Fiery Brand orc tribe. See Vassily of Omensk. (WS)
Omkoop, Jan:
works for the Board of Trade Equity in Marienburg. (WD#120)
Onderzoeker, Thijs van:
the head of one of Marienburg's most powerful merchant families. He, along with Jan Koopmans and Pieter Winkler, made a petition to Magnus the Pious to create the Province of Westerland. (WD#118)
a Kislevite scout hired by Kazgar. See the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. He was slain by Fingol Two-Feathers. (WD#153)
Oostenpoort Gate:
an entrance to the city of Marienburg. (WD#118)
Ophulus, Rosanna:
a Seer in Altdorf. She is a psychometrist sent by the Temple of Sigmar to help the Watch investigate the Beast murders (2506 IC). She suffers a series of terrifying visions and helps Harald Kleindeinst to track the creature down. She also helps Johan von Mecklenberg find Wolf and eventually takes service with him. Her talents as a seer were first recognised by a cleric of Sigmar who sent her to the Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf. She was technically an Initiate of the cult but had no real faith. (Beasts in Velvet)
Oracle of Boku-San, The:
this small, magical statuette was brought back from Cathay or Nippon by Thijs van Zwoteyvaant. It belonged to Boku-San, a legendary mage of Nippon. A roughly spherical piece of polished wood, it is about the size of two fists, and is the figure of a broad-built man of oriental appearance sitting cross-legged with his face in his hands. It is said to grant the power of divination. (WD#97)
Orc, Orcs:
these are the tallest of the goblinoid races, reaching six or seven feet despite their stooped shoulders and bandy legs. They are large, coarse-boned creatures whose only vulnerable features are their pointed ears which are often ripped or torn. Their skin is hairy, warty, greasy and green, but remarkably tough. Humanity views them with fear and superstition. To many, Orcs are the spawn of daemons or are fathered by the nightmares of evil men. Their blood can be red or ranges from purple through to black, it is thick and sticky. Their bodies can take an awful lot of damage, with even severed limbs being crudely stitched back on and healing up as good as new. They are the close relatives of Goblins and their lesser kin, the Snotlings. They infest the Badlands between Araby and the Old World, and have taken over large areas of the World's Edge Mountains particularly in the south. Many bands of Orcs also live in the deep forests of the Old World and are constantly attacking the more civilised races. They have a close relationship with Chaos Dwarves. Their legends say that when the Orc race was in its infancy, the Chaos Dwarves taught them how to mine and smelt iron, how to forge weapons and craft their savage war- machines. Split into many clans and tribes under the control of Warbosses, they can sometimes band together in great numbers - the Waaagh! (WD#89, 153)
Orc, Orcs, Savage:
this sub-race of Orcs are a bunch of wild, whooping maniacs. They wear animal skins and tattoo their own flesh with bizarre patterns. Their faces are always covered in war paint. (WD#158)
Orc Invasion of 2512 IC:
in the aftermath of a particularly bitter winter, a massive horde of Orcs and Goblins descended from the World's Edge Mountains and ravaged the easternmost provinces of the Empire. They were led by Azhag the Slaughterer who managed to guide his forces passed the Dwarven citadels in the foothills of the mountains and pressed on into the eastern marches of Ostermark. In the spring, three towns were totally destroyed and the Sigmarite Temple at Nachtdorf was desecrated and burnt to the ground. The Orcs took this as proof that Grok and Mork were stronger now than the human god Sigmar. The Reiksmarschel dispatched the veteran Otto Blucher at the head of an impresive Empire army to meet the threat. The Empire force was complemented by the Grand Theogonist Volkmar the Grim. The two armies came face to face on the fourth of Sigmarziet outside the tiny village of Osterwald. See the Battle of Osterwald. (WD#157)
orc war boar riders (Orrakh).
see Prince Tyrion.
Orders of Knighthood:
the Empire has numerous bodies of Knights allied to particular dynasties, cities or religions. (WD#91)
Order of the Fiery Heart:
an order of Knights. Their ranks are filled by many members of the Todbringer family. (WD#91)
Ordo Ultima:
a front for a group of Slaaneshi worshippers in Nuln. Many members do not realise it's true nature. (WD#94)
(2465 - ) the wandering story-teller. Orfeo was abandoned in the forests of Breton when he was only 8 months old. He was adopted by Wood Elves and learned to play the lute. His skill at music was surpased only by the Elves themselves. Eventually Orfeo left them and took to wandering the Old World. He was embroiled in the disturbance at Zaragoz, and later in the plague that swept the Khyprian Empire. He was taken slave near Araby and came into the possession of Alkadi Nasreen who had him relate three tales in return for his freedom. See Zaragoz, Plague Demon and Storm Warriors. (WD#119,125,140)
one of the city-states in Tilea. Organza is neighbours with the destroyed state of Lambrusco. (JSp87)
Organza, the Duke of:
entered into an alliance with the Duke of Lambrusco on the condition that one of Duke Fabriano's mercenary captains, Mordini, be killed. (JSp87)
the common tongue of most Orks. (D1)
Orteli, Ludwig:
a well-to-do inhabitant of Middenheim. His young son, Sigismund, was kidnapped for ransom. Ludwig employed Alphonse Hercules de Gascoigne to rescue him. (WD#105)
Orteli, Sigismund:
"Siggy", the young son of Ludwig Orteli. (WD#105)
Ostermark, League of:
province in the Empire; capital Berghafen. Regiment colours are purple and yellow or purple and white. (WD#146)
a small village in the Ostermark, it lies alongisde the River Blut. The Battle of Ostermark was fought just outside it. (WD#157)
Ostland, Grand Principality of:
province in the Empire; capital Wolfenburg. Other towns: Herzig. The colours of the province regiments are black and white. (WD#146)
a mutant employed by Hans Jinkerst. Otto is unbelievably fat. (WD#87)
Otto, Old:
a printer working in Middenhein. Otto's Printworks are well known in the city. Otto is a member of the New Millenialists. (WD#96)
a priest of Mo/rr slain by Count Rutger von Bleinstift. (WD#159)
Otto's Printworks:
owned by Old Otto the Printer, the premises are in the Wynd District of Middenheim. The printworks produces books, flyers and pamphlets for any who have the cash. (WD#96)
Our Father of the Hammer:
a monastery dedicated to Sigmar Heldenhammer, it lies just outside Nuln. It was burned to the ground by Thalman Lionheart and his beastmen warriors. Johan Zauberlich was the only survivor. (WD#125)
Outcast One:
see Malal.
Overlord of the North:
title of the Tsars of Kislev. (WD#122)
Oxy O'Cetylene:
a mad Dwarven engineer. His most noted invention was a Tin Man that Spikes Harvey-Wotan used to defeat Skrag the Slaughterer. (WD#83)


one of two Skaven champions who led the Warlord Clans into battle at the Battle of La Maisontaal. (JSp86)
Painfury Spasmclaw:
a Daemonette of Slaanesh, she was summoned by Hasak Venomspawn, a member of the Priests of Pleasure cult. Painfury's real name is D'haer'ss'oathl. (WD#122)
Pakuister, Andreas:
the warehouseman at Haagen's Wharf on Riddra Isle. A thin, emaciated man, he is known to the street brats of the Suiddock as the Scarecrow. His boss, Jochen Kaaimans, abuses him and Andreas has taken the rap for Jochen's smuggling on more than one occasion. (WD#120)
Palanquin of Nurgle:
the ornate, mobile thrones used by Great Unclean Ones to travel around on. A host of nurglings carries the throne. (WD#121)
Pale Sisters:
a series of mountains at the northern extremity of the Grey Mountains. The Gisoreaux Gap seperates it from the Grey Mountains. Always capped in snow, they are said to resemble Old Crones with white shawls - hence the name. A barren area, home to brigands and goblins.
Pangolin, giant:
a creature nearly 13ft long from nose to tail. It looks like a blend of badger, wolverine and anteater but is as big as a horse and covered in scales. (D1)
Bretonnian city on the banks of the Upper Grismerie. It is built upon the north bank against a background of chalk cliffs. Many houses are cut into the cliffs of dig their cellars down into the soft earth. There is a bridge crossing the river here, further downstream this is impossible. The least decadent of Bretonnia's cities, but even here the hand of chaos works evil deeds. Some terrible evil stalks the streets of Parravon, on more than one occasion entire families have vanished in the night. Strangely, the aristocracy remains unaffected. (WFRP)
Parrying, Rune of:
see Klang-Rhun.
Party Field:
at the centre of every Halfling village is this expanse of meadow. Here Halflings will throw parties and have picnicks.
Parvisch, Tigrati:
a jailer and member of the Poison Claw cult in Delberz. Nicknamed 'Head'. (WD#99pp29)
[UNDEVELOPED] see Siege of Patragresk.
a band of Ogres that fought in the Goblin-Dwarf wars. They were great rivals with Golgfag's band and usually fought on opposing sides. (WD#79)
Peledor Ford:
in Yvresse. (WD#158)
Pelican's Perch:
a pub in Marienburg. Owned by Ishmael Boorsevelt. He stocks a wide range of alcoholic drinks and has a pet pelican called Beaky who has the run of the pub. Ingrid Botenverhuurder is a barmaid here. (WD#119)
see Gors.
the halfling cook at The Mermaid in Altdorf. (WD#96)
a scholar from the University of Altdorf (but originally from Kislev). He gained quick fame for his accessable writings on the history of the Empire and enjoyed touring the country to find out local legends. It was on one of these tours that he went missing. He was checking out several monasteries of Mo/rr in a small barony on the eastern side of the Middle Mountains. See Suceava. (WD#93)
lives with Marie on the Wendenbahn in the Altquartier of Middenheim. They are ladies of dubious virtue. (WD#105pp55)
Petty Dwarf:
see Gnomes.
Pfandleiher, Master Lukas:
the dwarven proprietor of The Vermillion Pawn. Lukas has carved himself quite a reputation when it comes to buying and selling magical items. He charges too much, but his help in identifying artifacts often proves invaluable. The shop is classed as a Pawnshop but most of the locals know what sort of items he is really interested in. He has dabbled in Daemonic magick and has a bargain with the daemon Sikinnes. He is high-up on the social ladder, gets invites to most of the better parties and his good opinion is sought after. (WD#103)
Pfeifraucher, Margrave Hermann von:
also holds the title Knight Commander of the Imperial Guard, and is the heir to the County of Wissenland and Hinterloch of Durchwall. Resident at Castle Reikguard. (WD#92)
Pfeifraucher, Graf Freidrich von:
the third son of Count Bruno of Wissenland. He has been having an affair with Hanna Lastkahn of Grissenwald. (WD#94)
Pfeihandler's Pharmacopeia of Toxins and their Antidotes:
a standard text on poisons. (WD#118)
a town in the south of Wissenland. (WD#132)
3rd month of the year.
Phalanx, Tombs of the:
these catacombs lie in the Vaults and houses those who died several centuries ago fighting against a powerful Chaos Warband. Every year a memorial service is held at the Tombs commemorating their valor. Hundreds of Bretonnian warriors died in the conflict. The tombs are in a set of ancient caverns - possibly not of natural origin - and a cairn was erected outside. The name of the tombs was carved above the entrance. Recently the caves were taken over by a band of ogres controlled by the chaos sorceror Johannes Wiesehofer. (WD#145)
the friend of Armand Carriere that helps him investigate the garden of Gaspard Gruiller. (A Gardener in Parravon)
Phobe, Zeno:
author of A Hundred And One Uses for a Dead Pygmie. (WD#100)
along with the Everqueen of Avelorn, he is the ruler of the High Elves. (WD#156)
cousin of Marius (WD#121)
Pigpen Muckyfoot:
a gnome. Member of the Guild of Painters. (JAu85)
Pijk, Matteus:
smuggler? (WD#135)
Pincushioners, The:
a unit of crossbow weilding Dwarves out of Carag Eight Peaks. Their standard depicts an arrow peppered Goblin. (WD#97)
a common danger in the Warhammer World. Most ply the trade routes that criss-cross the Middle Sea, particularly between Araby and Tilea or Estalia. (WD#133)
Pirates Current:
this stretch of water seperates Sartosa from the mainland.
type of horsemen used in Imperial armies. They are made up of younger sons of nobles or elder sons who are too young to join a Knightly Order. Wearing lighter armour than the Knightly Orders they also boast pistols. A notoriously hot-headed lot they are prone to duelling. (WD#146)
Pit, The:
the main trading room of the Wasteland Export-Import Excahnge. (WD#112)
Pit of Chaos, The:
this was at the heart of the Dirgrusht Ogre clan's fortress. It was destroyed when Festral's Ring of Power was thrown into it. (AtOH)
Pit of Darkness:
trap. (AtOH)
Pit Prop, The:
a pub in Karstenberg run by Adolf Shultz with his barmaid, Gretchen. (WD#108)
tiny fairy-folk. (WD#103pp11)
Plague Censers:
these are Skaven devices containing Refined Warpstone that has been treated to burn like incense. Inhalation of the smoke causes a violent spasm. (JSp86)
Plague Demon:
FICTION. A novel by Brian Craig and published by GW Books. ISBN 1 872372 003 4. The second story told by Orfeo to his captor, Alkadi Nasreen. Set in 2470 IC, in the Border Princes, Harmis Detz is the hero struggling against chaos. See Zaragoz, Storm Warriors.
Plague Lord:
daemon of Nurgle or, sometimes, Nurgle himself. (WD#107)
Plague Monks:
see Clan Pestilens.
lesser daemons of Nurgle. They are created whenever a mortal dies of Nurgle's Rot. (WD#119)
Plains of Blight:
north of the River Lynsk. The Crags of Shargan border their northern side. (JSp87)
Plains of Death:
near Kalos.
the Popular League Against Nobility and Taxation. Active in Altdorf, tries to organise rallies against new taxes and generally annoy and harass the powers that be. (WD#96)
Pleegester, "Sister" Wilhelmina:
an initiate of Shallya, she works at the Edelmoed Temple with Brother Marijkus. Born and raised in Marienburg, her family home was a small house on Riddra Isle, just behind Fisherman's Steps. Her first job was as a rat-catcher before studying medicine under Mats Geneezer, and then later becoming an initiate. (WD#126)
a town of Morien. Its king is King Herla. (WD#137)
the pig mascot of Bogradd Tusker's 'Ogg Boyz. (WD#110)
Poison Claw Cult:
a human organisation dedicated to the Horned Rat. Known members/cells: Peter Tavelli/Delberz. (WD#99)
Spirit of the Soil and Scythe, Grandfather Grain. The bloodthirsty spirit of the harvest, murder, war and treachery. They appear in groups and always whisper amongst themselves. They require blood sacrifices and are exceedingly cruel. (WD#104)
a Tilean drink. (The Black Sail)
Zogzog's pet Wyvern. (WD#92)
a standard Slaan counting unit. (WD#96)
many types of magical potions exist. Imbibing one can produce any one of a number of effects. Most common are potions of healing and poisons. (WFRP)
Potion Square:
an area of Luydenhoek in Marienburg near Powder Bridge. Dock Road runs down one side and both Canal Street and Silver Street lead onto it. See Suiddock Watch Station Number Four, the Marienburg Home For Foundlings, the Long Dragon. On city maps it is more correctly known as Graf Anders Square. It is called Potion Square because it is rather too near to Zegepraal Straat where many physicians and healers live. (WD#133)
Poultice Water:
one of the waterways on Luydenhoek Isle in Marienburg. It seperates Potion Square from Leech Street. The correct name for this canal is Tussenkanal, but it is only called that upon official maps. (WD#126, 133)
Powder Bridge:
crosses Poultice Water onto the Luydenhoek near Potion Square in Marienburg. (WD#133)
Power of Life:
a spell of the Light College. Potent healing magick that requires a silver hand as a spell component. (WD#139)
Kislev city on the River Lynsk. Suffered immensely during the Incursions of Chaos.
Prahmhandler, Thomas:
the current heir to one of the great boatbuilding families of Grissenwald. He is betrothed to Hanna Lastkahn but is aware of her affair with Graf Freidrich von Pfeifraucher. (WD#94)
Priests of Pleasure:
a Slaaneshi cult who operate near Hovelhof. They kidnapped Wilhelm Kaldach but were thwarted by a band of adventurers hired by his brother. Gabrad the Carnal and Hasrak Venomspawn are the cult's leaders. (WD#122)
a village near Middenheim. It lies along the road to Leichlinberg. The village is small but wealthy and home to about fifty people. Like most villages in the area, Pritzstock produces wine. It is most famous for Pritzstock Reisling. (WD#98)
Pritzstock Reisling:
a light delicate wine from the Middenheim region. (WD#98)
Private War, The:
the name given to the internecine struggles between the great noble houses of the Empire. (WD#91)
Prophecy of Kalos:
When three sit upon the Thrones of Kalos then shall the bones of all fallen warriors be summoned together under the Black Banner. (WL)
Provinces of the Empire:
these are the autonomous regions of the Empire. Each has a capital and provides and Elector. There are ten: Averland, Hochland, Middenland, Nordland, Ostland, Ostermark, Reikland, Stirland, Talabecland, and Wissenland. (WD#146)
the ability to read emotions and glean facts from material objects. (WD#140)
see Vomitskrag Krusher.
Pulg's Grand Carnival:
FICTION. Written by Simon Ounsley and found in the Wolf Riders anthology.
Purple Hand:
one of the many Chaos Cults that exist in the Empire. They worship Tzeentch and seek to bring the Empire to its knees by infiltrating positions of power. The Purple hand has succesfully placed members in the Cults of Sigmar and Ulric and are working to bring the Sigmarian Heresy to a state where the two factions are at each others throats. The Purple Hand plays a major role in TEW campaign. (TEW)
one of Saksquit Headbreaker's Skull Crusher Orcs. Killed by a party of Elven Wardancers. (WD#96)
Puttlangs, Doktor Markus:
this drunken Physician runs a surgery on Potion Square in Marienburg. He previously had a practice on Leech Street. He is addicted to Black Lotus. He rents a room at Koester's Boarding House and frequents the Long Dragon quite a lot. (WD#133)
short negroid inhabitants of Lustria. They are not native to the Warhammer World but are in fact the barbaric remnants of a spacefaring race that crash-landed on the planet several millenia ago. Cannibals. They live in the jungles of Lustria and are masters of the blowgun, often using poison darts to paralyse their prey. Principle deities are Beesbok and Brobat, although their names can vary widely from tribe to tribe. The clergy that serves a particular tribes spiritual needs are called Witchdoctors. (WD#100)


Quango Lipstrangle:
the halfling cook at Caraz-Lumbar. He serves Grim Skullhammer. (WS)
Qualk, Jeremias:
on the wrong side of the law. An ex-orphan from the Marienburg Home for Foundlings. (WD#126, 133)
Quartjin Josef:
human boatman; owns a vessel "The Berebeli". (TEW)
the Skaven tongue.
Queen Hilga:
monarch of Carag Eight Peaks, she fought a famous battle in the Square of Merscha against a goblinoid army. (WD#125)
this Bretonnian city lies 50 miles west of the Loren Forest on the banks of the river Brienne. It is a dark, dirty and squalid place. Run-down. Shanty towns spread beyond the crumbling walls. The aristocrats of Quenelles live in expensive tower-mansions in the hills to the north and are cruel, sadistic rulers. Mutilation and torture is common for even petty crimes. The Lichemaster came here in his final mortal days seeking sanctuary in the the city's Temple of Taal.
Quest for the Shattered Amulet:
the AHQ scenario that comes with the base set.
Quicksure, John:
one of the Heroes of East Albion. He took part in the Battle of Dungal Hill. (JSp86)


Raggobb the Loon:
Lord of the Wolf's Head tribe of orcs. He was killed by a Roc. (WD#109)
Wood-witch of North Albion and direct descendant of Lufric the Doomed. She healed Rolando O'Flynn after the seige of Castle Eldaw. Her price was an unspecified demand at some future date. She bound the oath in blood and called the spirits to witness Rolando's oath. Together, Rolando and her, set out to rescue his father, King Rynn. She had a miraculous toad as a familiar. (GGG1)
Ragnar, Sir:
traitor, he helped Skulmar escape certain death. For his troubles he was captured and executed. (WL)
Ragnar O'Flynn, King:
the tenth of his line to rule North Albion. Ragnar was obssessed with a legend about Flynn of Eldaw, his ancestor, and sought to find some hidden treasure. He descended in the Web of Eldaw after sealing all the entrances with magic and was never seen again. His ghost now haunts the Web. (GGG1)
Rah'slyn, Luyt'ama:
the Mad Arab. He carved out a petty kingdom for himself in The Princes and his evil deeds sparked off scores of legends and popular songs. He is said to have come from the east on a horse the colour of lightning and brandishing a sword hell-forged in the smithies of Araby. See The Arab and the Comely Pig, and The Drunken Elf. (JSp86)
one of the Colleges of Magic. Colour: Multicoloured. Symbols: the Eye of Unity, a Pyramid. They are considered conceited and puffed up with their own importance. (WD#113)
Raine, Katya:
a healer, she meets Stefan Hochen as he enters Middenheim. She travels to Morien in 2493 and sails back to the Empire with Hallam. (The Other, Blood and Earth)
Raise Stone:
an elemental spell. It allows the caster to lift a block of stone. (WD#137)
god of thieves and tricksters. Born a mortal, Ranald tricked Shallya into granting him immortality. Neither Shallya, nor her family has ever forgiven him for this. His younger brother is Handrich. (WD#138)
Randee, von:
a noble family who had a 34 year long blood feud with the Verspeer family. (WD#91)
Randee, Count von:
the head of the von Randee clan, he holds a minor position in south Middenheim. (WD#91)
Rangers are independant rural characters. Their lives are spent tending animals, or roaming the woodlands or mountains. (WFRPpp16)
Ranlac the Black:
one of the undead champions animated by the Lichemaster. In his mortal days, Ranlac had been the captain of Krell's bodyguard. (JSp86)
Rares, Petru:
a hero of the Barony of Suceava. A statue of him can be found in the Monastery of Moldovitar. (WD#93)
see Clan Eshin.
Ratchett Lines:
coaching house; based in Altdorf.
a lowly orc in one of the units attatched to Morglum's Marauders. (WD#110)
Ratgot Dwarfmangler:
the ogre who, although mortally wounded by Prince Karad von Carron, managed to slay the hero in the final climatic moments of the battle for Carroburg. (WD#121)
see Skaven.
famous boot-maker. Bovva was his apprentice. (WFRPpp184)
Raving 'Rat' Ripsnarl:
an orcish wizard attatched to Vomitskrag Crusher's mob. She froths at the mouth and lets out constant snarling whines. Took to wearing a Dwarf's thighbone through her obscenely stretched nose. (WD#97)
Rund, King Agam:
an ancient king of Morien. He founded a set of laws and moral principles which are still in use today. It is believed in Morien and elsewhere in Albion that Agam once united the kingdoms of Albion. He was said to have a powerful court magician called Bavian. It was he that somehow brought King Agam's rule to an end and split Albion. (WD#137)
(1) a Skeleton Champion, servant of Morbius, carries a scythe. (WD#94); (2) see Prince Tyrion.
Rechtshandler, Gustaf:
a lawyer and graduater of the University of Nuln, Gustaf became a member of the Ordo Ultima in Nuln but left when he began to suspect it's more than innocent origins. He has found employment as the personal lawyer of Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz. (WD#94)
Red Arrow Coaches:
coaching house; based in Averheim.
Red Axe Pass:
the Red Axe River flows through it. (WD#154)
Red Axe River:
flows through the lands of Naggaroth. Scene of a battle between High Elves and Goblins. See the Battle of Red Axe Pass. (WD#154)
Red Fangs:
an orc tribe. Led by Gorfang Rotgut, the Red Fangs are the most powerful band of orcs near the western end of Death Pass. They occupy Black Crag, the ancient Dwarven stronghold. (WD#159)
Red Moon:
a pub that Stefan Hochen used to frequent. (The Black Sail)
Red Redemption:
see Disciples of the Red Redemption.
Red Span:
orcish name given to the Great Crossing after the Mother Crushers defeated a band of dwarves there. (WD#58)
Red Thirst:
FICTION. An anthology of short stories edited by David Pringle and Neil Jones, and published by GW Books. ISBN 1 872372 07 4. Includes Red Thirst, The Dark Beneath the World, The Spells Below, The Light of Transfiguration, The Song and The Voyage South.
Red Thirst:
FICTION. Written by Jack Yeovil and found in the Red Thirst anthology. Set in 2478 IC, Geneveieve Sandrine teams up with Vukotich. Their enemies are the minions of Tzeentch in the form of Dien Ch'ing and Yefimovich. A young Detlef Sierck also makes an appearance.
a Light Wizard's spell. It requires bone-marrow from a Troll and the recipient will find his body able to heal itself for a short while. (WD#139)
Region of the Gods:
the Slann name for warpspace. (WD#119)
a family. (Death's Dark Shadow)
Reichenbachs, Curse of the:
(Death's Dark Shadow)
Reik, River:
this major river of the Empire flows through the Imperial capital of Altdorf. It finds its source in the Black Mountains and flows ultimately Marienburg and the Sea of Claws.
Reikland, Grand Principality of:
province in the Empire; capital Altdorf. Other towns: Bogenhafen, Grynburg and Ubersreik. Regiment's colours are white. (WD#146)
this is the army of the Empire. It is seperate from the private armies that each province and city-state has, but recruits from across the Empire. The Emperor is guarded by the Reiksguard and there is considerable prestige in being closest to the Emperor. See Imperial Tournament. The Reiksguard is split into two forces; the mounted Reiksguard Knights and the infantry Reiksguard Regiment. (WD#146)
the commander of the Reiksguard. (WD#157)
Reikwald, Forest:
occupies the area between the river Reik and the Grey mountains. It is mainly a corniferous forest, particularly in the uplands.
? (WD#107pp46)
Reik's Plaz:
this square is in Nuln. It is the busiest place in the city. Here would-be adventurers check out the Deutz Elm for jobs and help-wanted notices.
a gorge on the Reik just down from Grunburg. (The Black Sail)
Reitsmann, Reiner:
first pilot on board the Emperor Luitpold, Reiner is under the command of Captain Mikhail Iorga. (WD#122)
Tilean city.
Remove Venom:
a Light Wizard's spell that requires a snake's tooth to work. The spell sucks all the poison in the immediate area into the tooth and destroys it. (WD#139)
Ranault, L'Hommes du:
a unit in the Bretonian army. (WD#137)
Renegade God of Chaos:
see Malal.
Restore Life:
a spell of the Light College. Rebinds the life-essence of a recently-killed corpse to its body and restores it to life. Requires a fossilised leaf. (WD#139)
Reuter, Ludovic:
husband of Mathilda. They own the village store in Pritzstock. (WD#98)
Reuter, Mathilda:
wife of Ludovic. She is the town gossip. (WD#98)
Reynard Boar-Spear:
a Bretonnian champion who fought at the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. (WD#153)
Rezhnek, Vok:
a dark elf, the henchman of Darsis Death Dealer. (WD#144)
Rhiannon Demonfriend:
a wizard who had to turn her apprentice Badrinas into a blue dragon to escape a small army. (JSp87)
Rhudd Cynchaef:
the Princess-Queen of the Dark Elves, recently usurped her way into power, she is the 1000 year old High-Priestess of the Kryrnaa Khanas. She claims to be a true Daughter of Khaine. (WD#108)
a rune. (Khazalid)
goddess, one of the Country Gods. Has a son Manann by Taal. (WD#138)
a warboy in Bratt's Boar Boyz. He is the standard-bearer and second- in-command. (WD#106pp19)
Riddra Isle:
an island in the Suiddock of Marienburg. The Fisherman's Steps are here. (WD#126)
Riding, The:
an area of the Empire comprising of the three villages: Shoodthorpe, Averridge and Mayby.
see Wilhelm Koch.
Rijgpen, Floris:
journeyman apprentice to Wilhelm Rotkopf. Is friends with Jan van Arzeneier and thinks he is in love with Lotte Wald. He occasionally visits Monnik's pit fighter school and owes money to Frans Makreel - gambling debts. (WD#128)
Rijker's Isle:
part of Marienburg, a great fortress-prison that stand on an island in the middle of the Reik-mouth. (WD#118,133)
the god of the lower Reik, said to be an aspect of Manann. (WD#118)
Ring of Power:
Festral had one of these, it was hurled into the Pit of Chaos by a party of adventurers. (AtOH)
chief deity in the Gnomic pantheon, the god of Smiths and Jesters. Has a few followers amongst Dwarves but under the name of Rukh. The first day of every month is sacred to Ringil with particularly large festivals being held every three months. He is the protector of the communal burrow and is usually seen as an elderly male Gnome weilding a hammer and either a bladder on a stick or a fishing rod. (WD#86)
River Life in the Old World:
an absorbing account of everyday-folk up and down the waterways of the Old World. By Graeme Davis Esq.
Rivermen's Association, The:
an important guild in Marienburg. Located across the Bruenwasser Kanal from the Brotherhood of Seamen & Pilots with whom they are bitter rivals. The Association is a breakaway movement from the Brotherhood and there is no love lost between them. The head of the Association is Axel Huurder. (WD#121)
huge chaos bird.
Roergang, Eric:
the cook at the Brotherhood of Seamen & Pilots in Marienburg. Said to do the best pickled herring in town. A friend of Granny Hetta. (WD#121)
one of Torgoch's orcs, he led a band of orcs to desert Torgoch who was under the influence of the Crystal of Fire and by now totally mad. He knew that Torgoch would incur the wrath of the orc gods if he went up against the priests and shamans. (D1)
Rojax Gorewade:
a chaos champion of Khorne. He led a small band of beastmen who terrorised the Twisted Lands for several years. (D1)
(1) a stone, (2) see Roc. (Orrakh)
companion of Chronus Goodheart who was there when Chronus discovered his cousin's evil deed. He, too, took the oath and became an Avenging Kinight of the Cleansing Flame.
Rolando O'Flynn:
son of King Rynn O'Flynn, Rolando was thought slain in the seige of Castle Eldaw. He was wounded and forced to flee into the Witch-Woods of North Albion. There he made a bargain with Raglann the Wood-Witch and last surviving heir of Lufric the Doomed. Raglann demanded that an unspecified demand be met in return for her aid. Her family was the ancestral enemy of the O'Flynns. At the same time, two old college friends of King Rynn, Mickelson and Giltbrook were travelling north. They met and the four set out to rescue King Rynn. They gained entrance to Castle Eldaw through the ancient Web of Eldaw beneath the castle. (GGG1)
loyal nobleman to King Dunco of East Albion. He was with the king the night of the fatal ambush in Glen Givet. (WD#76)
lives in Marienburg, near Potion Square? (WD#133)
a village near Altdorf.
Rotten Row:
a street in Nuln. (Skaven's Claw)
a northern island of the Elven Kingdoms. Until the start of the Blood War, this isle was inhabited by High Elves. The invading Dark Elf hordes massacred nearly all and left the island barren and lifeless. It now lies under some sorcerous spell, a strange black cloud hangs over it and no ship can approach due to the terrible storms that come unbidden from clear skies. (WD#108)
Rrinns Falls:
a famous waterfall on the Isle of Rrinnhasha.
Rocheteau, Elisabet:
wife to Henri-Phillippe. She was a local girl, much flattered by the attentions of the newly-arrived Rocheteau and they soon married. The couple are childless and the marriage is going through a difficult patch due to Elisabet's affair with Stefan Maranaeur. (WD#98pp51)
Rocheteau, Henri-Phillippe:
Mayor of Pritzstock. Husband to Elisabet. Henri is a Breton who relocated to Pritzstock to start a vineyard of his own, having been a wine merchant for several years. (WD#98pp51)
Rod of the Fith Part, the:
an ancient device of obscure origin. (WD#103pp9)
Rod of Tzeentch:
a long staff having a blue gem at the top or even, more simply the symbol Tzeentch. Rods of this nature have the power to transfix an individual, rendering them immobile and unable to defend themselves. (WD#122)
Roergang, Eric:
works at the Pilot's Guild in Marienburg. (WD#120)
son of Doggbref and a new recruit in Bratt's Boar Boyz. Mastered his war boar with the traditional head-butt. (WD#106pp20)
Rotkopf, Wilhelm:
a Master Alchemist with premises on Dock Road - just off Potion Square. The shop is a two-storey building with a turret. His journeyman Floris Rijgpen deals with customers. He also employs Jacob Boerenstand, Anatol and Janna Mossfoot. Thadrin Thadrinson is a permanent guest. Wilhelm was apprenticed to Helmut Schwarzbauch, but he died before Wilhelm's training was complete and he went off to seek his fortune in the Middle Mountains' gold rush of 2497IC. He turned to tomb-robbing, but eventually came to his senses and re-apprenticed himself to Josef Schmidtturm in Middenheim. Now a Master at his craft, Wilhelm is a prominent member of the Wizards' and Alchemists' Guild and is also a member of the High Council of Marienburg. (WD#126)
Rougierre, Comte de la:
see Etienne Edouard Villechaize.
Rubba Dubb:
pygmy champion. (WD#100pp16)
a sewerjack in Nuln. (Skaven's Claw)
Rudiger, Graf:
he forces Genevieve to help him and his son Doremus hunt down a unicorn. (Unicorn Ivory)
orc captain of the Spike-Can Commandoes, part of the Crooked Eye Orcs. He was the brave young orc that entered a ruined Dwarf stronghold alone and discovered a horde of "black an' spiky" armour. With the armour he founded his own company of armoured orcs, accepting his Chief's youngest son as standard bearer.(WD#95)
Ruhmacht, Albrecht:
Professor of Geography, Master of the Cartographer's Guild and Architect to the Emperor. (WD#98pp46)
a Dwarven deity that closely resembles Ringil. (WD#86)
the twelve great runeswords that Alaric the Mad promised Sigmar Heldenhammer in return for recapturing his dwarfhold from the orcs. He only managed to repay the debt after Sigmar had died. The swords were given to each of the Electors who were meeting to decide who should become Emperor. (WD#147)
see Helrun.
these are Dwarven practioners of magick. The dwarven race has no real wizards the way other races like man or elf do. The dwarven way of magick is one of craftmanship and the inscribing of potent runes. Their lore is one of oral tradition, the mighty runes passed down from dwarf to dwarf. Each Runesmith has his own unique name rune that marks his work. (WD#153)
a staff of wood or iron inscribed with runes in precious metal. The commonest runes used are the Earthshaker Rune and the Stonebreaker rune. The runestaff can cause earthquakes and break through walls. (WD#153)
Runic Talisman:
another dwarven magical artefact. The talisman is inscribed with runes - probably those of Valaya, as the Talisman is most often one of protection. (WD#153)
Runsinane, Castle:
in East Albion, it is the seat of McDeath, Thane of Cawdor. (WD#76)
a Skaven wizard of Clan Scuten who was sent to recover the warpstone hidden near the village of Pritzstock. His superior is Skleetishisk. (WD#98pp61)
Rustik, River:
runs through the pass guarded by Carak Oran and Carak Eight Peaks.
Rynn O'Flynn, King:
monarch of North Albion and descendant of Flynn of Eldaw. He was educated outside of Albion, probably in the Empire where he made an enemy of Grimgag, a fellow student from North Albion. Many years later, Grimgag raised and army against the King and imprissoned him in the dungeons of Castle Eldaw. (GGG1pp14)


Sabine Heistlenburger:
a Cleric of Sigmar. Sabine had the honour to fight for Sigmar at the Battle of Dog Peak Pass. He commanded the Empire's forces alongside the dwarven contingent commanded by Caran Crazak. (WD#91)
Sacred Belly Guard:
aka The Belt of the Eater. A sacred relic of the ogre clans of the north. During the Goblin-Dwarf wars it belonged to Golgfag until Hrothyogg won it from him in an epic eating contest lasting three days. (WD#79)
epic poems crafted by the poets of Norsca.
Sagas, Chaos:
in the Chaos Wastes but occasionally in more civilised places that have felt the touch of chaos, can be found curious words written in the dark tongue upon monoliths or cave walls. They tell the tale of mighty chaos warriors and the fates that befell them. The writing is put there by their followers. Within the Empire, such saga-stones were pulled down long ago to protect the eyes of innocents. Some may still be found, but far off the beaten track. There are those who recorded the tales before the stones were broken and books of such sagas crop up from time to time. (WD#124)
Saksquit Headbreaker:
leader of a band of twenty Skull Cleaver Orcs who made a foray into Wood Elf lands. They got as far as Three-Willow-Clearing before being spotted by Brightbranch. Later a group of five Wardancers, including Yavathol, attacked and slew him and his lads. Pus was one of his crew. (WD#96)
herb that makes a character regain consciousness. (TEWpp35)
the capital of Nordland.
Samain Day:
a day of the week in Albion. (WD#137)
Sandrine, Genevieve du Pointe du Lac Dieudonne:
born in the year 1841 or 42 IC [or 1839 IC - WD#140pp14], Genevieve recieved the Dark Kiss in 1855 IC from Chandagnac and became a vampire. She was one of Oswald von Konigswald's party that destroyed the Great Enchanter, Drachenfels. She also aided Vukotich against Dien Ch'ing. She entered the convent of Eternal Night and Solace in 2479 IC. She becomes involved with the intrigues of Udolpho is 2507 IC. and in 2508 IC she is forced by Graf Rudiger to help him hunt down a Unicorn in the Drak Wald forest. (WD#117, 140, Beasts in Velvet, Red Thirst, Cold Stark House, Unicorn Ivory)
Sannez, River:
river in the north of Bretonnia that enters into the Middle Sea. It's soource lies in the Pale Sisters. At Couronne, that cities hot springs and mineral waters mix with the river. The river is navigable as far as Couronne. It reaches the sea at L'Anguille, a huge city-port.
a kingdom of Ulthuan. (WD#158)
Saphery, the War Crown of:
given to Teclis by the High Loremaster to aid him on his quest to find Tyrion and the Everqueen during the Dark Elf War. It is said to give the wearer increased powers of magic even beyond that which a mortal could bear. (WFB4)
Sapphire Company:
one of the military outfits from Yvresse. (WD#154)
noted for it's high mage, Zanrath. (WoM)
a mercenary captain in Duke Fabriano's pay. He led the ambush against Mordini and his men. (JSp87)
this island city lies off the peninsula formed by the Tilean Sea and the Black Gulf. Famed for it's pirates, these buckaneers worship Manann.
Sauber, Hans:
the bosun of the Emperor Luitpold, under the command of Captain Mikhail Iorgo. (WD#122)
a Kislevite hired by Kazgar. See the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. He betrayed his dwarven employers for a handful of gold from Baron Flaubert Bonsante/. The Baron let him live it up for a while then had him arrested and fed to his dogs. (WD#153)
one of Foulbreath's captains.
a Tilean who travelled on a boat up the Reik from Altdorf to Marienburg. His companions were Stumpy and Doctor Hieronymous Applejack. (WD#118)
Sceberra, Estevan:
a minister of Zaragoz and master of his Duke's secret police. He is a dangerous and poweful bully. (WD#119)
an area of marshland approximately 110 miles to the west of Middenheim. Home to many dire beasts. Even Fimir have been seen within its environs. There is some human presence but the occasional raids on villages has discouraged any further ingress. Graf Boris Todbringer has sent one or two half-hearted punitative expeditions into the marsh with limited success. The tiny village of Kammendun lies on the southeast edge of the marsh at the point where the River Schaumfluss enters the marsh. The marsh is a source of low-grade bog-iron. There have been a few failed attempts at sinking mines into the marsh. (WD#102pp24)
yearly festival held in Bogenhafen. (TEWpp49)
Schaumfluss, River:
flows westwars into the Schadensumpf. The village of Kammendum lies along its course. (WD#102)
Schlachtoff, Marijke:
a thirteen year old girl, murdered by Old Mother Crumhorn. Her ghost haunts Potion Square. (WD#133)
ran the Jaegar business in Nuln. Vanished mysteriously. Otto believes he was just politically undesirable. (Skaven's Claw)
herb, mild sedative. (WD#126)
Schlecht-Vambrace, Sir Wilhelm:
a human knight who once came across a sleeping fire dragon and woke it up. (JSp87)
Schmidttrum, Josef:
the famous Master Alchemist of Middenheim. Wilhelm Rotkopf studied under him. (WD#128)
Schmundt, Zacharia:
a famous Witch-Hunter, noted for saying "What I like best about a siege is that there is nowhere for them to run..." (WS)
a town in the Grand Duchy of Middenland within the Empire. (WD#122)
a powerful banking family from Altdorf, known to support the Grand Theogonist Yorri XV with monetary loans. (WD#91)
Schumm, Max:
a Jailer used an example. (WD#138)
Schwarzbauch, Helmut:
the alchemist who originally taught Wilhelm Rotkopf befoe his untimely death. (WD#128)
Schwerdblitz, Bernhardt von:
a noble from Nuln who visited Marienburg. He is a professional duellist and likes provoking fights. (WD#119)
a wound or a scar, particularly the regimental scars administered after initiation into many orc warbands. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
a Skeleton Champion, servant of Morbius, he is said to howl constantly placing fear in the hearts of his enemies. (WD#94)
Screaming Bells:
these are dire Skaven weapons created by the Warlock Engineers, Clan Skyre. They have the power to decimate armies and raze cities. (WD#119)
a member of Clan Scruten.
these are magical devices that Skaven use to track down things. Each is a ball of flawless crystal at the heart of which lies a piece of warpstone. (JSp86)
Sektliebe, Baron Olaf:
the named heir of Etelka Toppenheimer, the Baronness of Sudenland. (TEW)
Semaphore Machines:
a network of complex sifgnalling machines, mostly built on hilltops and high towers. They are designed and crewed by members of the Dwarven Engineer's Guild. They operate by means of signalling flags and great beacons.
a dabbler in the black arts, Semjaza has made many pacts with the forces of Chaos. (WD#119)
Semmelweiss, Gunter:
a member of Pritzstock's militia. (WD#98pp52)
Semperphilius, Reiner:
adopted son of Rodrick Semperphilius. (The Magician's Son)
Semperphilius, Rodrick:
has a son, Reiner. They live just outside the village of Gladbeich. Rodrick is a wizard of the Grey college. He hired Cuolsh-an-Eshain, Muenchbeck and Vukotich to rescue his son from a band of goblins. (The Magician's Son)
Sentinels of Chaos:
these are among the most powerful of Chaos's servants. They are gigantic Chaos Warriors, each chosen to stand as the eternal guardians on the dimensional gateways that lead into the domains of the Chaos Gods. On occasion, they will be sent out of the chaos wastes to take part in battle. See Titans. (JAu85)
a place in Nordland, there is a hospice here that specialises in the treatment of Black Plague. (WD#130)
FICTION. Written by David Ferring and published by GW Books. ISBN 1 872372 10 4. The second in the Konrad trilogy. This volume has Konrad help the wizard Litzenreich defeat the skaven. See Konrad, Warblade.
Shadows, Forest of:
covers much of Ostland from the Middle Mountains east; its trees are twisted into grotesque shapes and covered with hanging curtains of moss and lichen. (WD#140)
Shaffat, Warlord:
a Skaven of a minor Warlord Clan. Part of the nest that infested Durrag-Dol. (WD#134)
goddess, daughter of Mo/rr and Verena. One of the Town Gods. Sister to Myrmidia. (WD#138)
a magic using individual of any race. Typically, Shamans don't really have a sound understanding of how they use magic - it seems intuitive to them - and they dress up spellcasting with a lot of needless ceremony and mumbo-jumbo. (WD#124)
Shama, Shamm:
honorifics given to pygmy Witchdoctors. e.g. Shama Beesbok or Beesbok-Shamm (WD#100)
Shama Beesbok:
pygmy Witchdoctor. (WD#100)
Shama Brobat:
pygmy Witchdoctor. (WD100)
Shape Stone:
an elemental spell. It allows the caster to mould stone as if it were putty. (WD#137)
Shargan, Crags of:
a range of barren mountains beyond the Plains of Blight. (JSp87)
the slave caste of Fimir society. They are little better than thralls. (WD#102pp19)
Shield Rune:
see Thrung-Rhun.
Shoemaker's Square:
in Marienburg, near Tanners Alley. (WD#135)
Shuddering Forests, The:
beyond these lies the graveyard swamp, home to Fanrax. (WoM)
Shultz, Adolf:
owner of the Pit Prop, a pub in the village of Karstenberg. (WD#108)
Shultz, Albrecht:
a wizard's apprentice in Middenheim. Brother of Kurt. Albrecht was an aquaintance of Dieter Maranaeur. (WD#98pp60)
Shultz, Inga:
a pick-pocket operating around the docks of Altdorf. Often found in The Mermaid running the old "Three Cups and a Pea" scam. (WD#96)
Shultz, Kurt:
a bodyguard hired by Dieter Maranaeur. (WD#98)
throwing stars favoured by the Ninjas of Nippon. (WD#81)
Siege of Altdorf:
this infamous siege took place during the Waaa-Gorbad and led to the death of the Emperor Sigismund. The city held for over a year until the orc hordes got bored and eventually drifted off. The Horn of Sigismunmd is blown three times on the anniversary of Sigismund's death to remind people of the event. (WD#153)
Siege of Barak Varr:
the Orc warlord, Gorfang Rotgut, laid siege to this Dwarven hold. With typical depravity he ordered the severed heads of Dwarven warriors to be catapulted into the city. (WD#159)
Siege of Caraz-Lumbar:
this Dwarven fort was under the protection of Dumwin Stoutbelly when the goblin forces, commanded by Bogrot Stuntybane, besieged it. The giant Grimsmirk Danglejaw proved a nasty surprise to the stout dwarven defenders. (WS)
Siege of Castle Seigfreid:
Skaven broke this seige by undermining the walls. They were hired by Prince Karsten who is said to have paid a terrible price for their help. (Skaven's Claw)
Siege of Castle Zakgrape:
Owned by Duke Ilich Meinback, on the 2nd Pflugzeit 2399 IC it was put under siege by an orc army. The Duke kept a journal, the last entry is for 4th Erntzeit when the Duke states he and his men are sealed in for good. The Duke died on the 5th of Vorhexen when presumably the Castle fell to the orc hordes. (WS)
Siege of Faenasti:
part of the War of the Barrel. Count Rudolf von Alptraum led siege but perished near the end when a wall section was deliberately collapsed onto him. (WS)
Siege of Patragresk:
this occured in 2277 IC. The city perished after a giant kicked a huge hole in one of the city walls. Grand Count Vassily of Omensk was present and survived the event. (WS)
Siege of Praag:
(2500 IC) the Halfling "Peeler" Flatfoot distinguished himself here.
Siege of Thighbone Pass:
General Gross-Ustard took part. (WS-WDarticle)
Siege of the Goblin Fort of Three Pikes:
Uwe Diamondscar took part in this. (WS)
Sierck, Detlef:
(2471 - ) the playright, actor an poet. He was rescued from a debtors prison by, and wrote the epic drama Drachenfels for, Oswald von Konigswald. Other works include the True History of Sigmar Heldenhammer, Goblin Bay and Adventurers at Bay. An actor-manager, he is an incredibly difficult man to work with - an immodest perfectionist. He staged his new play "The Strange History of Dr Zhiekhill and Mr Chiada" in 2506 IC. (WD#117, Drachenfels, Beasts in Velvet, Red Thirst, Stage Blood)
Sigismund, Emperor:
the warrior-emperor. He was killed during the Siege of Altdorf when Orc War-Wyverns attacked the Imperial Palace in Altdorf. (WD#146)
Sigismund, Horn of:
a sacred relic of the Empire. Carried into battle only by the Grand Theogonist. It was made for Emperor Sigismund by dwarves and presented to him after the Battle of Grimgrill Dale. When Sigismund died during the Siege of Altdorf, the Horn passed into the keeping of the Temple of Sigmar. Every year on the anniversary of Sigmar's death the hor is blown three times to remind people how close the Empire came to destruction. (WD#146)
herb that causes quick recovery from lost W. (TEWpp35)
Sigmar, Cult of:
religion in the Empire; led by the Grand Theogonist in Altdorf.
Sigmar, Seal of:
this was made by the Elves and has since been lost. (WD#147)
Sigmar, Silver Shield of:
this relic of the Empire is carried by the Grand Theogonist into battle. It can turn arrows from their path and deflect even magick. (WD#146)
Sigmar, Warhammer of:
see Ghal-Maraz.
Sigmar, War Altar of:
one of the holiest relics. This huge mobile altar is sometimes taken onto the field of battle by the Grand Theogonist. It is a strong magical focus. (WD#157)
Sigmar Heldenhammer (-30 - 50):
rescues King Kargan and receives magical hammer Ghal-maraz (-15); chief of Unberogens and other tribes in war against the Goblins (-8); victory at Black Fire pass (-1); crowned first Emperor at Altdorf (0); returns Ghal-Maraz to its makers (50) and is never seen again. At one point Sigmar defeats but is unable to destroy Drachenfels. He is a major deity of the Empire but seldom worshipped elsewhere. There is a large temple to Sigmar in Marienburg, but this is one of the rare cities outside the Empire to have one. (WD#138)
4th month of the year.
Sign of Chaos:
the eight-spoked wheel. (WD#113)
Sign of the Quill:
a shop in Potion Square next to the Marienburg Home For Foundlings. Owned by Dirck Oester, selling parchment, quills and ink. There is a secret door leading into the warehouse next door that only Dirck knows about. (WD#135)
Elf. Pre-generated character. (RotL)
a daemon currently bound to serve Lukas Pfandleiher. (WD#103pp9)
Silbermann, Werner:
a werewolf. Previously a young and successful wizard in Nuln. Became the leader of a wolf-pack that ranged across the Vaults and on into the Princes. The pack moved out of Wissenland when Werner attacked a caravan containing the dark elf, Syrillia. He forged an alliance with her and moved his base of opperations to the Yetzin valley. He had control over Gorr'ummaraoor by means of a Lesser Earthstone. (WD#132)
Silver Arrows, Eldril's:
the unit of High Elf archers commanded by Eldril at the Battle of Red Axe Pass. (WD#154)
Silver Helms:
renowned as the finest warriors of the High Elf army, they are formed from the noblest families of the Kingdoms of Ulthuan. (WD#153)
Silver Star of Kislev:
one of the foremost military honours that can be awarded by the Tsar of Kislev. (WD#122)
Silver Street:
leads onto Potion Square in Marienburg. (WD#133)
one of Prince Iolair Gilandiril's horses. (JSp87)
Sisters of Shallya:
one of the largest orders in Shallya's priesthood. (WD#130)
Sith Fascoluinne:
a Wood Elf settlement that lies in the Yetzin valley. (D1)
Sith Fascoluinne, the Forest of:
lies on the south side of the Twisted Lands in the Yetzin valley. The forest takes its name from the Wood Elf settlement that lies within its boundary. (D1)
Sith Rionnasc'namishathir:
aka Elftown, this is the Sea-Elf name for the place and it mean "Fortress of the Star-gem on the Sandy Coast". It is the Sea Elf quarter in Marienburg, and easily the largest such settlement in the Old World. Historically, the elves were here well before humanity and had built this fortress thousands of years ago. They used it as a base to explore the Old World. Eventually dwarves came to live with them and built the Vloedmuur. The city prospered. When the Dwarf-Elf war came, the Star-gem was the Elven capital of the Old World. The dwarves besieged the city for five years and the elves had to evacuate. And when the Goblin hordes threatened Caraz-a-Carak even the dwarves left the city. The dwarven name for Star-gem was Zhorak-Kuban. They razed the city when they left to stop the elves regaining it. In the vacuum that was left humanity slowly filled. (WD#118)
Skaag Hills:
near Carroburg. The body of Prince Karad von Carron is buried here. (WD#121)
see Helrun.
the goblin leader of a unit of stickas; part of Uzgrim's Marauders. (WD#123)
also called The Hooded One. Skarloc is the leader of a band of Wood Elf Scouts based in the Laurelorn forest. His self-appointed mission is to keep the forest safe from goblinoids or worse, but this also extends to driving away humans from the area. A mysterious figure, many young and foolhardy elves have joined his band. He has dealings with a troupe of Wardancers, as Glam, the Laughing Warrior often fights at his side. (WD#92)
Skarloc's Wood Elf Scouts:
led by Skarloc, this band protect the forest of Laurelorn from goblins, beastmen and the depravities of humans. Glam the wardancer is often with them and the wizard Kaia Stormwitch holds their banner. The Scouts revere Kern as their patron and inspiration. Araflane Warskald, minstrel, accompanies them. (WD#92)
Skalf Blackhammer:
a legnendary Runesmith. He worked in Karaz-a-Karak before the days of the Great Dwarf Empire. His particular gift was for warhammers, many of which are still used by Dwarf warlords as symbols of power and kingship. The Ghal-Maraz may have been his work. (WD#153)
Skalf Dragonslayer:
the dwarven hero who ventured into the abandoned dwarfhold of Karak-Azgal and slew Graug the Terrible. As a result, the dwarfhold began to be reclaimed for the Dwarven empire. (WD#152)
an Orc champion who fought in the Battle of Irom Peak. (WD#159)
a witch and follower of Nurgle, she joined Lothar Bubonicus's warband. (WD#124)
Skattach, Mother:
a Meargh of a Fimir-hold in the Schadensumpf. (WD#102)
Ratmen, the foul vermin race that undermines the Old World. They look like giant rats twisted into a human shape. Standing 4 to 6 feet high, their bodies are covered in short hair apart from their ears and tails. Their fur can be brown, black, piebald, white or grey. They wear clothing, ragged parodies of human dress and often have their fur and clothing died with pack symbols. Their society is split up into several clans:
Clan Eshin, Clan Scruten, Clan Skyre, Clan Moulder, Clan Perstilens, the Grey Seers and the Warlord Clans. They also have a slave caste which includes captives of other species. They worship the Horned Rat and are ruled over by the Thirteen Lords of Decay. They believe that they are destined to be the only inteligent species on the Warhammer World and their war banners often sport the phrase "We Shall Inherit". Their origins go way back to the fall of the Slann when some normal rats started to nibble at small pieces of warpstone thrown out by the collapse of the warpgates. These rats were mutated over millenia to the intelligent and organised species that exists today. Omniverous, they farm various types of moulds and mushrooms. (JSp86, WD#119,134)
accursed city of the foul ratmen. It lies within the Blighted Marshes of Tilea.
Skaven's Claw:
FICITON. Written by Bill King and published in two parts in WD#152 and WD#153. This is a short tale about Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaegar. Set in Nuln.
a Skaven sergeant attatched to Rusikis. A member of Clan Scruten (WD#98pp61)
the withered husks of the long departed can be animated by necromancy to form this weak Undead. (WD#173)
Skimgol 'The Butcher' Zekaarg:
Orc Hero, fought under Vomitskrag Krusher in The Valley of Death. Skimgol is a total sadist and weilds a mighty double handed weapon. (WD#97)
Skinny, Skimbo, Slim, Stringy:
an elf. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
see Skinny.
a Skaven Grey Seer. (WD#98pp61)
Skrag the Slaughterer:
an Ogre renegade who stole a sacred starmetal axe from his clan and was force to flee. His violent nature led him to wander the edges of the Chaos Wastes for several years. There the Chaos God Malal found him and offered him a bargain. Malal guided him to a Chaos Dwarf stronghold where he forced the dwarves to forge a great suit of plate armour. Once finished, Skrag donned the suit and slew all the dwarves, offering their souls to Malal. The sole survivor of the deed, Harvey-Wotan, has swore to kill him and shadowed Skrag wherever he went waiting for the right moment to strike. Ultimately, that moment came. After a particularly fierce battle, Wotan sent in a mechanical monster and two Chaos Goblin Fantatics called Blood and Gore to weaken Skrag up even further before stepping in himself for the final blow. (WD#79)
a goblin unit commander who fought at the Battle of Red Axe Pass. (WD#154)
leader of the Skaven in Nuln. Replaced by Grey Seer Thanquil. He was killed by Gotrek Gurnisson in the sewers beneath Nuln. (Skaven's Claw)
a renegade Skaven servant to a necromancer. He controls a small band of Clan Skyre warriors and is addicted to Black Lotus. (WD#99pp23)
Skull Cleaver Orcs:
a tribe of orcs. Famed for their Man-Mangler mangonel and it's builder - Bruglodd. Graglud was the chief of the tribe. (WD#89)
Skull Crusher:
a Dwarven trebuchet, now in the posession of the Broken Nose Goblins.
Skulmar, Captain of the Dead Host:
was in league with the Witch Lord, but narrowly escaped sharing that evil beings' fate. Skulmar fled the Forbidden City taking many of his master's spell books, he was helped by Sir Ragnar. (WL)
Skumwort Skabbad:
an orc warchief of the Howling Moon tribe who lives amid the ruins of Carag Eight Peaks. (WD#125)
Associated colours are Black, Pink. Associated colleges are Dark, Amethyst. (WD#113)
see Gors.
a race of frog-like beings, the barbaric remnants of the Old Slann. They are highly resistant to Chaos in all its forms. (WFRPpp264)
Slann Emperor, The Great:
rules over the remnants of the Slann race. Typically, great reverence is shown whenever a Slann mentions the Emperor's name and it is usually accompanied by a blessing such as "may his skin never wrinkle". (WD#96)
Slashing Slasher's Slashing Slasher:
this unit on Goblin warriors fight in Gan Green's mob. The only accept those Goblins who can say their name properly the first time and rightly regard themselves as an intellectual elite amongst Goblins. (WD#97)
Slazinger, Helmut:
the unfortunate torture-victim of Fritz von Halstadt. (Skaven's Claw)
Sleban Foulheart:
a chaos champion of Khorne. One of Khornes favourites who was slain by Kaleb-Daark. (JSp87)
chief lackey of Gorblum the Magnificent, he commanded a unit of Night Goblin archers in the Battle of Iron Peak. (WD#159)
Sleep of Ages:
this Light Wizard's spell requires apiece of duck down to work and can cause unnatural sleep in a target. (WD#139)
a halfling cook, held captive by the Black Arrows. (WD#101pp48)
see Skinny.
Slizz the One-Eyed:
a snotling shaman. (WD#100pp25)
herb, very mild nerve toxin. (WD#126)
Slumbernacht Hostelry:
a hostelry in Grimminghagen. (WD#106)
see Abrahim.
Snarler, Estalian:
a type of fierce dog owned by the nobility. (WD#159)
Snarling Sun Tribe:
a tribe of orcs living in the ruins of Carag Eight Peak. Their warchief is Goggrul Skarlug. (WD#125)
Snert, Alfrida:
Snijermans, Bruno:
a carpenter who works near Potion Square, an ex-orphan of the Marienburg Home for Foundlings. (WD#126)
Snorri Spangelhelm:
Runesmith to the high-king in Karaz-a-Karak during the Golden Age of the Dwarf Empire. A master at crafting Gromril, he is famous for a unique set of mail and plate that was said to be strong enough to turn the hardest blow and yet was a light and flexible as skin. (WD#153)
a Goblin shaman who fought at the Battle of Osterwald. (WD#157)
a dwarven insult. (Skaven's Claw)
Social Level:
ARTICLE. Appeared in WD#138 and contained rules to mimic class differences in WFRP. By Mike Brunton and Graeme Davis.
the mighty warhammer, an ancestral heirloom of the dwarven Clan Durrag. For years it lay forgotten in the ruins of Durrag-Dol until Kili Thekkrsson swore an oath to retrieve it. It was kept in the Temple of the Living Ancestor. "Roaring Stone" in Khazalid. (WD#134)
Sogrodd Stunty-Flayer:
a leader of a tough unit of Orcs. They are attatched to Morglum's Necksnappers. They are the shock troops of the outfit. "We never met a stunty we didn't like... WITH SAUCE!" is their motto. (WD#110)
Solkan the Avenger:
a god of Law, Solkan is a favourite patron of Witch-hunters. (WD#138)
Soll, River:
finds it's source in the Black Mountains and joins up with the Upper Reik.
5th month of the year.
the sword used by Prince Karad von Carron to slay Ratgot Dwarfmangler. It was buried with the Prince but later stolen by orcs from a tribe controlled by Hogrod Trollslaughterer, a descendant of Ratgot. (WD#121)
summer solstice; day between Sommerzeit and Vorgeheim.
Sorglos Rigde:
part of the Grey Mountains, it lies 15 miles southwest of Helmgart and Axe-Bite Pass. Here the mountains rise steeply to over 1000ft above the Bretonnian road. Hochepointe is the highest peak on the ridge. (WD#107)
South Lands, The:
this area lies beyond Araby and is home to Human tribes and Goblin tribes. The New Coast is an Old World colony along it's western edge. (WFRPpp262)
Southern Gods, The:
see Town Gods.
Southern Sea:
south of Estalia.
a beastman whose mutations have deprived him of intellect or usefulness to the herd. (WD#124)
Spawning, A Full:
some measure of Slaan numbers. (WD#96)
Speckled Rustwort:
herb that is used to treat Red Pox. (TEWpp35)
Spee Boatyards of Altdorf:
a very famous boatbuilding firm. They built the luxury river-liners the Emperor Luitpold, Emperor Wilhelm and Emperor Magnus in 2510IC. (WD#122)
Spelleater Rune:
see Narga-Rhun.
herb, has draining effect on a mage. (WD#126)
Hef's twin brother. Both sewerjacks in Nuln. Both in love with Gilda. Sppider has a tattoo of an arachnid on his cheek. They lived on Cheap Street and were in trouble with Big Jax. Skaven killed him. (Skaven's Claw)
herb that prevents further bleeding. (TEW)
Spikes Harvey-Wotan:
a Chaos Dwarf, the sole survivor of a the Chaos Dwarfhold destroyed by Skrag the Slaughterer. He swore an oath to Khorne that he would seek revenge upon the ogre. After years of wandering he met the mad Dwarven Oxy O'Cetylene who gave him one of his latest inventions in the form of a Tin Man that Spikes used to weaken Skrag up with before stepping in himself to kill him. Spikes also enlisted the aid of two Chaos Dwarf Fanatics, Blood and Gore. (WD#83)
Spike-Can Commandoes:
a unit of armoured orcs under the command of Ruglud, an orc champion. The unit is part of the Crooked Eye Orcs. Bambrag, a shaman, often bangs the bones together as musician and Maggot, the son of Gudruk Bonechewer, carries their standard. (WD#95)
Spindle of Magic:
a representation of the various Colleges of Magic that takes the eight Colour Magics as a central disc with the White Cone rising to a point above, and the Dark Cone falling to a point below the plane of the disc. Also called the Twin Vortex of Magic. (WD#113)
Spirit of Man's Beasts:
see Maciew.
Spirit of the Forest:
see Leshy.
Spirit of the Hearth:
see Domovoy.
Spirit of the Soil and Scythe:
see Polevik.
Spirit of the Waters:
see Vodyanoy.
Spirit Riders:
these undead cavalry served the Witch Lord, their resting place is in the Cold Halls of Kalos. (WL)
spitberry juice has an intoxicating effect upon orcs. (WD#97)
Splintered Bone, Orcs of the:
a tribe of Orcs noted for their snotling allies who ride Grim's Reaper into battle. (WD#88)
Spot Brothers, The:
see Ziptpicker Zorn and Blackhead the Worse than Normal.
Sproinnggs, The:
a unit of Gobbo archers. One of Gan Green's lot. (WD#97)
Spugga Fegg:
an Orc. (WD#95)
Square of Merscha:
this is the famous hall in Carag Eight Peaks. The largest one in the city, the hall was the scene of a famous battle between Queen Hilga and a goblinoid army. It is every dwarf's dream to see it with his own eyes. (WD#125)
Squig, Cave:
the pets of goblins. They are a curious hybrid of fungus and flesh and blood. Like a ball with two enormous taloned feet that drag it around. They have huge mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth. Cave Squigs are used by goblins as a source of food as well as pets, and the more ferocious breeds are trained to fight in battle. They are hunted down by Squig Hunters and goblins have a whole host of sports such as Squig Wrestling, Tunnel Racing, Squig Pit Jumping and bare-back Squig Riding. (WD#154)
Squig Herder:
a goblin career. These goblins are in charge of the Squig Herds that roam about the goblin tunnels. They use Squig Prodders to push the Squigs around and occasionally a herd will be used in battle. (WD#154)
Squig Hunters:
a goblin profession. Squigs roam free and goblins have to hunt them down and domesticate them. The gobbos that do this are Squig Hunters. The accepted practive is to use a long, pointy stick and poke the squig in its hole until it becomes so enraged it races out to attack. Other gobbos throw a net over it and then club it senseless. (WD#154)
Squig Pit Jumping:
goblin sport. (WD#154)
Squig Prodder:
used by Herders and Squig Hunters. (WD#154)
Squig Riding:
goblin sport. (WD#154)
Squig Wrestling:
goblin sport. (WD#154)
Staff of Command:
the badge of office of the Grand Theogonist, this staff is a potent magical item when near the War Altar of Sigmar. (WD#157)
Staff of Lightning:
magical staff capable of casting a lightning spell. It may become exhausted and requires a full day to recharge. (WFB4)
Staff of Nurgle:
a tall staff carved from either the branch of a diseased tree of the bones of a plague victim. Often a gift from Nurgle himself, these magical staves can infest a victim with so much disease and corruption that thew literally burst with pus, worms, larvae and maggots. (WD#121)
Stage Blood:
FICTION. Written by ?? Published by ??
Star Boat:
Erik the Were is hired to search for this fabled craft. (The Star Boat)
Star Lance:
the weapon used by Prince Imrik. (WD#179)
see Gromril.
see Torin Algenonsonn.
a beastman loyal to Kaon the Idolator. (WD#135)
Steinmeyer, Heinrich:
see Udo Wentz.
a Dolgan. (JAu85)
Steppe Gardening in the Tropics:
a book by Juri Dibber. (WD#100)
see Northern Steppes.
archers. (Orrakh)
a casualty. (Orrakh) (WD#106)
Stiggerwurt Herpin:
human barman at the Coach & Horses Inn. (TEW)
Stir, River:
finds it's source in the World's Edge Mountains and flows through the forests of the Empire before joining the Reik.
Stirland, Grand County of:
province in the Empire; capital Wurtbad. The province's reigmental colours are green and yellow. (WD#146)
a war boar, specifically a stallion. (Orrakh) (WD#106)
hand-to-hand combat. (Orrakh) (WD#106)
Storm Riders:
the undead remnants of Uathach's treacherous forces. They were condemned to ride forever in search of battle by Sigmar. It is said that certain dread necromancers can bind them to their bidding and allow them to sate their lusts in the field of battle once more. (WD#114)
Storm Warriors:
FICTION. Written by Brain Craig and published by GW Books. ISBN 1 872372 17 1. This is the last of Orfeo's stories to Alkadi Nasreen. It is set in 2492 IC and takes place on the isle of Morien when a band of sea-elves are ship-wrecked on its coast. See Zaragoz and Plague Demon.
the war griffon of Eltharion the Grim. (WD#158)
Strattner, Edvard:
runs a shrine club (Ranald) in Marienburg. Members include Dirck Oester and Albert Waarmans. (WD#135)
[UNDEVELOPED] this city/fortress was besieged by the Emperor Hasso. (WS)
Strength of Life:
a spell of the Light College. It invigorates the body with strength and fighting prowess. The powdered bones of any large and powerful monster are recommended. (WD#139)
Strengthen Undead:
a Dark spell requiring a handful of gravedust to cast. It invigorates any nearby undead. (WD#159)
see Skinny.
the god of wrecks. His cult is proscribed in Marienburg. (WD#118)
the commander of the dwarven forces allied to Sigmar during the Goblin Wars. He was killed through the treachery of Uathach who sought to start hostilities between man and dwarf. (WD#113)
Strudeldorf, Isolde von:
human young noble; she has a servant Janna and a bodyguard Marie. (TEW)
Stoessel Isle:
an island off the Suiddock in Marienburg. It lies between Riddra Isle and Luydenhoek Isle. (WD#121)
Stonebreaker Rune:
? (WD#153)
Storm Warriors:
FICTION SOURCE. A novel by Brian Craig and published by GW Books. ISBN# ??. A selection of characters from the novel were given the WFRP treatment in WD#137. See King Herla, Trystan the Bard, Shipmaster Thoron and Kerewan the Wizard. (WD#137)
the mighty war griffon of Eltharion the Grim. (WD#158)
bought a cargo off Marius in the Pit in Marienburg. (WD#121)
Stoutheart, Hilme:
Elder of Mootland; the Halfling Elector
Striking, Rune of:
see Dang-Rhun.
Stumpfnase, Jurgen:
an inmate of the Great Hospice. (WD#130)
a dwarf who travelled on a boat up the Reik from Altdorf to Marienburg. His companions were Scarzini and Doctor Hieronymous Applejack. (WD#118)
Stuntie Spikers, The:
a unit of Goblins, part of Gan Green's mob, that fight with spears. Their standard shows a forest of these weapons. Their pet musician only knows one song:
Ere We Go. (WD#97)
Stunty, Long Beard:
a dwarf. (Orrakh) (WD#106)
Suceava, the Barony of:
this small barony is in Ostland on the eastern side of the Middle Mountains. The barony contains several monasteries, almost all dedicated to the god Morr. The barony came into existance when Mirkal the Brave led a band of warriors against an evil wizard who had carved out a petty kingdom in this area of the Empire. The princely residence of the barony is called Suceava. The Barony's capital is the town of Mierach. Other towns are Sibiu and Sighisoara. The many monasteries include Moldovitar, Mirkal, Voronet and Sucevitar. The area also features a large number of gypsies. See also Petru Rares. (WD#93)
Sucevitar, Monastery of:
lies in the Barony of Suceava. (WD#93)
Sudenland, Grand Barony of:
province in the Empire; capital Pfeildorf.
the mile-long docks of Marienburg. Most of the coach-houses also have depots in this area. So journeying to Marienburg by land or sea is likely to terminate in this area. (WD#118,133)
Suiddock Watch Station Number Four:
sits on Potion Square, a small Watch-House for two Watchmen. Currently Dirck Nederbaar and Jan Waat man it. Their beat includes the whole eastern side of Luydenhoek Isle. The station reports to Captain Valk at the Suiddock Ward Barracks. (WD#133)
Suiddock Ward Barracks:
a coordination point for law and order in Marrienburg. (WD#133)
Suiddock Temple, The:
this is the oldest temple in Marienburg, said to have been founded by Marius himself. It is dedicataed to Manann, but is semi-derelict. Attended by Agnetha Zeetrouw, the congregation is not large, mainly down-and-outs or aged seamen. The west wing is used as a hostel. (WD#120)
Sullandiel Fartrader, Wavemaster; the captain of Lughsoll-Siaisullain. He accepted the offer of Baron Matteus von Hoogmans and reoccupied Sith Rionnasc'namishathir in Marienburg. (WD#118)
Sultan of All Araby:
title given to the ruler of Araby. (WFRP)
Sumpfer, Johann:
human, an inhabitant of the Schadensumpf marshland. Johann discovered a Fimm hiding out in an old mineworks. (WD#102)
Sundering, the:
the great schism that split the elven nations apart. Those that had turned to the worship of chaos in the guise of Slaanesh were ejected from the Elven Kingdoms and fled north to Naggaroth where they became the Dark Elves. (WD#156)
the great runesword, forged to be the bane of daemons. Tyrion wielded it during the Battle of Finuval Plain. It blazes with the captured fires of the sun. (WD#156)
Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic:
head of the College of Magic. (WD#154)
Surhardt, Erietta:
a young woman from the village of Pritzstock. She was attacked by one of the flaming skulls that plagued the village. (WD#98)
Fisherman, one of Abrahim's party. (WFRP)
Sven Hammerhelm:
he and Magnus the wizard helped Pierre Chancier remove the ogres from the Tombs of the Phalanx. (WD#145)
Sven Haslefresian - The Unofficial Biography:
a book by Erik Haslefresianson. (WD#100pp45)
Swartzhelm, Ludvig:
the Emperor's Champion, a fierce, tower of strength. Said to have never smiled in his entire life. He wields the Sword of Justice in the name of Karl-Franz I. (WD#147)
Swiftness, Rune of:
see Alabrin-Rhun.
Sword of Justice:
a relic of the Empire. This mighty sword is dwarven-
forged with powerful runes of retribution and vengeance. (WD#137)
Sword of Switft Slaying, The:
an enchanted blade coursing with power that passes into the hands of its weilder. (WFB4)
Sylvania, County of:
province in the Empire, attached to Stirland; capital Waldenhof. A sinister forest, home to vampires. (WD#173)
the dark elf, outcast from Feis Mabdon, she travelled the Old World before striking up an alliance with Werner Silbermann - a werewolf, and leader of the Daemon Wolves of Wissenland. She uses the pseudonym Larithiriel Oakshadow. (WD#132)


god, one of the Country Gods, has a son Manann by Rhya. (WD#138)
Tab-asco's Burners:
a unit of Dwarven Troll-Slayers out of Black Crag. (WD#97)
a Sea Elf merchant prince of the 23rd century. Owned a magic sword. (WD#103)
Tain-Ella, the Sword of:
a magical sword of unknown abilities. Once owned by Tain-Ella. (WD#103)
Taint of Chaos:
when the raw Chaos matter was spewed out onto the World it affected all the creatures, plants and races of the World. It subtly altered every being. This is the Taint of Chaos, in every bloodline it exists. (WFRP)
the name of a river-god from which the river takes its name. He is generally seen as an aspect of the god Taal. (WD#122)
Talabec, River:
finds it's source in the Worlds Edge Mountains, flows through most of the Empire until it meets the River Reik at Altdorf.
Talabec, Upper:
this part of the river goes all the way up to the dwarfholds of Karak-Kadrin and Karak-Ungor depending on which tributary you follow. (WD#122)
Talabecland, Grand Duchy of:
province in the Empire; capital Castle Schloss. Other places: Volgen. Regimental colours are red and yellow. (WD#146)
Talabheim, City State of:
city in the heart of the Empire's forests on the banks of the River Talabec. The state regiment's uniform is red and white. (WD#146)
Tales of a Travelling Dictator:
the diary of the mage Bahb-Elonn. (WD#100)
Tallanquine, Prince:
a High Elf leader of an expedition force sent to Naggaroth to take the Dark Elf pressure off the coasts of Ulthuan. He was mortally wounded in combat with a Dark Elf Lord. Anaryll, the second-in- command, took charge of the army. (WD#155)
Tana Dante:
this river runs through the Khyprian Empire in the Border Princes. It has its source in the Black Mountains. (WD#125)
Tanner's Alley:
close to Canal Street in Marienburg. (WD#128)
Tarak Mountains:
within this range lies Zanrath's Tower. (WoM)
Tarnel, Kalem:
a champion of Tzeentch. He slew Gorak, champion of Nurgle. (WD#121)
Tarquin's Twangies:
a crossbow unit of Dwarves out of Black Crag. Their standard shows a yellow rose and crossed quarrels. (WD#97)
herb that causes sleep and recovery. (TEW)
see Brutal.
Tarthan Trollbaiter:
Dwarven heroine, fought at The Valley of Death under Barnok Blatterzan's command. Famed for using Orcs blood to spike her hair.
Tassenincks von, family of Ostland:
rulers of Ostland [NOTE: WD#117 gives the Konigswald family as the rulers of Ostland.]
Tasseninck, Hals von (2450 IC):
Grand Prince of Ostland, based in Wolfenburg; named heir is his only son, Prince Hergard; Imperial Elector.
Tasseninck, Prince Hergard von:
on the lookout for a group of adventurers, the son and heir of Grand Prince Hals. (2512 IC). (TEW)
Taurus, Frederick von:
a warrior-mage who made the Great Silver Seal of the Empire for Magnus the Pious. (WD#147)
Tavelli, Peter:
member of the Poison Claw cult in Delberz. Responsible for the murders of Klauss Dralst and his son. (WD#99)
the twin of Tyrion, son of Arathion. Teclis was the most powerful mage during the Incursion of Chaos two hundred years ago. Spells and artefacts have been named after him. See The Sword of Teclis. Born into one of the oldest families of Ulthuan, Teclis can trace his ancestry back to the doomed Phoenix-King Aenarion. Teclis is a gaunt figure of an elf, his tongue has a bitter, carping nature. He was taught by the Loremasters of the Tower of Hoth and is a true master of the High Magic. When his brother Tyrion was reported lost during the Dark Elf War he went in search of him and the Everqueen. He slew Ferik Casterman's Coven of Ten at the Battle of Hathar Ford, and killed Alberecht Numan, a champion of Slaanesh. At the decisive Battle of Finuval Plain, Teclis defeated the Witch King. Later, Teclis volunteered to go to the Old World in answer to Magnus the Pious' plee for help. When the Incursion was over Teclis agreed to teach the secrets of magic to the Empire and founded the Colleges of Magic. He returned home in 2325 IC. He led a High Elf army to victory against Erik Redaxe. (WD#156)
Teclis, Sword of:
charged with celestial power. Crackling energies play across it's shining surface and when it strikes opponents they are blasted apart. (WFB4)
Temple of the Living Ancestor:
the ancient halls in Durrag-Dol where the warhammer Sognirstane was kept. (WD#134)
a Dolgan, he owns a pack of war hounds. (JAu85)
Terrible Thunderers, The:
a unit of boar-riders under Vomitskrag Krusher's command. The Thunderers all carry small drums into battle which they manically beat with bones as they charge. Rivals to The Groundshakers. (WD#97)
Trufel, River:
a tributary of the Reik, runs from the Grey Mountains, past Ubersreik and Auerwald till it joins the Reik at Grunburg. (The Black Sail)
village that was burnt down by Witch Hunter Fabergus Heinzdork. (TEW)
Thadrinson, Thadrin:
Thadrin is a privately wealthy dwarf who is a more-or-less permanent guest of Wilhelm Rotkopf. Impossibly neat and fussy. (WD#128)
the Elf-Lord of Caledor. Rode Kargos the Despoiler. (WD#149)
the Elf rune of Vengeance or Hatred. (WD#158)
Thane of Cawdor:
a title given to McDeath by King Dunco for helping defeat the current holder of the title who had rebelled against the king. (WD#76)
a Grey Seer, the leader of the Skaven nest in Nuln. He replaced Skrequal. He bought the services of Boneripper from Clan Moudler. His schemes involving Fritz von Halstadt are disrupted by Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaegar. (Skaven's Claw)
see Drengs.
Thekkrsson, Kili:
a dwarven trollslayer who ventured in the ruins of Durag- Dol in search of Sognirstane. (WD#134)
The Black Sail:
FICTION. Written by Neil McIntosh iand published in WD#141.
The Dark Beneath the World:
FICTION. Written by William King and found in the Red Thirst anthology, this story leads on from where Wolf Riders left off. Felix Jaegar and Gotrek Gurnisson make it to Carag Eight Peaks and search for the lost sword, Karaghu^l.
The Laughter of Dark Gods:
FICTION. Written by William King and found in the Ignorant Armies anthology.
The Light of Transfiguration:
FICTION. Written by Brian Craig and found in the Red Thirst anthology.
The Magician's Son:
FICTION. A short story by Barrington J. Bayler published in WD#136 about Rodrick Semperphilius. Includes the character Vukotich who is perhaps an earlier version of the Vukotich Hallam that appears in Ignorant Armies by Jack Yeovil.
The Manchdor Affair:
FICTION. Written by ?? Published ??
The Other:
FICTION. Written by Nicola Griffith and found in the Ignorant Armies anthology. It is set in Middenheim in 2492 IC. The story revolves around Stefan Hochen and Katya Raine.
The Phantom of Yremy:
FICTION. Written by Brian Craig and found in the Wolf Riders anthology.
The Reavers and the Dead:
FICITON. Written by William King and found in the Ignorant Armies anthology. Involves Helmut and an ancient evil at Wrecker's Point.
The Song:
FICTION. Written by Steve Baxter and found in the Red Thirst anthology.
The Spells Below:
FICTION. Written by Neil Jones and found in the Red Thirst anthology. It is about Katarina Kraeber and her master Anton Freiwald.
The Star Boat:
FICTION. Written by Steve Baxter and found in the Ignorant Armies anthology. Erik the Were is hired to search for this fabled craft.
The Strange History of Dr Zhiekhill and Mr Chiada:
the latest play by Detlef Sierck (2506 IC). (Stage Blood)
The Tilean Rat:
FICTION. Written by Sandy Mitchell and found in the Wolf Riders anthology, it introduces us to Sam Warble, the halfling investigator. He is on the trail of a family heirloom - a statue - belonging to the beautiful dark-elf Astra. Set in Marienburg in 2505 IC.
The Voyage South:
FICTION. Written by Nicola Griffith and found in the Red Thirst anthology.
The Way of the Witchfinder:
FICTION. Written by Brain Craig and found in the Wolf Riders anthology.
Theogonist, Grand:
position currently held by Volkmar the Grim, the successor to Yurri XV. The Theogonist is the leader of the Cult of Sigmar and is the most powerful person in the Empire after the Emperor himself. Only he is allowed to carry the Silver Shield of Sigmar and the Horn of Sigismund. The Grand Theogonist's badge of office is the Staff of Command and he wears the famous Jade Griffon on his chest. (WD#140, 146, 157)
Thieves' Guild:
many towns and cities have such an organisation. It exists for the mutual benefit of it's members providing safe-houses, protection, back-up and information. The Guild may have close ties to the Beggars' Guild which it will often control to a lesser or greater extent.
Thighbone Pass:
[UNDEVELOPED: probably in the Worlds Edge Mountains] see Siege of Thighbone Pass. (WS)
Thijs van Zwoteyvaant:
one of the most daring and successful merchants and explorers ever to set sail from the great port of Marienburg. Stories of his exploits across the world, from Cathay to Lustria, are told wherever seamen meet. He is said to have brought many strange and wonderful objects back from his travels, and his name is often used by antiques dealers to boost the price of an object. (WD#97)
Throd Trollbiter:
a dwarf champion who fought at the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. (WD#153)
Throgrim Greybeard:
the clan lord of the Dwarfs of Iron Mountain. He led the dwarven side at the Battle of Iron Peak. They lost but Thorgrim was not found amongst the dead. (WD#159)
Thorgrim Grudge Bearer:
the Dwarven Lord of Karaz-a-Karak, High King of all the Dwarfs. He keeps his own personal copy of Dammaz Kron, the Book of Grudges with him at all times - hence his name. (WD#160)
Throgrim's Hall:
Thorgrim Greybeard's feast hall. (WD#159)
Throne of Kings:
said to have been created by Grungni, this dwarven throne is capable of being held aloft by four throne-bearers and carried into battle. The current Dwarven High King often enters battle this way. It is marked with the rune Azamar. (WD#160)
Thoron, Shipmaster:
the captain of the ship-wrecked elves (Uranai) that landed in Morien and caused King Herla so much trouble. He was a cunning, calculating elf who sought to ally himself to the House of Conwy by marrying the Lady Melicent. (WD#137)
Three-Penny Bridge:
a notorious part of Marienburg where anything can be bought for a price. (WD#118)
Thriteen Lords of Decay, the:
the rulers of Skaven society. They consist of the leaders of the Skaven and the high priests of the Horned Rat. In total, there are twelve Lords of Decay with their god making up the symbolic thirteenth member. Each lord is a mighty king ruling from one of the great Skaven centres throughout the Warhammer World. (JSp86)
the slave-caste of the Norse. (WD#107)
Three Feathers:
a roadside inn within the Empire. (WD#94)
Three-Peaked Mountain:
overlooks the Yetzin valley. (D1)
Three Thumbs:
a member of Broon's warband. (WD#108)
a forest clearing under control of Wood Elfs. Here a band of Wardancers fought with a party of Skull Cleaver orcs. (WD#96)
Thrones of Kalos:
The three thrones of that ruined city, see Prophecy of Kalos.
Thrott the Unclean:
a mighty skaven warrior who fought alongside Gnawdoom at the Battle of La Maisontaal. Thrott is blessed with a mutation of a third arm and has a warpstone charm in place of one of his eyes. (JSp86)
the Shield Rune. (WD#153)
a mutant troll that guarded the sword Karaghul in Carag Eight Peaks. (WD#125)
Thurgard the Treacherous:
a Runesmith of Karaz-a-Karak. He devised the Alabrin-Rhun. It is said he stole part of the ritual for its making from the Elves, but his descendants as tight-lipped on the matter. (WD#153)
the legendary Dwarven flying machines. An invention of the 207th Lodge of the World's Edge Engineers' Guild, these machines are capable of carrying a single Dwarf and a payload of bombs aloft. (WD#100)
Thyksson, Tom:
'Owd', Tom was a member of Bugman's Dwarf Rangers. (JSp87)
Thymbrin Snakebeard:
a renegade Dwarven engineer. He was thrown out of the Engineers' Guild and turned to chaos. He is credited with designing many of the fearsome war machines used by Chaos Dwarf armies. (WD#103pp10)
Tilean City States:
a loose confederation, concerned with trade but prone to attacking each other's fleets. (WFRPpp270)
Tin Man:
invention of Oxy O'Cetylene. (WD#83)
a kingdom of Ulthuan. (WD#158)
[UNDEVELOPED] see Albrecht of Tisenbreck.
these are the Lawful equivalent of Sentinels of Chaos. They also, guard the dimensional gateways into the Chaos (Lawful) Realms. When a Sentinel is sent out into reality, a Titan is often sent to counter him. (JAu85)
Toad-eyes, The:
a unit in Gorrfang Ratbreath's outfit. (WD#155)
Tilean city on the Abrasko Mountain side of the Tilean Sea.
a tumbler a Goshuar's gypsy band. (D1)
Todbringer, family of Middenheim:
distant relatives of the von Bildhofen family. Many dependants serve in the Order of the Fiery Heart. (WD#91)
Todbringer, Boris (2455 - ):
Graf of Middenheim, based in the Middenpalaz in Middenheim; named heir is his youngest son, Baron Stefan; Imperial Elector.
Todbringer, Stefan:
the heir to the City State of Middenheim. Son of Graf Boris.
a ruined, daemon-haunted city lying on the edges of the Chaos Wastes. (WD#157)
To-ka Bong:
pygmy champion. (WD#100)
a sip of beer, roughly equivalent to a litre-and-a-half. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
Tolermann, Meitrich von:
the traitor. Magnar the Clawed had to report his treachery to a Lord of Change. (WD#119)
Tollucci, Giuseppi:
pregenerated character. Giuseppi is a racketeer. He came orignally from Miragliano, but slept with the wrong person's daughter and was forced to flee the city unless he wanted his legs broken. (D1)
an orphan at the Marienburg Home For Foundlings. Tomas used to be severely mutated; he had a spider's head and two extra pairs of limbs, but thanks to a shape-changing potion he now appears normal - if you ignore the two extra chitinous eye in his forehead. He looks after the younger children. (WD#126)
a chaos weapon that can entrap a man's soul. It is a rune sword made out of black metal. The Lichemaster found one of these fell blades. (JSp86)
Toppenheimer, Etelka (2461-):
Grand Baroness of Sudenland, based in Pfeildorf; named heir is the adopted son of a distant relative, Baron Olaf Sektliebe; Imperial Elector.
Tor Achare:
the capital of Chrace. (WD#156)
Tor Yvresse:
the capital of Yvresse, built on nine hills its tall towers are linked by narrow bridges. (WD#158)
a warrior-priest orc of the Bloodaxe Alliance who came to note in the Vaults campaign. Warboss Torgoch was one of the more intelligent and popular leaders. Too popular. He gained the enmity of the other shamans who suspected he would one day usurp them. So they faked a false oracle and decided to lead the Alliance back into the darklands - without Torgoch who was to stay behind with a skeleton crew to man the base in the Yetzin Valley. Torgoch realised he had been outmanouvered and accepted his fate. In the valley he set about founding an empire for himself and had soon destroyed all Dwarven resistance in the area. And it was on the body of a Loremaster Hadrin that he found documents about the Crystals of Power. Torgoch had, years earlier, taken a red gem from the body of a human wizard. It was, he now realised, the Crystal of Fire. He came close to finding the Crystal of Earth when his troops overran the Shrine of Kadal-Helgad. By reading Hadrin's documents and books, Torgoch learned how to use his crystal. Realising the power at his command, he set out with most of his boyz for the Dark Lands. He left the orc Yatagan behind with some orcs. Torgoch didn't get far though, he ended up at the main base in Yetzin valley and lacking all reason tried to bend the orc gods to his will. They reacted by smashing what little sanity he had left and set about torturing him for a few decades until he died. His death didn't impede their torments. (D1)
a Ninja speciality weapon. A form of grenade containing a small explosive, flash powder or a violent irritant. (WD#81)
a forest goddess, she has a son - Kern. (WD#92).
Tortellini, Emilio:
mercenary captain, took fee wtih Graf von Mauerbrecher. (WD#100pp56)
one of the twin hills of Bordeleaux, the Governor's Palace can be found on top of it.
Town Gods, The:
one of the two great families of gods in the Old World. Also called the Southern Gods. Consists of Mo/rr, Verena and their daughters Shallya and Myrmidia. See also Country Gods. (WD#138)
an invention of Clan Moulder. (JSp86)
a town in Norsca. It was at an Althing in this town that the Treaty of Traktatsey was signed. (WD#118)
Traktatsey, Treaty of:
signed in 765 IC between the Barony of Westerland and the Norse raiders, this treaty stopped the constant raiding and pillaging of the Norse who now came to Marienburg to trade instead. (WD#118)
Treatise for the Deliverance of Cities, A:
a famous book on siege warfare written in 2420I by Giovanni Marmalodi. (WS)
Treuer, Klaus:
pregenerated character. A human Druidic Priest, Klaus travels around with his spirit familiar Malkin. (D1)
herb, negates drunkenness. (WD#126)
Troff Time, Grubbup:
any mealtime. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
ravenous creatures that live only for eating. Inherently stupid, Trolls have survived due to their powerful constitutions, they are able to heal wounds that would otherwise kill creatures. Several distinct types are noted: Marsh; Cave and Hill. As well as the Warrior Troll. (WD#87)
Troll, Marsh:
these creatures live in the most inaccessable places, hunting for fish with net and trident. They can swim as fast as they can walk and have been known to attack river boats by eating through the side of the hull. (WD#87)
Troll, Cave:
noted by their horned heads, these Trolls have been known to take particular delight in lobbing boulders at passers-by. (WD#87)
Troll, Hill:
the most stupid of the Trolls, the Hill Troll is a nomadic wanderer that travels through hill and dale leaving trail of destruction in its wake. (WD#87)
Troll, River:
an inhabitant of rivers and marshes, this type of Troll likes dank, wet places. They catch their prey by covering themselves in ooze and slime while partly submerged and then striking out when a victim comes in reach. (WD#157)
Troll, Stone:
Troll, Warrior:
occasionally an evil wizard will take it into his head to capture and train a normal Troll in the arts of warfare. The end result is an armoured killing machine - the Warrior Troll. (WD#87)
Troll Country:
area north of Kislev.
Trotz, Wertha:
she runs The Mermaid, an infamous pub on the docks of Altdorf. (WD#96)
Troutbeck River:
flows out of Dog Peak Pass in the Black mountains. (WD#91)
the girlfriend of Wolf von Mecklenberg when he is a student in Altdorf. (Beasts in Velvet)
Trygg Trollslayer:
dwarven Runesmith who worked at Karak-Kadrin during the days of the Great Dwarf Empire. His mighty two-handed axes are potent against Trolls, and to a lesser extent Orcs and Goblins. Goblinoids always attempt to destroy such weapons when they find them, making them very rare indeed. (WD#153)
Trygg's Rune:
created by Trygg Trollslayer and very effective against his namesakes. (WD#153)
the bard of King Herla. Married to Lady Melicent. (WD#137)
Tsekkaz, Sorcerer:
a Skaven wizard attatched to the nest in Durrag-Dol. He is out here in the relative wilderness because of powerful Grey Seer enemies. He wears The Black Hand of Death. (WD#134)
a part of the Dark Elf cult of Kryrnaa Khanas. These are the dreaded Witch Elves, terrible, blood-crazed female warriors. (WD#108)
Tunnel Racing:
a goblin sport involving Squigs. (WD#154)
Tunnelway Coaches; coaching house:
based in Talabheim.
Turner's Alley:
leads onto Canal Street in Marienburg. (WD#133)
those humans whose mutations have driven them from society to seek a life amongst the bands of beastmen that roam the Old World. (WD#124)
(1) a potent ale drunk by orcs, (2) a war boar. (Orrakh) (WD#106)
Twin Vortex of Magic:
see the Spindle of Magic.
Twisted Lands, The:
this is an area of the Yetzin valley. When Torgoch was trying to compel the Orc gods to do his bidding, he or they caused a huge chunk of warpstone to break off the chaos moon Mo/rslieb and fall into the valley. This corrupted the area for a while until it was recovered by one of several parties that had noted its fall. (D1)
Tym, River:
this great river crosses the Northern Steppes. (JAu85)
Tyrion, Prince:
the twin of Teclis, the son of Arathion. Tyrion was the great High Elf general who turned back the Incursion of Chaos two hundred years ago. Born into one of the oldest families of Ulthuan, Tyrion can trace his ancestry back to the doomed Phoenix-King Aenarion. He is fair, tall and proud, a master of combat and fighting-skills. He is the chosen champion of the Everqueen of Avelorn. The Norse call him Mankiller, the goblins of Red-Axe Pass call him Orcbane and to the Dark Elves he is Reaper. During the Dark Elf Wars he saved the Everqueen from the initial onslaught. (WD#156)
see Gors.
one of the main Chaos Powers. Known under a vast range of other names, such is his nature. Called by many The Changer of the Ways. Associated colours are Black, Yellow, Blue. Associated Colleges are Dark, Golden, Celestial. A common oath amongst cultists is Njawrr'thakh Lzimbarr Tzeentch. Tzeentch represents hope and changin fortune. He is the opposite of Nurgle whose power is born out of despair and hoplessness. His daemonic legions include Lords of Change, Pink and Blue Horrors, Flamers and Discs. (WD#113,119)
Tzerkual Varmatz:
hostleader of a band of Skaven Stormvermin. (Skaven's Claw)
Tzy'y chy ikch:
the name Werner Thunderfist adopted when he became a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. (WD#124)


a warlord of the tribe of the Teutognens at the time of the Goblin Wars. He was the commander of Sigmar's chariots but when the goblins were defeated, Uathach advised Sigmar to turn on the dwarves and make humanity the greatest power in the Old World. Sigmar rejected his counsel but this did not deter Uathach: he treacherously attacked the dwarven forces and brought back the head of Stronnomir and threw it at Sigmar's feet. Enraged, Sigmar ordered his men to encircle Uathach and his bloodthirsty men. They hacked the traitors to death, Uathach killed by Sigmar's own hand. And as Uathach lay dying Sigmar cursed him and his men and comdemed them to ride forever across the skies in search of war; they became the Storm Riders. (WD#114)
a town attacked by Lothar Bubonicus and his minions. (WD#124)
a town near the Grey Mountains in the Grand Principality of Reikland within the Empire. It lies on the river Teufel. (WD#122)
Udo, Axel:
the assistant to Magus Heinz Diehl. (WD#107)
his twisted inrigues involve Genevieve Sandrine and Prince Kloszowski of Tilea. (Cold Stark House)
fronts a unit of orc stickas in Uzgrim's mob. (WD#123)
Ugrok, the Horn of:
a goblin magic item. (WFB4)
Uisce Beathadh:
a potent Albion drink. (WD#119)
Ulfar Stonehammer:
dwarven king of Karak-Ungor. He spearheaded the Imperial Dwarven response to the threat of Chaos Dwarves and swore never to rest until they had been destroyed. Enlisting the aid of his allies at Karak-Kadrin in the shape of Lord Gomrund Forkebeard he fought many battles against the tainted ones. He died a-bed, passing on his oath to his son, Ulther and leaving the rule of Karak-Ungor to his chancellor, Grom the Wise. See his cousins, Grom, Grim and Grum. (WD#80)
see Beowulf.
see Beowulf.
see Beowulf.
Were-warriors. The name Norse use for a unit of were-creatures. (WD#107)
Ulgrakh Gutripper:
member of the Wolf's Head tribe of orcs. He helped build the tribe's stone thrower. He was killed, along with his chief, Raggob the Loon, by a Roc. (WD#109)
a spawnling of The Great Slann Emperor. Ulha'up was a powerful mage and was sent on the expedition led by Itzibitzi, Master of the Pond. Ulha'up has the title Voyager in the Rain Drops of Eternity. (WD#96)
son of Ulfar Stonehammer. At his father's deathbed, he was charged with ridding the mountains of the Chaos Dwarf scum - an oath that his father had taken upon himself. Ulfar gave his son his war-axe with it's dragon-etched blade and bade him form the Dragon Company, taking as it's standard a pole from Ulfar's own deathbed. Ulther did not get to rule, Karak-Ungor. Instead Grom the Wise was to rule in his place while Ulther was off killing Chaos Dwarves. There was considerable relief that Ulther did not become King in practice instead of just name. (WD#95)
the temperate island-continent of the Elven Kingdoms. Home to the High Elves. It is divided into many smaller realms and fiefdoms. The capital is Lothern. When the elves first came to Ulthuan they found the island already inhabited by dragons. [in WD#158 the elves are said to be using channels of power to _keep_their_islands_above_the_sea_. And there are Watchstones that are the lynchpins that keep the power of Chaos from the world... thet hold the Vortex together...] (WD#108, 143, 156, 158)
god, one of the Country Gods, brother of Taal. The people of Middenheim favour Ulric. (WD#138)
11th month of the year. See the Imperial Calendar.
Unfahiger, Emperor Dieter IV:
the last of his dynasty, Dieter was removed in a coup in 2429 and replaced by Prince Wilhelm of Atldorf. (WD#118)
Unfahiger, House of:
they were the ruling dynasty of the Empire for more than seventy years. The last to sit on the imperial throne was Dieter IV, who was removed in a coup and replaced by Prince Wilhelm of Altdorf. The dynasty has seriously depleted the imperial coffers during its rule with frequent abortive attempts at capturing the Border Princes. The continual demands on the Barons to provide more troops led to outright refusals on the part of many and the Province of Westerlan seceeded from the Empire when Dieter IV was removed from office. (WD#118)
a race of horse-warriors who swept across the Steppes over 800 years ago. (D1)
see Gors.
Unicorn Ivory:
FICTION. Written ?? Published ??
University of Altdorf:
it exists.
University of Marienburg:
it exists. (WD#133)
University of Nuln:
known professors - Professor Heilman. (WD#125)
Untermensch, Ottilia:
Grand Duchess of Talabecland; declared herself Empress without election (1360); outlawed Sigmar's Cult in Talabecland (TEW).
Upper Grismerie:
part of the River Grismerie that runs along the edge of the Grey Mountains, it turns into the Grismerie proper at a confluence with the River Ois.
Upper Reik:
part of the Reik from the Black Mountains to Nuln.
Upper Talabec:
this part of the river flows from the Worlds Edge Mountains to the confluence with the River Urskoy, when it becomes the Talabec proper.
the Eltha/rin name for sea-elves. (WD#137)
see The Horn of Urgok.
Urian Poisonblade:
the personal champion of the Witch King during the Dark Elf War. A trained assassin, he bore the mark of Kha/ine on his forehead. He slew Arhalien of Yvresse and Korhian Ironglaive before being slain by Tyrion at the Battle of Finuval Plain. (WD#156)
Urskoy, River:
this river runs through Kislev and into the Empire where it meets up with the River Talabec, swelling it's waters.
an ogre. Utterblight was a follower of Nurgle and became part of Lothar Bubonicus' warband. (WD#124)
Uwe Diamondscar:
dwarven siege engineer who practised his art at the Siege of the Goblin Fort of Three Pikes. (WS)
orc warboss, leader of Uzgrim's Marauders. Rides a chariot into battle "'coz its stylish, see?". Later joined his forces with that of Durbog. (WD#123, 139)
Uzgrim's Marauders:
an orc and gobbo army under the command of Uzgrim. The force includes Zogwort and Skarfang, two goblin commanders and their boyz; Gorfung the boss of a man-mangler team; Ugbad, the nasty leader of a bunch of orcs archers; Nardreg and his boyz; and Naznob and his boar-boyz. They later became part of Durbog's army. (WD#123, 139)


Vaadsig, Mats:
a leatherworker's apprentice, Mats works for Anton Loewijer in Marienburg. He is lazy and used to be an orphan at the Marienburg Home For Foundlings. (WD#135)
Vacmark, Gunnar:
an exciseman in Altdorf. (WD#96)
the only dwarvven goddess. She was an ancestress of Karaz-a-Karak, the protector of hearth and home. She stands for the Dwarven concept of clan. (WD#152, 153)
the rune sacred to the Dwarven goddess Valaya. It has special powers of protection against magical attack. This rune is only ever inscribed during rituals in the temple of Valaya in Karaz-a-Karak. (WD#153)
Valaya's Rune:
see Valaya-Rhun.
see Karag Eight Peaks.
herb that restores wounds. (TEW)
Valk, Captain:
a member of the Watch in Marienburg. He drinks at the Pelican's Perch. Used to be patrol Sergeant on Riddra Isle. (WD#119, 126)
Valley of Death, The:
This battle took place in the Worlds Edge Mountains. The battle zone was a valley pass which leads west to the Dwarven holds of Carak Oran and Carag Eight Peaks. A raiding force of Orcs, commanded by Vomitskrag 'Pukebreath' Krusher, was aided by the Goblin leader Gan Green and his forces. A Dwarven 'Wide Patrol' on a scouting mission from Carag Oran spotted the Goblinoid army coming up the pass and the alarm was raised. The joint forces of Black Crag and Carag Eight Peaks, commanded by Barnock Blatterzan and Dunerka-a-Varn met the threat. (WD#97)
form of undead. (WD#173)
Van Niek's Emporium:
an establishment in Nuln that takes delivery of warpstone for Fritz von Halstadt in order to pay off Skaven who travel through the city's sewers in order to collect it. (Skaven's Claw)
herb, stimulant, removes the need for sleep. (WD#126)
Varag Kadrin:
see Mad Dog Pass.
leader of a chaos warband. (WD#108)
Varn Drazh:
see Black Water.
Varn, Doras:
a former Champion of Slaanesh. His skull was made into a Death Head by Nostag, Champion of Nurgle and used in battle against Gorban, a Champion of Khorne. Doras was said to be the most handsome of all Slaanesh's warriors. (WD#121)
Varshak Doombringer:
Kaon the Idolator's lieutenant, he rides into battle on a mighty warhorse. (WD#134)
Vassily of Omensk, Grand Count:
this Grand Count is famous for building a massive wall around his beloved castle. He conceived the idea after witnessing the Siege of Patragresk. (WS)
Vastarien, Prince:
( - 2477) ? (WD#140)
Vastarien's Vanquishers:
? (WD#140)
? (WD#156)
Vaul's Anvil:
the Dragon Armour of Aenarion the Doomed was forged upon this anvil. (WD#156)
Vaults, The:
a mountainous area where several ranges meet. Here the Black Mountains, the Appucinis, the Grey Mountains, and the Irranas converge. There are many hanging valleys here that provide excellent pasture for cattle and an adequate harvest. Here lie many Border Prince domains. (WFRPpp270)
Veangthur the Learned:
a principal of Altdorf University. He allowed the scholar Petrosian to visit a small barony of the eastern side of the Middle Mountains. And sent a party of adventurers to find him when he stopped sending regular reports. (WD#93)
Veidt, Anton:
a bounty hunter and a damn fine one at that. He accompanied Oswald von Konigswald into Castle Drachenfels. (WD#117)
Veiss, River:
a small tributary of the River Reik. The village of Eisenhof lies along its banks. (WD#159)
Veitch, Fortress of:
the bandit stronghold that Herman Zorin hid in. It was here that Alaric von Loth vanished with his sword, White Reaver. (WD#150)
goddess, one of the Town Gods. Has two daughters by Mo/rr, Myrmidia and Shallya. (WD#138)
Vermillion Pawn, The:
a magick shop owned by Master Lukas Pfandleiher, a dwarf of no mean abilities. He offers identification services and trades in magical items of all sorts. (WD#103)
a noble family from Talabecland, they engaged in a Private War for over 34 years with the von Randee clan. (WD#91)
a reknowned Nuln painter. (Skaven's Claw)
the servant of Walpurgis. (JSp87)
Viderlich, Sven:
an undead champion who serves his master, the vampire Count Rutger von Bleistift. (WD#159)
herb, stimulant. (WD#126)
Vilager, Ruud:
? (WD#128)
Villechaize, Etienne Edouard:
the Comte de la Rougierre, Ambassador to the Empire from Bretonnia. A dwarf. A suspect in the Beast murders. The Comte is a ludricous figure, a fop, with a wild dress sense. He currently is after the affections of Emmanuelle von Liebewitz, the Countess of Nuln. (Beasts in Velvet)
a village of the Khyprian Empire. It lies in the foothills of the Black Mountains. (WD#125)
Vimto Monks:
Nipponese monks who are trained in a brand of martial arts also favoured by the Ninjas of Nippon. (WD#81)
Else Koch's incredibly fierce Rottweiler. (WD#105pp55)
Vodyanoy, Vodyaniye:
Spirit of the Waters, Grandfather Drowner. A truly malevolent spirit that delights in appearing as an old man by the river with a brightly-ribboned club. If anyone approaches he batters them to death and hurls them into the water. (WD#104pp13)
Voice, The:
a disembodied voice that challenged the mercenary Foulbreath's troops to battle from within a mist. (WD#95)
Volans, Ring of:
? (WFB4)
see Helrun.
the great sea-wall at Marienburg. It was built by the dwarves for the elves before the Dwarf-Elf war. (WD#118)
Volees Adgitz:
an orc book detailing the campaigns of Eeza Ugezod. (JAu85)
a town in the Grand Duchy of Talabecland. (WD#122)
a sorcerous champion of Tzeentch. (WD#122)
Volkmar the Grim:
the current Grand Theogonist. (WD#157)
Volley Gun:
a firegun (WC).
Vomitskrag 'Pukebreath' Krusher:
Orc leader, commanded an Orc/Gobbo force in The Valley of Death. Boar-rider. See Skimgol and Gan Green.
6th month of the year.
12th and last month of the year.
Voronet, Monatery of:
lies in the Barony of Suceava. (WD#93)
Voyager in the Rain Drops of Eternity:
Slann title given to Ulha'up. (WD#96)
Vrolatsin, Radu; a pseudonym used by a vampire who once visited the Pelican's Perch in Marienburg. (WD#119)
(2446 - ) the tutor of Baron Johann von Mecklenberg. He accompanied the young baron into the Chaos Wastes to search for Johann's brother. Vukotich is a Kislevite mercenary and has survived many hardships. To the bandits who kidnapped Johann's brother he is known as The Iron Man. He joined the old baron's entourage when he was captured (2483 IC) during a skirmish on the borders of Wissenland and Sudenland. (WD#118)


see Orc Invasion of 2512 IC.
Waaagh!, Waaa-Orc:
when Orc tribes and clans band together for a big military push into another territory this is called the Waaagh! At such times a Warboss of legendary proportions comes to the fore and the greenies march triumphant across the landscape. Often the Waagh! is presaged by favourable omens read in the entrail of sacrifices. The typical internecine warfare of Orcs and Goblins is suppressed and a Waaagh! is almost unstoppable. Eventually its force gets dissipated as in-fighting breaks out or enough casualties have been taken to dent morale. (WD#153)
one of the most notorious Waaaghs of all time. Led by the Orc Warlord Gorbad Ironclaw led his hordes through Black Fire Pass and stomped across the Empire. They rampaged through the Moot, sacked the City of Nuln and even laid siege to the imperial capital, Altdorf. He defeated a much larger imperial army on the banks of the Reik and used War Wyverns to attack the Imperial Palace. The Emperor Sigismund was killed in this raid but the siege failed as individual Warbosses got bored and took their lads home. Gorbads led his remaining forces home but were brought to task by the Dwarf Lords of Karak Varn at the Battle of Blood Peak. (WD#153)
this Waaagh! was led by Grom, the Paunch of the Mosty Mountian. He led a trail of destruction from the World's Edge Mountains right across the oceans to the lands of Ulthuan. They landed in the Elf Kingdoms at Cairn Lotherl in the kingdom of Yvresse. (WD#158)
Waat, Jan:
a Watchman in Marienburg assigned to Suiddock Watch Station Number Four on Potion Square, partnered with Dirck Nederbaar. Jan is a very junior member of the Knights of Purity. (WD#133)
Waarmans, Albert:
the caretaker of Artur Dagblad's shop and warehouse on Potion Square. Likes a drink in the Long Dragon and is a bit of a gossip. (WD#135)
Wagner, Franz:
a Master Wizard from the Bright College in Altdorf. He was slain by Doomfang at the Battle of Ostermark. (WD#157)
a leader of a band of Night Goblins who fought with Gorblum the Magnificent at the Battle of Iron Peak. (WD#159)
Wald, Lotte:
co-owner of the Long Dragon pub. Pestered by the attentions of Floris Rijgpen. (WD#128)
the capital of the County of Sylvania, a region of the Empire, it lies near the headwaters of the River Stir. (WD#140)
the current guardian of Arianka's tomb, and the great grandson of Walpurgis the Nasty. He has a servant called Vetch. When Kaleb-Daark came to Praag, Walpurgis gave him an amulet that would help locate the crystal ikons. Walpurgis believed Kaleb was the Doomed One foretold in the Book of Ancients. (JSp87)
Walpurgis the Nasty:
one of the previous guardians of Arianka's tomb. He betrayed his charge and gave the crystal ikons that could open the tomb to the servants of chaos. (JSp87)
a young human mage who travelled with Malmir the elf. (WD#97)
name sometimes given to gypsies in the Old World.
War, Blood:
this is the Dark Elf name for the current crusade against the High Elves. Quite a surprise to the High Elves after several millenia of relative peace.
War, Dark Elf:
(2303 - 2305 IC) this series of conflicts occured during the last Incursion of Chaos. The Dark Elves, led by the Witch King, once more swept south across the lands of Ulthuan, their Black Arks bringing devastation upon the High Elves. They were aided by the four great powers of chaos and ferried Chaos Warbands into the Elven Kingdoms. The deciding conflict was the Battle of Finuval Plain. From then on the High Elves were in the winning position. The war is considered to have ended when Tyrion met with the Phoenix-King at Tor Achare, although fighting on the lesser islands of the Elven Kingdoms would continue for many years. (WD#156)
War, Dwarf/Elf:
an ancient struggle between the Dwarves and the Elves, this one resulted in the Elves abandoning the mainland and retiring to the Elven Kingdoms.
War, Goblin:
after the Dwarf/Elf War the Dwarves were left relatively week. The Goblinoids from beyond the World's Edge mountains chose that moment to attack. The Dwarves were sorely bested; losing many major strongholds and leading to the destruction of their Empire.
War of the Barrel:
(2319 - 2320 IC), a series of conflicts in the Border Princes. Included the Siege of Faenasti. (WS)
a collection of chaos followers united under the banner of a chaos champion. (WD#124)
FICTION. Written by David Ferring. The third part in the Konrad trilogy. Konrad and the wizard Litzenreich struggle against the skaven once more and Konrad gains a powerful magic sword. See Konrad, Shadowbreed. Was it ever published?
the magic sword that was forged specially for Konrad. (Warblade)
Warble, Sam:
Sam left his original name of Buttermere behind when he came to Marienburg. There he carved out a career for himself as a private detective. He spends his free time at Esmerelda's Apron. He has connections with the Watch and the Thief's Guild as well as a large number or informants. (WD#120, Beasts in Velvet, The Song, The Tilean Rat)
orcish title for the commander of a band of orcs. (D1)
Boar Boyz. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
a specialised Wood Elf warrior. Wardancers live for violence. Their combat is graceful, athletic, and blindingly fast. They enter a frenzied state when fighting and become killing machines. They have their own deity: Adamnan-na-Brionha. (WD#96)
Warlord Clans, the:
the bulk of Skaven armies come from the Warlord Clans. These are bands of Skaven ruled over by individual Warlords. (JSp86)
Warhammer World:
the setting for the Warhammer games. It gets its name from the last Slann ship to come through the warp-gates before they exploded. This ship was called "The Warhammer" and gave its name to the planet. What the Slann called the planet before this is unknown.
Warhammer Adventure:
SOURCEBOOK. A repackaged version of the two books Warhammer Campaign and Death on the Reik. ISBN ?
Warhammer Campaign:
SOURCEBOOK. A repackaged version of the two adventures The Enemy Within and Shadows Over Bogenhafen. ISBN 1-869-893-37-9
Warhammer City:
SOURCEBOOK. Details the City of Middeheim, intended as a companion volume to The Power Behind the Throne. ISBN 1-869893-24-7
Warhammer City of Chaos:
SOURCEBOOK. A repackaged version of the two books Warhammer City and The Power Behind the Throne. ISBN ?
FICTION. Written by ?? Published ??
Warhird, Warhoard:
name for any Norse army.
see Warhird.
a counter-reality, also called inbetween space, warpspace, Chaos or the void. The great vessels of the Old Slann travelled through the Warp to quickly reach other planets. Within the Warp strange powers lurk. These Warp Creatures seem connected with normal reality in some way and the Warp itself is the source of all magick and divine power. The Slann called the Warp the Region of the Gods. (WFRP)
Warped Elms, Grove of:
lies outside Bleistift Manor. (WD#159)
these were the method of transport that the Old Slann used to cover the vast interstellar distances between planets. On the Warhammer World the two largest (but not the only) Warpgates were situated over either pole. It is the collapse of these two gates that signalled the coming of Chaos to the Warhammer World. The reason for the catastrophic failure of the warpgate mechanism can only be guessed at; there are some who suggest that the Slann, thenselves, destroyed the gates and brought about the collapse of their galactic civilisation in order to stop some terrible entity from breaking through into real space. (WFRP, WD#124)
these are powerful Skaven magick. By using ink imbued with warpstone, a terrible spell is written onto the living hides of creatures. The ink causes intense agony and eventually death. The skin is flayed off and then cured using warpstone powder. The effects of reading a warpscroll are always horrifying and commonly cause rapid ageing in the intended targets. (JSp86)
when the Warpgates collapsed, much of the matter of the Warp was sucked into the World, here it manifested as a fine, dust- like powder. A few larger pieces also entered the world, these are known as Warpstones and are a mighty source of raw Chaotic energy and magical power. Ultimately they are a source of corruption and their influence led to the creation of many new races, including Beastmen and the sinister Skaven. A piece of warpstone is irregular in shape and, perversely, glows blackly. It actually seems to suck light into itself so the exact shape of a piece can only be determined by feeling it. Exposure to any piece of warpstone may result in mutation. Crystalised warpstone exists (WFRP, WD#124)
Warpstone, Refined:
this is a safer form of warpstone that the Grey Seers of the Skaven have transmuted. (JSp86)
Warpstone Charms:
these are made from warpstone and are tokens of luck to the Skaven, offering protection from magick. Tzeentch's followers are also known to use these devices. (JSp86,WD#122)
Warpstone Key:
these are specially carved warpstones that open Skaven locks. (JSp86)
the Skaven currency? (Skaven's Claw)
Warrior Halls, The:
part of the Halls of Belorn, these dwarven halls are sacred. Here all dwarven warriors are honoured and the place was used as a testing ground for those brave enough to face them. The place is full of traps and magical opponents. Very powerful dwarvenmagic. (KK)
Warsch, Henkin:
visited the Schrammel monastery and is saved from the evil that lurks there by Felix Jaegar and Gotrek Gurnisson. (A Place of Quiet Assembly)
Wasteland, The:
an area of the Old World, having Marienburg as its most prominent settlement. Orignially part of the Empire, it was founded less than 100 years ago, and was officially recognised by the Empire on Marktag, 20th Kaldezeit 2429IC. It extends from the borders of the Reikwald Forest in the east to the foothills of the Pale Sisters in the west, and from the marshes of Grootmoers to the sea. The area used to be called Westerland, but the Emperor Wilhelm is supposed to have contemptuously referred to it as "that damned wasteland"; from whence the Marienburger's were quite happy to take their name. (WD#118)
Wasteland Export-Import Exchange:
an impressive four-story building on Hightower Isle in Marienburg. This is the trade-centre for Marienburg. Simply called the Change by many. The Exchange is run by the twelve-man Commission of Overseers of Trade. Current Master Overseer is Jaan van de Kuypers. The main trading room is called The Pit. The building also includes a smll temple to Handrijk, the God of Trade. (WD#112)
the cities of Ulthuan each have one. (WD#158)
Wazir the Cruel, Emir:
an Arabian leader who was killed while fighting in the Temple of Myrmidia in Margritta, Estalia. The Knights of the Blazing Sun were involved when an earthquake dislodged a statue of the goddess which fell and crushed the Emir. He and his Black Scimitar Guard were defeated. (WD#147)
Web of Eldaw:
the Web is a labyrinthe of tunnels beneath Castle Eldaw. The tunnels predate the Castle. There are several legends concerning the Web. It is said the Flynn of Eldaw invited all his Thanes to a feast in some chamber within the Web. He had them all murdered by his guards and the chamber was sealed off. The ghosts of those slain can still be heard wailing. Flynn is also said to have hidden some fantastic treasure within the Web. King Ragnar O'Flynn went in search of the treasure and was never seen again. (GGG1pp14)
Wegener, Erzbet:
an inmate of the Great Hospice. She was listed as a dancer in the hospice records. Generous donations on her behalf are paid by the Mandragora Bank on the instructions of Dieudonna - a lady who has never visited her there. Cared for by Sister Clementine Clausewitz. (WD#128)
a village. (Death's Dark Shadow)
Weims, Father:
a resident of Helmgart. (WD#107)
a drug with hallucingenic properties. Users are jumpy and paranoid, many develop permanent insanities from using the drug. (WD#140)
Well 'ard:
a formiddable warrior or opponent. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
Weltschmerz Wanda:
human wizard's apprentice; PC in the TEW campaign.
Wentz, Udo:
Styles himself "Herr Doktor Heinrich Steinmeyer" but is nothing more than a charlatan purveying dubious concoctions and cure-alls to gullible peasants. Born in Ubersreik, he ran away when he was fifteen to the bright lights of Altdorf where he ended up playing the lyre and mandolin to earn his keep. However, petty thieving forced him to flee the capital and he now travels around with his dog, Hansi. (WD#95)
a creature common in Norsca. Human, for the most part, it can change suddenly into the form of a Giant Wolf. The Norse welcome units of Weres (or Ulfwerenar) into their ranks. (WD#107)
Werner Thunderfist:
a human follower of Tzeentch. He was a noble who dabbled in alchemy his turning to the dark path came when he discovered a crystal of warpstone. Soon he had a band of followers and had become a champion of Tzeentch. His followers included:
Kaspar. Werner achieved daemonhood by slaying Festus the Fiend, a champion of Nurgle. He took the name Tzy'y chy ikch. (WD#124)
Westenpoort Gate:
an entrance to Marienburg from the Bretonnian side. (WD#118,119)
Westerland, Barony of:
this is the old Imperial Barony that succeeded from the empire and became the Wasteland. The first Baron was Marius the Fen Wolf and the last was Graf Paulus van der Maacht. (WD#118)
name given to those that leave or are expelled from the Dwarven Engineers' Guild. (see WFRPpp24)
Wetzel, Karl:
rode in the War Wagon during the Battle of Osterwald. (WD#157)
We've Got Nasty Pointy Things And We're Going To Use Them:
a javelin throwin' unit of Gobbos who fight in Gan Green's mob. Their standard, rather unimaginatively, shows a javelin. (WD#97)
Whaler's Return:
a pub in Marienburg owned by Klaus Mannlicher. (WD#121)
Wheelies, The:
Goblin name for war chariots. (WD#97)
Whisprensk Giant Gymnastic Team:
part of the Fiery Brand orc tribe. The team were responsible for breaching the fabled walls of Castle Omensk. (WS)
White Cone:
part of the Spindle of Magic, from which the Rainbow College draws its power. (WD#113)
White Dwarf, The:
a legendary Dwarven warrior. In recent years he has appeared time and time again in widely seperated places. His deadly ax, Edyta, never leaves his side. [Okay, so this is a jokey piece from GW, but I can see the "White Dwarf" being developed into a sort of immortal figure, perhaps an avatar of one of the Dwarven gods, who dances in and out of history coming to the aid of the Dwarven race.] (WD#90)
White Reaver:
the famous sword of Alaric von Loth. (WD#150)
White Tower:
see the Tower of Hoth.
White Wolf, City of the:
see Middenheim.
White Wolf, Feast of the:
see the Battle of Middenheim. A yearly event when the people of Middenheim go out to the ancient battle-field and celebrate the victory of the Knights of the White Wolf over the chaos hordes. (WD#146)
White Wolf, Order of:
formed by the Templars of Ulric when the Chaos incursions threatened Middenheim. See the Battle of Middenheim. This is a Knightly Order, and comprises the elite unit of Middenheim's standing army. The members of this order are amongst the fiercest and most aggressive of the Empire's warriors. Branches of this order exist outwith the Empire, most notably in Kislev. They fight without helmets and carry giant warclubs into battle. The order is one of the most numerous and powerful within the Empire. (TEW, WD#122, 146)
Who Mourns a Necromancer?:
FICTION. Written by ?? Published ??
Wiesehofer, Gregor:
chaos sorceror of Slaanesh and brother to Johannes. He has little love for his kin and although he accompanied him into the Tombs of the Phalanx, he was only biding his time until he could kill Johannes and steal his magic. (WD#145)
Wiesehofer, Johannes:
chaos sorceror who leads a band of ogres into the Tombs of the Phalanx. He killed his own master and stole a magical Ogre Cloak. His studies brought to light a Chaos Flux deep within the heart of the Vaults. He was accompanied by his brother, Gregor and exerted control over Greatgut and his band of Ogres. (WD#145)
the spirits of evil men that have refused to give up life and linger in their tombs. (WD#173)
one of Sister Marianne Liefeder's orphans. (WD#126)
a mutant employed by Hans Jinkerst. Wilhelm has a skull face. (WD#87)
Wilhelm of Altdorf:
Emperor (2429). He replaced Dieter IV in a coup brought on by years of taxation and levying. Wilhelm's arrival was heralded by the Province of Westerland seceeding from the Empire. He tried to regain it but the depleted and tired armies of the Empire were unable to win. See Battle of Grootscher Marsh. (WD#118)
Wind of Chaos:
see Magical Flux.
Window Tax:
a diabolical piece of legislation that taxed property in Altdorf based on the number of windows a place had. (WD#120)
Window Tax March:
this demonstration by the citizens of Altdorf degenerated into a riot and later a bloodbath when the Imperial Cavalry intervened. One of the agitators, Felix Jaegar, was rescued from certain death by Gotrek Gurnisson. (WD#120)
Winkler, Pieter:
the head of one of Marienburg's most powerful merchant families. He, along with Jan Koopmans and Thijs van Onderzoeker, made a petition to Magnus the Pious to create the Province of Westerland. (WD#118)
Winter's Teeth Pass:
crosses the Vaults. This is one of the most treacherous passes over these mountains. Prone to rockslides and featuring a steep, 500ft drop from a narrow crumbling track to the valley far below. Gnarok fell to his death from here. It connects with the Yetzin valley at its southern end. (D1)
Winwood Harbour:
in East Albion, the home of the McArno clan. (JSp86)
a superior form of an Elemental being. A Wisentlich has the intellect and personality of an educated human. They are masters of elemental magick. (WD#107)
Wissenland, County of:
province of the Empire, attached to Nuln; capital Wissenburg; current heir is Margrave Hermann von Pfeifraucher. Other towns: Pfeildorf. Regimental colours are grey and white. (WD#91, 122, 146)
Wissenland, Daemon Wolves of:
a pack of wolves led by the werewolf Werner Silbermann, they plagued the south of Wissenland before an attack on a caravan forged a strange alliance between Werner and Syrillia. The pack moved across the Vaults. (WD#132)
Witch King:
the leader of the Dark Elf forces that attacked Ulthuan during the Dark Elf War. He was vanquished by Teclis at the Battle of Finuval Plain. The Witch King had to enter the Warp in order to escape Teclis' wrath. (WD#156)
Witch Lord, The;:
this creature attempted to fullfil the Prophecy of Kalos and sit upon the High Throne of Kalos. He was aided by Skulmar and Kessandria. He died in his own throne room at the heart of the Forbidden city, slain by a band of heroes sent to kill him by Mentor. (WL)
Witch Queen, The:
see Kessandria.
these are clerics of either Beesbok or Brobat, the principle pygmy deities. Witchdoctors in a pygmy tribe exist in pairs, one for each god, and are invariably male twins. They are fond of potions, herbs and rituals as a means of exercising their powers, instead of the more direct use of Divine magick. Witchdoctors are still capable of casting spells like normally priests. One of their many duties is to communicate with ancestor spirits. (WD#100pp11)
Wolf Riders:
FICTION. An anthology of short stories edited by David Pringle and published by GW Books. ISBN 1 85515 004 2. Contains the stories Wolf Riders, The Tilean Rat, The Way of the Witchfinder, Cry of the Beast, No Gold in the Grey Mountains, The Hammer of the Stars, The Phantom of Yremy and Pulg's Grand Carnival.
Wolf Riders:
FICTION. Found in the Wolf Riders anthology. Written by William King, it features Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaegar and their adventures while escorting Baron Gottfried von Diehl into exile. Set in 2496 IC.
Wolf Runner Coaches; coaching house:
based in Middenheim. They run regular coaches to Marienburg.
an invention of Clan Moulder. (JSp86)
Wolf's Head Tribe:
an orc tribe led by Raggob the Loon. (WD#109)
Wood Elves:
these elves live deep within the dark forests of the Warhammer World. (see Elf, Athel-Loren)
World's Edge Mountains:
a range of mountains that stretches along the eastern edge of the Empire. Ancestral home of the Dwarves. Here lie the great Dwarven cities. The whole area is undercut by numerous tunnel complexes and mines, some natural, most built by Goblin, Dwarfs or the evil Lizardmen. It was over possession of these mountains that the Goblin/Dwarf wars flared up, with the Goblins being forced out into the Dark Lands or down into the deeper tunnel-complexes and even into the domains of the Lizardmen. To the east are the Dark Lands, to the west the Empire. Of note are: Karak Varn, a huge fortress built to ward against the east, and Caraz-a-Carak, the most mighty of the old Dwarven cities. (KK, WFRP)
Worm, Fen:
Worm, River:
a relative of the Fen Worm, it is a natural creature living in fresh-water rivers and lakes. It is like an immense snake with a mouth full of wickedly hooked teeth. There are reports of individuals reaching upto 100ft in length. They attack small boats and can swallow upto man-sized creatures whole. (D1)
Worm-eyes, The:
a unit in Gorrfang Ratbreath's outfit. (WD#155)
the undying remains of sorcerors who have secured for themselves a terrible immortality through their arts of necromancy. Greatest of the Wraiths are the Dark Lords of Nagash. (WD#173)
Wrath, The Great Hammer of:
forged by Skalf Blackhammer before the rise of the Dwarven Empire. It was given to Grimdal Runescar by King Brand of Karaz-a-Karak. Grimdal foraged west in search of riches and never returned. Thousands of years later, a Bretonnian map with Grimdal's Barrow marked on it came into the possesion of the Guild of Runesmiths in Karaz and an expedition was mounted to recover the weapon. See the Battle of Grimdal's Tomb. (WD#153)
Wrecker's Point:
The most northern point of Nordland it is also the closest point of the continental Old World to the islands of Albion. (The Reavers and the Dead)
Writhers in the Dark:
a Tzeentchian Chaos Cult active within the Empire. Known members - Hans Jinkerst. (WD#87)
Wurlitzer's Company of Foote:
? (WD#95)
this small town has an Orphanage to Verena in it. One Hexensnacht, many years ago, a terrible crime was comitted there. See Chaos Brothers. It lies on the River Stir, midway between Kemperbad and Krugenheim. (JSp87, WD#140)
Wynd District:
an area in Middenheim.
Wyrm's Crag:
sinister mountain. Dragonfire Castle sits atop it. (DungeonQuest)
see Helrun.


assistant to Festral. (AtOH)


Yadrey, One-Eyed:
a follower of the bandit Herman Zorin. (WD#150)
Yaskin Forit:
second-in-command to Harboth, the leader of the Black Mountain Boys. Overly fond of his two-handed Dwarf Tickler. (WD#90)
the orc that Torgoch left behind to guard the waterfall complex that Loremaster Hadrin had set up the Great Ward in. Yatagan didn't expect to see Torgoch again and soon abandoned his post. (D1)
elven Wardancer who, along with four others, dealt with a small group of Skull Cleaver orcs (twenty of them) that had been spotted in Three-Willow-Clearing by the scout Brightbranch. She is the leader of a troupe of wardancers and has dawn-red hair. Morfoin is in her troup and, later, Brightbranch is inducted. (WD#96)(WD#111)
a Dwarven-mage who fled to the Monastery of Eyrie with the Crystal of Air. (WD#133)
Ye Describ'd Werkes of Chaos:
a foul tome about all manner of things chaotic. A copy exists in the Monastery of Gottschalk. (WD#103pp33)
Yefimovich, Yevgeny:
a High Priest of Tzeentch born in 2262 IC. He, along with Dien Ch'ing, tries to get the better of Genevieve Sandrine and Yukovitch. He is also one of the agitators behind the Fog Riots in Altdorf in 2506 IC. From Kislev originally. He has a transparent face which he hides with elaborates masks made from the skins of his acolyte Respighi's victims. (Red Thirst, WD#140, Beasts in Velvet)
Yellowbeard, Lord Offo:
a mercenary captain. (WD#96)
Yeovil, Master:
a balladeer of Albion. He wrote "Drachenfels, a Romance". (WD#130)
Yetzin, River:
has its source in the Vaults. (D1)
Yetzin Valley:
named after the river that runs through it, this valley contains the Twisted Lands. Yetzin is overlooked by Three-Peaked Mountain. The Monastery of Eyrie lies here and there is an ancient stone circle that was used as a base by the Bloodaxe Alliance. The valley connects with Winter's Teeth Pass. (WD#133)(D1)
Yodel of Doom:
the infamous warcry of dwarf Mountaineers. (WD#115)
Yorri XV, the previous Grand Theogonist:
born Jan Todbringer. Has the financial support of the Schullderman family. (WD#91)
he joined Teclis and Finreir in reply to Magnus the Pious' plea for help. He fell in battle in the Old World. (WD#156)
a Dolgan. (JAu85)
Yvraine Plain:
near Tor Yvresse. See the Battle of Yraine Plain.
a kingdom of Ulthuan. Its capital is at Tor Yvresse. The Warden is Eltharion the Grim. (WD#158)
a daemon prince of Nurgle. He was once mortal but when Prince Faramond of Khypris indirectly caused the death of his brother he was so maddened with rage and a need for revenge that he bargained for power with Nurgle himself. Indeed, Nurgle was so impressed with his plans that Ystareth was raised immediately to the level of daemon prince and given the means to exact his revenge. The name Ystareth was given to him personally by Nurgle. (WD#125)


the Rune of Kingship. A potent rune that makes one steadfast and sure. (WD#160)
the "Farside", this is the Kislev name for those lands under their control but on the eastern side of the Worlds Edge Mountains. These lands are only tenuously held by marcher boyars (barons). (WFRP)
twin-sister of Zorille, they do a knife-throwing act together. Part of Goshuar's gypsy band. (D1)
Zagrag's Shooters:
a unit of Gobbo archers who fight in Gan Green's mob. The Shooter's standard depicts a Goblin fist. (WD#97)
Zaharof, Oleg:
a companion of Kurt the Wolf. Oleg was once quite sane, now he is little more than an animal that feeds off the dead and prowls the wastelands with Kurt. (WD#118)
Zakgrape, Castle:
this fortress is in the Border Princes and was the stronghold of Duke Ilich Meinbach. On the 2nd Pflugzeit 2399I it was put under seige by an army of orcs. (WS)
Zani, the:
the hill peoples of the Border Princes. This term is used by the farming-folk to describe all hill-folk. Not entirely a term of respect. (WD#125)
Evil Sorceror, one of the Lieutenants of Morcar, and high mage of Sarako. He had a magical tower in the Tarak Mountains and was guarded by a personal army of Chaos Warriors. (WoM)
FICTION. A novel by Brian Craig and published by GW Books. ISBN 1 872372 05 8. Concerns the downfall of the ruling house in the Estalian kingdom of Zaragoz. The tale is told by Orfeo to his captor Alkadi Nasreen and is set in 2502 IC.
an Estalian kingdom. (WD#119, Zaragoz)
Zauberlich, Johan:
a human wizard of the Amethyst College. He led a simple life of contemplation at the Our Father of the Hammer monastery outside Nuln until it was burnt down by Thalman Lionheart. Johan survived and was found in a state of shock by the Templar Aldred Fellblade. He became Aldred's companion and they both studied under Professor Heilman at the University of Nuln. While there they destroyed the Crimson Rose chaos cult that had infiltrated the campus. (WD#125)
Zeetrouw, Agnetha:
the attendant cleric at the Suiddock Temple. She is affectionatly know as Miss Aggie. An ex-seafarer, she still has a limp from her younger days. She sometimes deals with Sister Marianne Liefeder at the Temple of Shallya. (WD#120)
Zegepraal Straat:
a street in Marienburg, aka Leech Street. It is on the other side of Poultice Water to Potion Square. A lot of practicing physicians and other healers work here. (WD#126)
city in the Worlds Edge Mountains famed for its great arches. It means "torrent gate" in Khazalid as it stands in the deep chasm down the mountainside from lake Varn. The water-driven mining machinery give an indication that that here the Dwarven Engineers' Guild was formed. During the Goblin-Dwarf Wars, Zhufbar fell but Alaric the Mad journeyed west into the nascent human Empire and asked Sigmar Heldenhammer for aid. In return he would give Sigmar twelve runeswords. The human Empire rallied to the Dwarf cause and recaptured Zhufbar for the Dwarves. (WD#152)
Zgrag Heartsucker:
chaos warrior, follower of Khorne. (WD#100pp56)
the dwarven name for Sith Rionnasc'namishathir (Marienburg); it means "Defiant Lowland City". They gained this city from the elves after besieging it for five years. But after less than a century they too had to abandon it when the goblin hordes threatened Caraz-a-Carak and Zhufbar was besieged. They razed the city before leaving. (WD#118)
Zinbar Sicklesword:
one of the four sent by Khorne to slay Kaleb-Daark. See Hogan Headhacker and the Chaos Brothers. They failed. (JSp87)
Ziptpicker Zorn:
Goblin Hero, part of Gan Green's Mob. Zorn fightigs with a spear. One of the 'Spot Brothers'. See Blackhead. (WD#97)
Zog Off!:
go away immediately. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
exhausted. (Orrakh) (WD#106pp22)
a spy for Torgoch amongst the rest of the Bloodaxe Alliance. (D1)
Zogrod Gutsticker:
chief of the Gut Ripper goblin tribe. (WD#105pp15)
the goblin leader of a gang of goblin warriors attatched to Uzgrim's Marauders. (WD#123)
an orc Shaman, currently allied to Hogblud and his Marrow Sucker Orcs. Zogzog has a pet wyvern called Polly, together they make quite a dangerous opponent. (WD#92)
the recently dead bodies of mortals can be animated by necromancy to form this weak Undead whose unliving flesh still klings to their skeletons. (WD#173)
Zombie Dragon:
created by the most powerful of necromantic spells, these creatures are under the control of their evil creators. Only dragons that are consumed by greed, avarice or jealousy may be turned into Zombies. These foul creatures are said to be able to pass through solid rock, travelling in the ether. (WD#75)
twin sister of Zaffe, they do a knife-throwing act together. Part of Goshuar's gypsy band. (D1)
Frau, the owner of a boarding house in Nuln that Felix Jaegar stayed in. She was killed by Boneripper. (Skaven's Claw)
Zorin, Herman:
the infamous bandit chief. His band were so successful that a bounty of 750 Crowns was placed on his head. He was a chaos follower of Tzeentch, and the last surviving master of the Bloody Mask cult. (WD#150)
Zondervan, Kurt:
a youth of 17 years, Kurt was a miner who dissappeared in the silver mine near Karstenberg. (WD#108)